Could Amazon HQ2 Find Home In WNY? - Legislator Joe Lorigo


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Joining us on the line we have Jiri county legislator Joseph Marie go we're talking about Amazon. In Western New York could it actually happened Joseph wait you are not alone in wanting Amazon. In your backyard is they look to make a second headquarters. How do you think buffalo and Western New York stacks up against the over a hundred other cities who want the exact same thing. Well first what went right morning Susan carpenter had me I think quote. Hypocrites not. You know people like a cabinet now but that's not how do we now know more work growing up. Well on the upswing that we have a lock up. What makes us attractive. Everything I know the. We were lucky we'll be hard work our proximity to Canada. Park in York city. Our university is what UB and everything else glee and Larry of be really cute has. Virtually everything that look before. As far as incentives ago what would have to be offered to Amazon to lure bad company here. I know that's where we need to be a competitor and I know I'm pretty gutless so I know how difficult would it up for it as New York State. Only historic with a or Stater the second state in the country for doing business so we have to get our state leaders I'm bored with. And make some changes to help and the outcomes urine will go first of course. Well our local leaders working together joked. Actually you know that the data that announcement was made I would come on where. That's problematic ready yet create your comments are except. We are all working together to you know put our best foot forward and and make proposal and do everything we can't bring this you know gained changing headquarters here. It's deemed changing but do we have to be careful how much. We incentivize said to bring whether it's Amazon or anyone else to the area. You know I think you know it can't be careful with something like this which would clearly you revolutionary and we did a lot of and it's its outlook for coming here and source city. They were relatively unproven. Amazon has a proven commodity. We know what about the the entire country in the world does. So it is sort of a different team you're at war. Let you know we're one of these from a couple you don't like it or it didn't restore. Promised with 50000 jobs and a five billion dollar investment. Is something that you have to look at every app. Joseph on that note you mentioned the Tesla. And solar city facility the state invested a lot of money there would it be under reasonable to ask the state to invest it once again in buffalo for another big company coming our way. Absolutely not I got more than reasonable he can really come. You know of the car that we should be you know New York City knocked out it is one thing we're. If he could grow here no cap to keep going capital and invest the state investing a couple of best. What would really show. How important Western New York used to the state economy. Joseph where do you think we're do you see this if it does come here I mean the county owns. That big Bethlehem parcel is that an obvious spot. I hit it the possibility and I know there are in outcrop dirt. The county number and people yelling at east India. But there's a workplaces and I think you know one of the most important thing. That and I'm looking forward through the metro groups to work together and record and actually. I. You know. Theory counting counting you know Rochester. Everybody's looking at that we don't need to do was work together to bring something here into our region and we work better together along. Hey Joseph work that graduated join us thanks that's chiller Rico Erie county legislator talking about the the bid to bring Amazon to 71 sex.