Cong. Chris Collins - On Govt. Shutdown

Sunday, January 21st

"We will not negiotiate with Chuck Schumer"


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This is Davie bill we are talking about the federal government shut down. And exactly what's happening there how long it will last what kind of effects will have and to some degree who's to blame for it let's bring in congressman Chris Collins live. Good morning congressman. While our good morning Dave good morning to all your listeners and I'll start with the last one there's only one person responsible. It senator Chuck Schumer that's why even the New York Times. And Bloomberg called it the Democrat. Senator. Shut down this is Schumer shut down it and he's holding the country hostage. Don't know what next. 3 o'clock they are going to Republican conference. To discuss our next steps but I can tell you. Word not really what can negotiate with senators Schumer is better reader reopen the government. At which point we can have negotiations on any manner of things from the docket situation to the budget caps. And the like but you know we're not going to be. Held pot danger extorted by. Senators Schumer and story at a bit of a standstill and only senator Schumer can decided. When he will agree to reopen the government could be. At midnight tonight so that people get to work tomorrow morning or it could be true now. If there are things there that the Republicans are opposing and he's a Democrat of are raising rather and he's a Democrat opposed to them. Is he within his rights to say let's hold this thing up. Well first of all majority of senators. Voted to to not close to government. That's why we need to get rid of the filibuster. I've called and send bigger. Our leader Mitch McConnell to end the filibuster. And archaic. Rule of of the past. Harry Reid remove the filibuster for federal judges that because it sure murders ops and then we. And to remove it for spring court judges. So we've already removed the filibuster on two occasions once under Harry Reid once under Mitch McConnell it just trying to be done with this. And let the majority rule in the majority. Did vote sixty to 49 to keep the government running. So it is it putting power into a minority. You know that that just isn't right it's not to worry America process works. What could the Republicans have put in. The proposal in order to bring senator Schumer over to the other side was there was there a particular sticking point was a dock. What are here here's the thing Dave we have been negotiating doctor now let's remember. There's only one reason we're talking about doctor. And that's because senator Schumer Harry Reid Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama 2009. And ten they control every. They even hit sixty senators with a filibuster didn't matter in the senate. They could've dealt with the immigration issue the young children that were brought here by their parents. Who who came into the country illegally. They could've dealt with that issue in 2009 intent along with let's remember they have raised minimal wage. A they couldn't even given the union card check you know what date they did it none of instead Barack Obama did an executive order which put these now young adults in in the uncertain. Position they are today. In president trump has done the right thing he said let's give the young adults now. Certainty in one way to give them certainty that with legislation that Schumer Harry Reid close in Obama reached used to do. In 2009 and ten let's remember this is a problem deliberately cause. By the Democrats they'd like the political nature. Of this dispute just like they have politicized minimum wage. And it hypocrisy. Edit course it has no bounds when it comes the Democrats is they can't debate. That they could fix the situation back in 2009 intense we need to put that on the table. All right let's say let's say the Republicans put something in that there was agreeable to Schumer Pelosi and company. Could just shut down have been averted there and what kind of something would that have had to event. Why did what we did date first about what we put forward now is what they well colleague clean CR it no policy writers. Attached to it the sweetener we threw in the six year extension of the Children's Health Insurance Program which is always ban until this year bipartisan. Only now that Pelosi and Schumer have turned the Children's Health Insurance Program into a partisan debate. It's it's again unconscionable they are doing that. So we gave them what they've always asked for the past. Eight clean CR outward you know there's no pro life writers on that there's there's there was no funding the wall. A bill that was specific to the stuff you're talking about with doctor. Adopt a specific to bail nothing else and. Know what we did with the CR continuing resolution to keep the government running for weeks that we continue to negotiate. And good debate the issues surrounding Barack. The problem caused by. Schumer and in the past Harry Reid and two there then we are simply saying we very passionate. Our country and Donald Trump the one that's it let's give them certainty that it to be done through legislation that the only way to get a certainty. Something that Democrats didn't do it 2009 and ten. He's insisted and it makes sense that we have border security. As part of that discussion so we don't wake up ten years from now another million. Young adults who got who were brought here by their parent it can across the border so lipstick. Let's talk about border security. A long lit doctor but the other thing that Schumer keeps doing is the one hand they used the word doc then on the other hand they used the word great. There's 800000. Young adult who were brought here by a certain day when Obama Obama signed the executive order. There's been another million. Kids Robinson ran. So at one point eight million dreamers verses 800000. Stock. And in you you would beg the question senator Schumer we talk about dot org dreamers. 