Congressman Collins Charged: Attorney Paul Cambria

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Wednesday, August 8th
Attorney Paul Cambria gives rapid reaction on what we know on the Collins' indictment

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Give me your top of the mind your thoughts on this. Well I think that. It's clear to at least people in my profession that. They wore down and they investigate. An outlet there was a good possibility of an incitement. And so I'm not exactly surprised I had a chance to read part of it. You know actually typical world insider trading allegations. Conspiracy. And I'm. For Richard council and they basically say appear convicted. Or true portrait. All the proceeds. So that's. Basically here at first blush I didn't catch sanity who. Made that statement is true history. It says his lawyer by his lawyer is a name is not mentioned. A lot like guesses so. Washington Post here treaty pollution problem or I don't know what it does he get representation that way it. For the contractual question. Do you see this. Obviously of if found guilty and were speculating now obvious. Only when you know Moala certainly. Would this possibly lead to were removed from office or is this just they find situation. Would there be any jail time involved if we're guilty of murder was found a way to you see this going punitive way. All opium. While it it could be all of those. On the federal side the penalties are always. You should you know there. Cute. You're talking ten years twenty years back problems. Obviously a couple of decent if he's convicted and got saturated or people being able continues. There's a congressman sort of searchers. Federal outside shooter or shooters. Manhattan is not always. The most favorable place. For a jury verdicts. As we've seen a number of tribes over and over. How does that how does the government improving in attempting to prove their case. How to they are drugs timeline is historically on the purchase of stock. Another trading of the stock part of a narrow it down to something they can prove in court. Well they indictment lists a number of emails. And communications. Back and forth among the parties show. It's clear that what they're going to look at is. Was there was that are trading was trading based. So called insider information. Something that would about it and open and available I'll. You know that's kind of been the focus of the investigation. From the very beginning when they started to. Talking about all this and I am pretty sure Collins is up for reelection. Oh yes I I think I've heard that is there any way shape or form better defense attorney would bring up. The political side of any kind of an investigation. And or indictment or is that totally separate from what we're talking about now. Now I think that if there's a feeling that there's you know this is politically motivated. Actually a legitimate issues raised. It is it. Technically. Part of the elements so hard. On the other hand social pressure. That can be exercised in cases like this. Many up and be handled civilly. Although as you recall. List market sure and several others. Insider trading is not exactly. You know just to sort by the authorities are Stewart guitar. You know now there's there was a lot made when they presidential campaign was going on. A bug information about Hillary Clinton. If anybody had it when a group would be released and there was a real concern that any information released just before an election. Would day in footloose could possibly influence. That election. Would there be any concern this time. Because of the timeline of when this was released. Yeah sure the that's also a valid observation your usual you know horses timing of this I think. It's Deschanel you know. If we really. We're going to do something like that we were in eleven out September. Or October. I suppose the you know now and August but don't it still has the same impact. I mean they're actively campaign. An active candidate. They're challenging columns and obviously that's gonna have a huge impact. Is ability to be reelected but I think that's the least of which. Do you think and this is just speculation. Do you think the president would make it will make any public. Speculation. On the future of that environment we make any idea any Swedes. Any formal announcement or will he stay hands off. Gloria don't usually. Answer to that would be that they put up with this president I'd sure probably happened or. And they know. Possess it was a close kind of keep that appears. Didn't think about it Collins. The first congressional members to endorse it true and kind of is. PR guy in government if you will. Always defending everything the president did a lost art. And sought true present the ship is so.