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Good morning. It's a pleasure to welcome you all here this morning. To the track Willard communities that are in the delicate council district in the city of buffalo. I want to recognize some of the special guests that we have with us here today. And I want you to hold your applause until everyone has been announced. Governor Andrew -- Cologne. I knew you couldn't hold your applause when network. Lieutenant governor cathedral school. Empire state development president and CEO Howard cents. New York State senator Tim Kennedy. New York state assembly member crystal peoples votes. New York state assembly member Monica while us. New York state assembly members on Ryan. Erie county executive mark polling. Erie county legislator Barbara Miller Williams. I. Town of Cheektowaga supervisor guy in binge counts he. City of buffalo common council member Ulysses lingo. City of buffalo common council member Rashid why you. CIO president known Nathan here. SUNY trustee units lowered. Buffalo branch NAACP. President. Reverend mark blues. And all other distinguished guests that are here today give yourselves. A great fit for. I am. Especially. Delighted to welcome Governor Cuomo back to buffalo. Since he took office the governor has been an eight friends. And champions of the city of buffalo and even though it is pouring outside. Every time the governor comes the buffalo it is a good day. It is a sunny day and the governor brings a lot of goodies for the people of buffalo. And western. Today. The historic buffalo billion program. Is helping to transform. This city and region Nate our economy. Companies are choosing its families and millennium goals are staying here to work and raise their families. And we are certainly. Moving in the right direction. Innate. With the governor in buffalo. We saw some of the great transformations. Happening. All across our water for a today yet we're talking about the change that it's underway. On the east side of buffalo. With the support of governor won't wow we are making an unprecedented. Investment. In tackling our housing challenges. And a and ensuring affordable. Safe and quality homes for working families. On the east side of buffalo. Now. With the governor's continued assistance. We won't do much more. My administration's. Our state legislation. That was sponsored by assembly member crystal peoples stokes and senators pat Galvin. And Tim Kennedy. Which was signed into law by Governor Cuomo last year. That enabled the city of buffalo to acquired dozens of foreclosure properties. Owned by absentee landlords. Who allowed via properties. To fall into serious district here. The objectives now. It's to begin the process. Of rehabilitating. Fees and other homes and to help more families. In our city. Become home. Apps and we look forward to continuing. I had to work with the governor when these critical efforts to provide families. With the opportunity with opportunity. In every single section. Of our city. Together we are taking action to strengthen our communities. And to rejuvenate. Our economy. So well I again want to thank the governor for his great leadership. And thwart its support and I want to thank all of our partners. At the state and local level and throughout the community. Who were helping to transform. Every neighborhood. In the city of buffalo. Flop by block. Now please join me in welcoming the dynamic. President. And CEO. Up the empire state development corporation. Howard's cents. Thank you mayor it's great to be back at buffalo. I can't ask how many times of traveling all around the state people are talking about your amazing city in this region it's fabulous. Economic development as I often say is a team sport. And in western new York and in buffalo this is really the best team. In this age so forget about. Sport say the combination of the amazing governor and lieutenant governor. The county executive. At bay error our legislators. All working together in this region. You might not remember that not that many years ago we were known for making excuses and point fingers those days are. Long this the most coherent. Collapse Purdue region. Delegation. Administration. Working together and it's made a huge difference believe metro all over the state back Qaeda. Unity working with the business community working with each other all branches of the government. It's fabulous. A minute talk a little bit about ways that New York State has got a problem missing in action. Not that many years ago to being at the center of the action. As we've come to know it. So as an example. You think about the waterfront. Canal side the outer harbor. That our harbors deep heart. The activation of the buffalo river you think about transit. And the state support for the rail car read go for cars sharing main street. For bringing back the DL and W as part of buffalo billion phase two. For that supporting the EI asked to extend transit routes and hers as part of the alternatives analysis. You think about almost twenty transit oriented development projects supported by this day. Downtown revitalization. Complete streets and Genesee and actors street on chippewa. Think about. The historic assets that we have supported through the state historic tax credits through support of the Frank Lloyd Wright art house. Great clips be amazing transformation. Of Richards said. The Michigan street heritage corridor commission and so many assets of Michigan street. Think about the support of cultural assets to merge field the oil right now it's. She chased theater and so many other theaters of cultural assets throughout the region. Workforce development through our support of the Burkhardt partnership. Support Pepsi yes the amazing. Ambitious project at the north wind corridor workforce development center buffalo manufacturing. Works. Our support for innovation 43 Norton the most dynamic. Largest business thing have petition in the country. Centers of excellence centers for advanced technology. Dozens and dozens of start up New York businesses a show. Skated with UB and other colleges in this region. New York's game. Is involved everywhere in the revitalization. Of this city and this region we've gone from