Craig Barber, AllPro Parking

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Thursday, July 12th
Barber refutes the WalletHub study on parking rates in Buffalo.

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Craig your wallet problem says Buffalo, New York has the highest. Horror to our parking rate of 27 dollars 44. Cents. My question as to you is what are you first off think of those findings. I would have to suggest that's inaccurate and looser. Certainly not addictive and you rich and unfamiliar with and and downtown buffalo by any operations somewhat overlooked or source of information but I'd suggest it's inaccurate. Pay in your estimation waters usually the average parking rate per two hours in buffalo. Hard to say I mean two different entities whose difference pricing models but I would say two hours and buffalo would be. Somewhere in arranger of two dollars to five dollars typically. Have you seen our rates in buffalo for parking go higher for certain events saying there is it. Much higher. No I think sometimes there are some. You know increase in rates for those in a large event parking but. You know that's I think Bennett there. Source of some public discussion for awhile I'm not familiar with. Anything recently where you were. So I didn't even remotely close to be considered price gouging. And I don't think people are doing some market rate pricing and certainly that's permissible. But I don't see anything that's been out of the ordinary. In the last two years. From what you've noticed or what's been the highest per hour parking greater. Are flat rate you've seen for parking in buffalo. Oh. Well I can only speak to our own operations and and we have some locations that. And I don't even this despite per hour but I actually are like the first ninety minutes or first to our and sometimes those are there metered locations that are intended. And this hires to boost. That's my knowledge around five dollars. That hourly rates for the most part are indeed the one dollar to dollar fifty range. We are all big bone of contention with the the wall of finding out of 22 dollars per two hours at 86 that tie with Chicago and Boston. Are you die people find a credible all I have no idea where they came up with a number like that and others. One particular operation impoundment at the Kennedy advertises a range. And the rate is like five dollars and 75 dollars split and that's just that's a range that's not reality on what you would pay. The per hour for two hours so you know I have no idea that it would cut back on information that clearly is erroneous.