Continued Cold and Wet - Meteorologist Dean Devore


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It's another. Miserable start to a spring day light snow 33. Degrees in buffalo Wimbledon and yeah Jean DeVore is our first alert meteorologist this morning. Come on dean is Susan Brian good morning I know hey I have to live with this through so hey you know I'm tired of it everybody's tired of it but it is the winner they won't and we got this. Over arching area of cold air that just will not let go of the Great Lakes in the northeast and that's gonna continue to be what this year. Spinning ultimately effective snow showers this morning officially at the airport we picked up one point six inches last night 2.4 inches at East Aurora. I could see in other coating to an actor so especially in grassy surfaces today around the city south towns may be one too. As much as three inches in some of the highest elevations as this lake effect snow machine will continue through these evening shouts off a little bit. Don't see any big warm ups a brine it's used in but little bit of moderation in this cold as we get towards the end of the week. In May be towards the end of next week before we get back into true spring weather will keep you up to date here on the BP and I mean work kind of sick of it. Right now I hope we are definitely sick of it. Can't do anything about it that was taken wave a magic line but it is definitely this pattern is blocking pattern is not lingo. And so that cold air continues to get pushed down towards is from Canada. And I just don't see any signs of that just alleviating that pattern changing here in an X we we've so we were hearing before the spring that we were me be in store for a wetter which I think we've seen a little bit over the past couple days but warmer. Spring and that hasn't happened is there a reason why that hasn't happened and what led to their predictions in the first place where I some people I think some of that prediction is for the latter part of the spring you know you got to remember were not that far into spring he had no we we wanna kind of rushing along a little bit but work. Were just a month into the three months of spring so the latter party do you think it's warmer what's causing this right now. Brian is this blocking pattern where this. There's a big block in the atmosphere today or east in its portion is colder air down. More and more so more so than we normally see this time of year once that block goes away what looks like to Edwards the end of this month we'll start to see some of that warmer air when now more and more frequently point is this the worst April that we can I I would say it's one of them on on trying to wanted to put some things in the ground as early as the last week in the you know still. Still lagging I think another week or so be forums feel safe to put some of the things that would normally be putting in the ground anyone's already this season. I can't even think it couldn't authorities and I. I'm just the messenger just always remember I announcers in a thanks so much for the updates and hands I guess will. Trying to buy another day with some snow in the forecast and the flurries still falling in the city of buffalo some snow showers some wind.