Crisis Management From PR Perspective - Kevin Keenan


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We're talking about the United Airlines incidents involving a passenger. With Kevin Keenan this morning the president CEO of Keenan communications group a public relations and crisis communications company. Kevin I know you've been following this story is this a lesson in how not to handle a crisis. I think so who's in the in this day and age social media you got to be aware. That the story like this which just went viral instantly. It is something that's going to be addressed immediately and you know I've been what I typically do when there are major crises like these I like to start following. The organization that involved in the crisis on social media toward them following united on Twitter they've only had to Twitter post. In the sense that Simpson and one was the initial. Response from the the president of the airline amendment and yesterday's post second month from Oscar Munoz and they've just been taking a beating. Because of their really lack of responsiveness and in the wake of the sort of really unfortunate and should. Now where did they go from here because said this seems like a low height of bad press to clean up. Is it a case of time heals wounds and are they going to wait this sounder do you expect to see. Some significant changes coming because they were solely to respond. I think it'll be interesting to see what the united board does without ammonia and in what the future hold for him because of the of the way they responded then because of the political worldwide reaction this one of the interesting things about this this is not a US or does the global story. United flies into China. More than any other American carrier. And I was listening to a report yesterday from the reporter Sharon I shut one of the social media sites. In China this video was being viewed about twenty million times and our social they've got a just an enormous. Problem that they need to fix and I'm sure that they're working 24 hours a day trying to figure out exactly how loose but. It it just showed you that 01 incidence. Can pick importantly a company. Back in and your reporting this morning about the value that they lost a quarter. Billion dollars and failures so their borders not happy this morning their investors are happy and obviously they're passengers and customers. All right we'll is that public relations expert. What should Oscar Munoz have done right from the start. I think there's second statement probably would have been more appropriate than the first they could because they they they came out in the they just did not. Take the initiative to say what this this this was wrong. This was wrong and this should not you know big big big mentioned this in the second incident that that should never happen well. But should have brought the much more proactive. In sending we're gonna investigate what happened was you know we apologize and we're gonna make this right. Now is it enough for is somebody. Up top to be fired because I think is a passenger you might look at that and say. Well how does that affect me at all out how to set stop this from happening to meek who we expect to see some. Policy changes may be of them say were no longer overbooking gore. How would that in United's mind go a little too far on this one incident. I think they're gonna have to come out very specific policy about how they handle this and you know there are saying that this should never have to we'll that the obstacles without saying what they've got to really take a very cold look at. That their policies and the other thing is employees of any organization or understand the cameras are everywhere. You know bit of this. Video was so inflammatory in the near the woman who was who was reacting with such high emotion that just further. Poor planes on this fire but people have to understand that there are cameras everywhere and as soon as something happens there would the world hears about. Do you think united kitty is that. Crisis communications expert. I'm sure that they've got a whole team notebook crisis experts taking a look at this end I'm sure after the over the world view. How things were handled but it's you are difficult situations for the for corporations to deal with the right kind of organization. You've got to have plans in place for us and it would look like somebody was making a decision here that. Bit we're gonna we're gonna lay low here and we're just not going to be out front and in and I think it's certainly has cost them hundreds of millions of dollars. I absolutely. And we appreciated thanks so much. Mike that's Kevin Keenan a president and CEO of Keenan communications group a public relations and crisis communications company.