The Constant Attack of President Trump 7/18 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 3

Bauerle and Bellavia
Wednesday, July 18th

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News radio 930 WBA. And yeah. Where were among the bet rare where in that top 100 somewhere that we just got her results are doing very well yeah actually it's just in time for big break. Total Beatles. He's Tom Bauer Leahy do what did at. Radler had let him. After a charm his way fuel levels and David Bellamy rest assured that history will remember you as. Okay its hourly and they'll be that all of us well yesterday I was I was really disappointed. On news radio 930 WD. We are talking about social meeting it was call adults on the restart my 3180616. WB and someone they're the I intrepid texts are easier to. So that. People. The people who go on FaceBook live when that need help. That. Four years three years ago where a guy like flip this car upside on the water was feeling. The car was filling with water he somehow use are here. Superior or some. Android. A voice featured it should call 911 got help because. Of it ever was there's another situation where people abuse FaceBook live in real time to let law enforcement knows the good things right. But again it's not social media adds a platform. That is evil. Right it's people who manipulate. Cindy you make the same argument about social media that he throws Second Amendment which is. Just a stupid sane I did not support saying I I pick and choose what. I can choose what I like in the bill of rights only support the nine of the but if if you. If you wanna make the argument that you know a gun is a tool people will use that tool in any way that they wish some are evil saw Martinis and some barber stomach cowards. Whatever the case may be simply whistles of media. There's an article in. Pentium dot com. Trademark to eighteen. And writer is Jordan agree at all it talks about how. In social media. There are four foundational problems with social media especially people under the age of 21. And these four of course to juror who wrote this article and give him a cop says there's a super normal stimuli. Replacing strongly community relationships with the weak weak link affinity relationships. And train people on complicated rather than complex environment. And the east of symmetry of human AI relationships little thing to talk right here's what the problem is. There is so much there that you can't focus. And you're going a hundred miles a minute and one person's talking about their dinner another person is taking a picture of what their dog you know did when they took the dog for a walk. Another personal me or wants to talk politics another person over here is in a bikini. And nine times out of ten you stop at the beach before right. So if there is a positive thing about fate or asking you. Call us at 8030930 start 310616. WPM and for all negative things about social media positive things what you've done. With social media that you could not have done this maybe it's a business I'll tell you that face both god actually. Feature people getting rid of Jong. And they're doing they're competitive they thought about face of the get money for a people happy in and they are cleaning altered their T cluttering their lives using face. Folks that are double tell you that. I love keeping my tabs on people used to know. That I really don't want and how bad I don't I don't necessarily want to have a conversation with. A kid I sat with the earth science and ninth grade but it's good to know that he's doing all these happy. As kids our our beautiful and he's doing well in Seattle Washington where the case may be. You're able to keep track of people from our maybe I know a lot of people. That use FaceBook despise and their own tickets. They have fake profiles which by the which by the way you know. Hopefully we don't have relation of re half despised your children you know what you might. And finding out some information that you need speed and that for me she ends up making your kids better save lives what are the keys. Awareness information can be manipulated it can't be abused absolutely. And I'm sure. A lot of clinical psychologist and tons of a papers and and put all this if you stuff out there. But the idea that. Everything on FaceBook. Is about liking. Right there's no negative at different time you couldn't use a thumbs down on anything it was just like this. And I wanna tell you what I like. But you you you know someone gets on your social media thread and they throw a dagger at June 18 people like it. You know the urban attacked on FaceBook and more people like the attack than actually like the post. That's a sign are you people would delete your stuff through. I'm Matt Drudge talks about cleaning out is is Twitter page every day just let it go away snap jab at the big feature on stature of courses. And it goes away into the into the in August odd. Of course nothing is in the pit and Internet. But the thing is that when some is trying to take a screen shot of whatever you sent them you are made aware that someone is stockpiling pictures of the naked body or whatever you had for so. I did hear that the consumer understanding and sort of what's going on here. I am sure the FaceBook and social media is somehow created a great relationship. That there's a relationship out of that on FaceBook that are wildly in love with the each other. Have crazy how wonderful experiences and beautiful children. I'm sure someone got a job from FaceBook. Lincoln for example as a spot Tarvaris link didn't totally it's FaceBook for professionals sequentially. Not many nudes that