Councilman David Rivera on Children's project

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Wednesday, January 31st

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To tell me you know you don't surprised by the the emotion and passion in the community here but absolutely. There's a lot at stake here you residents and neighbors and business folks that are interested in the project. You can tell by the attendance here today we have approximately 300 people there. With the first ideas and wishes and concerns. Looking at the project overall. I was very impressed with projects. There. Giving the community some of the things that they want green space are part. Affordable housing there are a number of things that we're still working and there's a concern regarding the height of the building so certainly we're gonna take a look at that. But I think this project when it's complete will be a better product than it was when it was just handset. That's part of process to make it practically even better and I think that's what's gonna happen once this is complete. When stages of that what Steve is the project will right now it's in the planning and design stage. There's nothing before the city of buffalo in terms of the approvals yet doctor no applications through the planning board zoning board or to the city that I know. Which means that there engage in the community before they go to the city which is a good thing they're actually here engaging the community holding meetings. It's been I don't know how many meetings they help but it's been numerous meetings and they continued to meet with the community to mitigate the concerns of the community. And I think that's what make it better project once. You know they include some of the things some of the changes that the committee wants I think it'll be even better project. And any concerns. You know either personally or from me from your counsel office well Mike my concern is always listen to. You know all of the ideas. And then work to mitigate. And he's not everybody's gonna agree but you try to get as many people to greet you possibly can you move forward. There's some concerns obviously and you can see the emotions here today that some people very emotional when it comes to affordable housing. Very emotional when it comes to the height of the building and perhaps the materials that they use at the building. But that's part of process this is this this is where we get a chance to vent. And listen to those folks and then take it back to discuss it.