missing in action under Governor Cuomo to be your best setter. The action. One more time what's your. But of course there's more work to do. And today I am proud to announce that we are launching. The first phase of a new ten million dollar. Neighborhood stabilization. Initiative. Under the buffalo billion to. Targeting Buffalo's east side and the town of cheap too. Today we are committing four billion dollars the first four million dollars or three part program. Designed to help each side neighborhoods. To keep people in their homes first. One point four billion dollars to create new home ownership opportunities in partnership. With the mayor and the city of buffalo. The city has about 28 properties in the east side that they are seeking to rehab and transfer. To new homeowners. That was state funding. They believe the first homes could be ready for occupancy. This law. Second we are investing. Two million dollars in housing preservation of the east side and in the technology to act to prevent. Foreclosure. To Foster healthy living conditions and true prove long term community. Resiliency. The program will help low income families with repairs. Whether his nation let remediation and other improvements. That make their homes more livable. We'll be working with the community foundation. And a number of other partners to help as many as. True hundred households within the coming year. And third we are investing more than one million dollars. To address and prevent so called zombie properties. The program will target properties in the town of Cheektowaga and a Buffalo's east side including seventeen. Already identified working with homeowners to modify the mortgage and reduce their risk of foreclosure. Together these investments to combat light. And your residence in the east side bringing new life into the community today's announcement compliments. Everything we are doing from housing to job training to spur economic development and continues continue Buffalo's. Upward trajectory. Before introducing governor I just wanna say. You know I've been here for 37. Years and I don't think there's anyone in this room that one of you certainly not me. Who could've imagined. Where buffalo would be today. If we fought back eight years ago. It's unimaginable the energy that this city has the optimism particularly among. The young people I've got. 320 somethings myself. All their friends. Everywhere you go not only in this city but around the state. Everybody knows it you know it better than anyone but the story of buffalo. Is being tall and talked about everywhere people are modeling themselves. On what's happened here buffalo. And I think you know it's a team sport it takes a lot to make a transformational like that happen. And having you know lived through some significant portion of what the governor. You know and I know that this never ever would have happened. Without the one person who actually believed in this city at our future before we believe that. And that's governor. Thank you thank you thank you well it is a pleasure to be Barack. And we'll meet the sun is shining. A couple of light rain drugs. But it's it's always a pleasure to be back and so exciting to be here on the east side today. With so many friends and some colleagues who have been such great work together. First your mayor Byron brown let's give it. I'll bring lieutenant governor Kathleen hope let's give her. And executive mall Moline. In Florida now Florida. We have our legislators here and it doesn't happen unless legislators bring home the bacon and this is debate in squad you have here. Senator Tim Kennedy let's give them. The and the fatigue of both crystal peoples go. A lot of footage showing Ryan a. And how were busy man exempt you does give him or. And of being briefed them and make a few points because it is raining a little bit an account executive mean gophers means that you know we me. Flash flooding in your account. I know what that it's. That means. He's about to say oh era love us. By the way in this state help us. Normally would not mind when I'm wearing my good shoes today. And I'm not gonna room. Last time he said that to me it was and we had seven feet of snow here. I came out of hell I couldn't get out of bed for a week so. I'm not rooted issues. Howard's exactly right. For many years this state is just not present in western new York and buffalo. There was a sense in buffalo that you close to other states that you worked Walton. And the state government frankly and I've said this before and I'm not proud of it but the state government to focus on them as they hero. It was all about downstate. Why it's human nature legislature. Is predominantly elected from down state. Legislators are most interested in what they can do for their district and most of them from that they you're. It was wrong it was unfortunate. It was misguided. Because upstate New York is the area that needed help. Balance state was doing fun economic ups that he was losing businesses are losing people. And that it's 2030 years. We saw the wrong and we did no 180 degree turn on that. And we have been more aggressive in buffalo and Western New York. And I have been more present. Probably than any governor since Grover Cleveland. Who lived here. And this has been a team effort and I've partnered with the mayor and county executive and we're doing it together with the legislative delegation. But we are present is. It's not a coincidence. That the lieutenant governor is wrong. Buffalo its not a coincidence that Howard Sam's he is from buffalo a lot of reasons why you were picked Howard cents. On an obvious reasons. It looked you. Fancy dress. Great sense of humor. Great sense of business. And instead had a. I'm development from buffalo. How it's also right we get a kick out of that now. We travel a lot of the other cities especially upstate. And there is a review. Buffalo jealous fat you know. Not that jealousy is a good bit but if anybody sit in the few years ago you know the other cities going to be jealous of how well buffaloes and you're gonna wanna be doing as well. Thought there's no doubt that we are succeed. In this note that we've made tremendous progress in a very short period you see it everywhere you