you'll see only them but everything is about. Jobs networking and getting out there were you know bill ad campaign with a link in currently revolves around and be wildly. But the idea that. Mail is all social media I of people that have gotten six figure jobs are random direct messages on linking. Actually worked with this company so what you do that to resonate once you come and talk to us the next thing you know their vice president of an apartment. Evans with these are positive story what are you a positive stories. About social media and other than negatives are up some one it all accosted me up is booked solid game at all and beat me up and well they're. Out of outlining your positives. Because. So social media is a platform can be abused or it could be good news for the forced to go to talked about a count of ours that we work with. What is the best friend passed away. And FaceBook allowed. An opportunity to or lie somebody cared about. They do in a way that as many people who love this guy. Could go and also read what the obituary was reminded that there was a loss. Here this friend among his lost first round at the same time Chiming in with like that got you doesn't really good man. He was a great father he was a great human being human were all better for have known as the older. Those are all the positives that can come from FaceBook and urged the negative angle on all of that people fake. Their identities on FaceBook absolutely. And people don't say things to people. Because. You know beyond this topic she awkward. Weird looks on the I'd say how you feel. Put in a weird way. The lack of confrontation. Has almost forced us to get back to shoot more people unplugging for social mean and enjoy their lives again because for the last ten years. This is what we've been occupied. It literally is taken over everything. At two 22 young's in the next room there meals through and ash on how. Your day. As a as a twenty something on social media. It depends. Here I'm on Twitter mainly just because I'm looking for breaking news and stuff like that right to see what's go on world on the weekends I kind of writes that my phone aside and I look at social media as much because it promotes for procrastination exactly exit their look at it for four hour you can go into a hole that YouTube there's nothing like you to. You can go into a void in the deepest darkest regions. Of the universe in in in Utah and you're just link after link you're watching dogs play poker you're watching you know. That original Beatles that Shays I mean they're everything I watch one of the things I kept them powerless to. I have to watch. Every season review of the Buffalo Bills from like 1965. A lot of to see the old videos of the bills and a you know they have some guy with a beta Max there and recorded all the games in the seventies. And they they put him up on YouTube I loved watching old. You know ball will build highlights all of sports if you do this and I'm. You know you can find yourself a black or nothing gets done nothing against. And shot it is you know your privacy. To me. When people talk about the lack of privacy that's on social media. I actually think it reminds us of the definition I don't think people know privacy is to. I think the fact it was so exposed and social media and we we've seen in the news people manipulate companies manipulate the political parties manipulated out or find out foreign countries manipulate golfing your eye muscles and the positive. The good things that we can do a social media and often at him and sent. For all friends. How many of these people really your friend to me it's it's an actual term use but the fact is. Really your friends. I mean you can 5000 quote unquote threatens. They're not do that probably handful of people you can count on that fees for drag. And I wrote that some of George learned about native American history and FaceBook the politics on FaceBook. Social media is like trying to talk to someone who's on the toilet. Going to the bathroom. I don't know what that means the Dunn's attacks that wrote in the program threes and 30 YouTube to me is the biggest distraction at all. It's not so much other people in other pictures it's just US everything there and I thought it was gonna hurt. You know the fact that the the different companies the people own the catalogs of all this media pull off YouTube it just made people more creative. Now people just take a camera and filmed the godfather. And said come Time Warner bros what you'd. And music charts now how YouTube plays on the charts award as radio so it doesn't matter how big hidden is that companies because really who selling. That was selling recording albums anymore two singles a toll had sounds like got them styled stuff the guys used the Internet and YouTube that's right and do you also see a disproportionate amount. In some of these other countries. That you know for whatever reason they restrict people's access on the Internet at all it puts them you know basically it cult where. Here or there can you know they're they're put in a spot where they can only go to so many sites that. You know manipulates elegance that you're ever in the very beginning of American Idol. There were if you made a phone call to full. And there were these machines that people were spending like tons of money to try to you know. Metal with the American Idol before there was a Russian meddling going on there was American Idol meddling and people were trying to. We have their guy win by having a computer just sent thousands of calls. So that. You know their their guy won Clay Aiken. Yeah even mark it didn't work clay you mean. What a lot within your break we come back we'll we'll talk more about social media oh you're your positive things they doubled eagle three on 930. Star 9310616. WP yen. We will just the negatives on him and about negatives until you hear is negative about. What what are you ever heard so we talked about up I'm so glad for FaceBook. I found out this or. God I am you adoptions. People that are are adopted they find their their families. The idea you can go and take a genetic test and find out all of this stuff. These platforms and you know let me tell you without FaceBook I would know anyone's birthday I have no idea whose birthday is what FaceBook tells me every day. To go and wish someone happy birthday without FaceBook I would not know any whispered thanks so Zuckerberg thank you for stealing the accounts current idea. Because that helps me. Belly just to recap what you must know what you missed while you were at work you're driving home you know on the rise the trump Russian thing if you thought that Stewart was going away. Not by a long shot a lot I mean look at the news is gonna do. May hits they gonna take swings at president trump not a shock to anyone who's watched this election in America last two years. The shock to me are all of these but none of these Republicans voted for Donald Trump by the way none of them are on the senate. Majority of them in the senate here's Lindsey Graham. Talked about DN coats and Donald Trump. When he the big controversy now. Is whether or not Donald Trump. According to Cecilia Vega from our own ABC of that to get ABC news is White House correspondent. Cecilia Vega is claiming that the United States said no. When asked if Russia was still a threat. And the White House is saying that no actually would say no to was no more questions by Cecilia Vega while he associates. He was answering my question he looked right at me I asked point blank do you believe that Russia is still interfering. In and targeting the United States. And he said well and that could in any state you know and and then that rank bush tried to usher us out of the room and I went back I think yeah. And he again said no thank you very much. But that is a new phenomenon where the wranglers have to usher the media out of the room because they're climbing over the couches they're shoving cameras and they've literally it's directed there were there have to putt. They feel that there is chum in the water that they've drawn blood on Donald Trump and now it's time to go for the jugular that's what they think is happening. Lindsey Graham he's helped out. He's saying now and I heard a Cecilia Vega pressed them twice on the questions here's what he said outreach to those places the warning lights are blinking risk. For us to ignore this political malpractice. Political national rankings that's what leaned Graham is dug it out of Bob Barker and other tennis. I should get another Republican he's intense in this and it he's no fan of Donald Trump here's what he had to say about Donald Trump. I think just the signal that this sense turn to politics two. Absolutely believe they're attempting Matalin our elections as very demoralizing. The Sicilian Vick got a who is the the reporter that asked Donald Trump if Russia was still a threat. Shia follow the story here she's a senior White House correspondent for ABC news. Not one single and an intelligence community has come out publicly praised the president act. Is now the new standard where people until you really have to pray is the did the president. For Iran that can't be on how the chain can and worked. When have you ever heard. CEO or anyone you know. The General Motors is raising the local General Motors facility here for making lithium ion batteries could. They could power a construction equipment noticed praising the CEO Japan for these jobs in buffalo what does that become the standard. The people all of a sudden have to praise the threat publicly praised the president. What what happened in the last 24 hours listen we understand what's happening here this the Google fashion goes file. We think we got the president let's exploited let's bleed about let's make it up a new story all week and hopefully it'll and it was his resignation. Not one single person in the intelligence community has come out publicly praised the president I salient fact they've been completely in half over his perform at that they witnessed in Helsinki. But one official comment due from Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats he's it's as clear. There's no question that Russia did meddle in the 2016 election perhaps most importantly says they're to undermine our democracy are on go where the event. For the last I don't know since the Bolshevik rebel I wish I mean has there at the time where we looked you know and so you know the Russians man we're so glad they're on our side. Chris Rogers on our side to me do you honestly believe we're we're again and we're forgetting. The fact that this president of the United States was just at a NATO summit. Talking about Russia. Putting pressure on other NATO allies to stop making side deals with a roster because it's undermining the alliance that you know. Why would you do that if you did think that Russia was not what not Russia. Metal in the election what do you believe that's the case it doesn't matter when your commander in chief you're getting briefings every day on Russian aggression. And your him catching that a chessboard this president didn't think Russia with the threat why would he be movie did fiction across Europe. Gonna happen to these soldiers that are gonna leave the Korean Peninsula. A bigger design for the military