see it in the numbers. Unemployment was eight point 3% today it's four point 9%. We've created 30000. New jobs 26 team was the best year for hiring. In close to winning years. Major companies moving into west in New York General Motors motors Sumitomo tire mu. All coming here. Canal side. Is the joy is here ten times the number of visitors how come it canals. I was gonna testified today the Italian those figures that a piece associate Jerome moaning but I think I'm gonna pass on that. Entrepreneur magazine. Named Bob Holden on the court who. Place forced startup company. And. And there's a different field it's a different attitude that is a different persona and now the buffalo and Western New York. We have a balance in ours that. We have a moment showed that we didn't have before. I always thought the piece great situation as a metaphor for so many things. We said well we're not just. Going to take twenty years of indecision anymore. We're not gonna get pushed around by anyone. On the peace bridge that situation and we stood up for ourselves. I was accused of being combative. But we stood up for ourselves we have a beautiful new gateway plaza at the peace bridge it's working. And it's working for western new York and was I combative and Don Wright and I will fight for the people of buffalo. We now do babies. On the riverbend site. Looks better forest the test look company. Panasonic companies do we want to make solar. It's a battery. Electric cars what's best. Is a beautiful debate to have. Because for forty years. We will putting flowers. At the river bend site as. The grave site of republics field now we're talking about cutting edge industries. And what's the best cutting edge industry Westin New York's. We've come a long. Own way and the best. The best. Because it's the inverse of what was this this site. Young people now coming. In young people. But today I suppose. Another question to you. Because. This is your community. And you make that decision but as well that's yeah that deal. With succeeding lot of positive growth a lot of ingredients aren't good news. The question is. What do you consider. Success. What do you consider. As the ultimate goal. Of all of these acts. And what does buffalo was a community really want to achieve. Because I can go through all those numbers of success. But today we're on the east side of buffalo. And there are different numbers. On the east side. You're talking about twice the unemployment rate. At about 16%. You're talking about a deep population. Rape twice the rate of the rest of the city. You're talking about a poverty rate of close to 40%. And that is worth thinking about. And in the midst of all of this success so we really a success. When you have part of the city part of the family of buffalo. Who still isn't sharing in that success. I would ask you to think about the concept that the greatest success. Is its success that is shared with the most. And that we're not. Yeah. And we are not truly a success. Until we have shared that says success with the entire commute. Now for the east side. We know they are tough challenge you know the real problems. But we also know how to deal with. We've learned these lessons we know how to do comprehensive community development we can do what we need the political will. We need this back and we need to resorts and what we can do it. We know people on the job training got we've been doing with the north and job training center. You have to get people the skills in this economy so they can compete which means first they need the education to compete. And we have got our public schools where they need to pay and provide the services through this tool is that the community needs. And we need that job training that we need the race meant that the job that Iraq certainly don't all work and a I and he wage that people can afford to live and old job that actually. He had it is we have that buffalo Niagara medical camp as the great great work. Let's train people for those jobs that we are three days. Replied we. I did it all starts in both our poor me. With house. I've worked in housing role in my life I started in March when he bit when he's building. Housing for homeless people I was the secretary of housing and urban development under President Clinton it's about how it's. Why because housing is the heart of the community. It and the building law. Housing is the heart of the family. Warming highlight to get you need a place. To get your life to get you need stability but you literally need a roof over your head. That is that is from a human level that is stock. Firsts that. They're getting a lot together. And that's where we want to start today. It's about housing and we have to stop it downwards I start of that yeah. We are still paying the price. For the mortgage crisis in 20072000. You still see mortgages that should have been made in the first place being foreclosed on. How it was or close that how innocence and be as soon as it's empty houses vandalized. I got an abandoned vandalized homes on the block. And you feel the rest of the block getting sucked into that hole. And that people trying to keep the house right trying to pay the mortgage trying to pay the expenses that houses the value. By the house that was abandoned and the idea law. Stock closed in on itself. We have to change that's like. Stack of foreclosure in the first place com and doing. What he had got abandoned. Pounds and salad and get a friendly in hand that's gonna keep it right. That's what the mayor was starting with its land back proposal that we passed into law and how would he needs is funding that may. Happen. To pay the mortgages to do the re ahead and to do all of these and not look at ten million dollars out. Today. It is a step in the right direction. And I think about it as part of upper orbit in two. Not just creating great job. And not just bringing in the big companies. Not just rebuilding. But pledging to ourselves. As members of the gramley a buffalo. That we had not gonna stop building and we're not going to consider ourselves the success. And we're not going to consider the buffalo billion us access. On bill that bright light of opportunity shines on him re. Involved. Thank god I've.