is that what happens when you when you close the DMZ. And and their career is to be unified before the soldiers or Marines and airmen are are are just gonna want to leave the military. Of course not going to be put in other areas where there are needed and you don't think that. You'd see our our strategy right now when NATO. Were flexing against flat. With kinetic forces we are flexing. As the Russians and yet the entire narrative here is that we expect. Do you want us to believe Cecilia Vega the Donald Trump is winnable bookish and goose stepping in Red Square. I mean of course is that the last president. And all but admitted to doing that the last Barack Obama in his own narrative in his own book talks about his affinity. For socialism. He and Hillary Clinton wrote a white paper of her senior thesis is on solid ski. And the power of that this is this is what the left it too is consistent now your election rust Democrats. Are gonna lecturer. Conservatives. I'm the importance of being tough against Russia I mean the whole thing is in and say. But that's what you miss US US port we gave it to you. Here's how one little side note Cecilia Vega our shoes bodily dominate ABC news right now. She had another filed story on trump to arrangements and. The president this morning is tweeting again defending himself and his performance he says. What some people hate the fact that I got along well with. President Putin of Russia they would rather go to war than see this it's called trump deranged that syndrome the president's own Director of National Intelligence. Dan Coates has publicly rebuked the president's performance he says Russia did indeed metal in the 2016 election and it fact that threat to our democracy is still ongoing. So that Dan Coats never publicly rebuked the president's performance that that statement publicly rebuke that's what Cecilia Vega. That's what she's. Debts her mirrored those are her words would did coach said Derek what was asked the question is Russia did Russian. They run did you hush a medal in the 2016 election. Dan Coates said without a doubt Russia metal in the 2016 election how you can then take that any public review so basically damn coach is saying. I can't serve for the president's state is Director of National Intelligence because he made a misstatement between water warden or he doesn't believe the president's strategy. Do you believe. Did anyone would join a cabinet to a person who who felt that Russia was an ally that Russia was on our side. Mean it's just. Your your this is a job. A Rip Van Winkle lesson on and history if it's only for people who have been asleep for 45 years. And it totally forgotten what the platform of the Democratic Party is every time there impacted in the Oval Office. Everytime there is a man Jordan. The house with. Or. Without the Democrat we see a completely different look at the world. But now you wanna believe that the Democrats are hawks. Right Democrats are hawks Republicans are chicken hawks they're cowards. It's a book lead down to the bare bone you know he got. You've got people that are talking about tariffs not even a week ago. We have people screaming in the streets of Donald Trump terror of China and we thought oh my god he's gonna brings into a tree it war he's gonna bring us into what kinetic firefight. All these George W usually wants to do is invade. To invade and kill people. Have a George Bush wants right. But we Donald Trump wants to talk to the other side that was the entire point of the reset button when Hillary Clinton's secretaries don't remember. Does anyone ever call that we have to have a better relationship with a Russia. Evidently they they'll. Because now if it's all about Donald Trump there were there other news in the world. I don't seem to wanna coverage but on the North Korean front here is secretary of state Mike. Pompeo the north Koreans reaffirmed their commitment to nuclear rights. We're making progress along the border to get the return of remains very important issues for those families. And Cecilia Vega also want to point out that Donald Trump not only believes that the that the midst. His use of wood instead of wouldn't. Is amiss that he believes that the meeting with pulled was a six yes he's more Cecilia Vega the president. May have walked back his healthy to comedy but he is now back to defend. I think his performance he calls is meeting with Putin. A great success saying that only the media are saying otherwise he seems to be getting the near universal backlash that he's received for that performance even from allies in his own heart. You know you know it's funny is that. As we're talking about. Bob coworker Lindsey Graham. John McCain. Even Mitt Romney Mitt Romney of all people. Running around talking about Donald Trump and now bears in this is. We've gotten to the point where we're we're now representatives of the intelligence community all these senators. All these members of the house of Arabs and the worried about the fragile morale of the intelligence community the great thing about the intelligence community. Is that. That morale. We are told that you know. If you're pretty happy ire you're in the harnessing the CIA. You're doing your job every no cared about morale when they presented evidence that Hillary Clinton had no legal server. And had classified information on the server. And they found that information went to a third party nation. That a country got a hold of classified information on that server you talk about demoralizing. Demoralizing. Our people that worked to build a case against Hillary Clinton and we're told for political reasons it's not good enough record to Bob cork or people want to quit the intelligence community. Because without trump said. I think this the signal that this sends our intelligence folks who. Absolutely believe they're attempting Matalin our elections as very demoralizing. Hey you know it's great just call it a three on I thirty start on 31806. Point six WV and Texas threes are much easier. Bob Corcoran says it's demoralizing. For anyone to. In the intelligence committee right now opted to serve their country beaches. Donald Trump obviously has just completely thrown everything off its axis we will Hurley and the sun. Because of what he said with Vlad Putin and again we're completely. For getting you wanna talk about demoralizing. How when you lose. 250. People in a combat unit bleeding on a story. In a for an error at the Democrats and Republicans since you to fight a war on based on false intelligence. And then. When ice is pro raids in there what do you do. You cede that ground is that's not worth it that was a bad war is an unpopular war we don't wanna talk about Iraq anymore that's demoralizing. Being told your war was the war of choice the war that was based on lies Afghanistan's good war all the good stuff that's demoralized. A president. Saying that you know what I'd meddling not meddling do your job. It's your job quit your job. No one's gonna gun to your head working this I don't believe any of us. This is an opportunity. To swing as hard as they possibly can so that maybe just maybe they get this guy out office. You wanna join the program it'll three on I thirty starlight 3180616. WB and we're doing a quick recap of what we talked about earlier. He should not working your card your traffic were the case may be who can give an update on two epic. If you're in one of those log jams that back up anger rotor anywhere else on the road to home Eleanor it then a minute let's go to Chris in buffalo. Chris you're on WB I'm glad. Hey thanks all all that point. Really with the analysis and points that are made it there's never any specific depth the the battle and the degree. Matters and we talk about you. You know maybe standing water out off. Internet articles. Try to influence people or are we talking about you know actual votes. Being manipulated the media would. They brought you break an abominable job hold Chris Amadou traffic maybe Europe signals better we'll get right back to correct about the world let's get back to Chris buffalo should that pass a political work I don't Chris. Good you know how's things that bothers me about this analysis. Is that. The media can never give you should pick from one parent to the battle and civic matter we talking about. Mean the you know well Japanese. Breaking a few articles and spending are out of the box. Well thank you for bringing up the FaceBook had but that was a 100000 dollar and and that's supposed to have affected the outcome of the election. And exactly correct there's no. Discuss some of the big greedy it's it's it's you know if it's just owned that this 100000 dollars. Way that spot in the bank. That there was this massive change in the bowl that somehow affect of the election and when you think of it in terms of the actual degree. You limit what you accept. Even if you sell everything they say as true in terms of the actual facts. It doesn't make sense. The entirety of the argument that they're pragmatic. You know Chris interesting point that you bring up the personal or use it a scooby do term mentally and there's no there's no legal. There's no law you're breaking I'm gonna go to the DA Erie county and charged with first degree mentally what it will or won't what do you how do you metal metal. Whether people by the way. Why would you seal. That indictment why would you open it. So if you're living somewhere in Norway and you're now. There's an open indictment be in the state that you have you Guinea back anywhere where there's an extradition they're they're de. Don't teach you off the streets in Norway and you up on charges and white who just to be honest. I mean I agree that your remote at a grand jury together got about two Russians. You've got is responsible for all this stuff and that solves the problem. I mean whether or not you want to believe it was fifty Russians it was a thousand Russians with the ghost of Abe Lincoln medal in the 2060 election. If you don't want to avoid future. It was the slowest thing for each plane allegedly according to Barack Obama according to John Brennan according to James clapper all these people said. Everyone knows it was quite obvious it so. It was this giant step and move into an art should I do think. You. You wanna blame senate majority leader Mitch McConnell you blame the Republicans who by the way at this time. They were bleeding on the field playing softball. Well while this title was breaking. And at the same time the Justice Department. What do re upping their fight the war to continue to eavesdrop. On what was going on with people close down two. Could you are all good points. Agreement which ethnic or if it's really. They're just. There's and it's it's all presented is there are all nothing that there's there's no there's no real definition of Natalie it's just. Net playing means that it abortion or there are things that could have taken place in the media guide. You really have to look at the track them. And fact seem very few and far between that you seemed you have up pretty good grasp on those backs Chris thanks for colony making sure about appreciated. Christian buffalo. Gruesome buffalo hit the ground rule double could've been a triple. I wouldn't let him talk a little longer and fortunately the brakes are coming up.