800000 doc that was the issue where we're Obama wrote the executive order. That's what we're supposed to be talking about in the next wraps Schumer says oh no now we are sort of deal. With a million kids thinking instant. They wanted to not enough senators should work including the seventeen and A half year old who came in yesterday. We got to draw the line somewhere and while we're generous and compassionate. There there's eight a legitimate debate here that needs to take place including. Things like chain migration. And A vis a lottery system that no other country in the world. Every other country in the world says. They will bring immigrant and that had skills. That add to that society that could be a machinist they could be an educator they could be position an engineer or. Simply being you know it or somebody in college. It will contribute to society there is no other country in the world. It's simply have a lottery system. To bring anyone in even if they're gonna go on food stamps and welfare the next day or chain migration where you bring in your second cousin three times removed. Who may have no skills to add to the country. And we said we need video chain migration we beat it deal with visa lottery system we need to deal with border security. I met when Schumer are company tend to shut now. Senator McConnell has set I believe that the senate Izzo looking at a vote around 1 later this morning 1 o'clock in the morning Monday morning. Is there a chance that any of those issues you were just talking about can be resolved by then or do you picture the shut down lingering for at least another day. None date let me be clear we will not negotiate. I think we have yes we will negotiate once the government opens we will not negotiate to open. Senator Chuck Schumer shut the government down even though a majority of senators fifty to 49 voted to keep it open. Republicans in the house voted strictly along party lines but we had a majority to keep the government running it senator Schumer. And and the silliness of this filibuster. It shut the government down and we're not gonna negotiate. Two to a hostage taker. So we've been very clear we will negotiate as we set a couple of days ago we said here's a clean continuing resolution. And oh by the way here extension of chip the Children's Health Insurance Program which. Everyone want. I would just keep negotiating for another four weeks now they said well. We should be able to do it three weeks and we did agree we would Beckett to February are February 8 and that to sixteenth. Well we're not gonna negotiate. With hostage takers so senator Schumer is gonna have to agree to open the government. With the clean CR we gave them in six years. The child's health insurance but we're not putting anything else and we're going to be doing we're actually do it border security or Walt chain migration. Or anything else. Are you optimistic it sounds as if if if that's the stance your taking and he is taking task he's taking. It sounds as if you don't think anything's gonna move tonight will it. Well he is under incredible pressure and so it means people OC because. They never thought headlines in the newspapers yesterday were in every senate Democrats shut down the government. This was the New York Times the AP at Bloomberg he's not exactly. Fox News. And day. I would say what they are there conferences and caucuses straight down a rat hole. Somehow they thought the Republicans would be blamed Schumer shut down and they are not. That's the public and the press Smart not to note was filibuster in the senate. Which is giving Schumer control because the shut down because we did a majority of senators the senators. 49 McCain is you know what the answer he can't vote. And social Schumer that you gonna blink. Or perhaps. What Mitch McConnell gonna do is all but. Air. The Democrats and Democrats running for reelection this year they sit trump Terry. They don't want to continue to be blamed. They shut down or will they break ranks. With senator Schumer or would senator Schumer agree. He's he has not done much right should country. And just agreed to reopen at February 8 so we can continue to negotiate in good. Are you one of those that argues the average citizen is laws just doesn't drag on for a really long time are you one of those that I use the average citizen ball really notice a shut down. That this is in such a bad thing. On here here's the other difference between now on thirteen date Obama weaponized. The shutdown he closed the World War II memorial he'd close the mall we open air will be called a ball deep sea. He shut down the part he shut down even there's the look out where you pop the side of the highway he put up barriers. President Obama deliberately wept and I shut down and thirteen and Donald Trump. It much more reasonable individual is doing just the opposite is directing any and all agent. To have the least possible impact on the American public is not shutting down parks. He's not shutting down the volleys that shutting down the open air World War II memorial. We're gonna have a lot of workers working and they won't be paid it will be paid retroactively at some point I'm the next day is January 31. So we get this settled between now and January 31. No federal employee will even see an impact. It goes beyond that they would not get their paycheck on January 31 but let's say let's just say worst patients stay close to February 15. They would then be paid retroactively so that the worst case delay and say it's not that they would be for her. Well when talking about federal employees around here the the two big bases as it is that I think of is obviously the Niagara Falls air base and that really large IRS call center out in Cheektowaga. You have anything specific about how they're affected tomorrow morning. Sure there's no there's no impact on the post office there's no impact our nation's security the military the air base but the call center will not be open. Oh with what you would call not essentials so it is not essential. That somebody be able to reach an higher agent to ask a question about the tech sector. So it's a good example you just brought up not essentials services like the iris call center. Will be closed tomorrow if we don't get something done tonight. And again I have been as we closer I got to ask you what do you see happening tonight. Do you have a prediction. Well I really don't Dave here's what I'm afraid though if we don't get it done tonight it could take. We. That it kind of strike or Schumer or or some maverick Democrats just direct. Democrats in the senate to split off from Schumer. Would be tonight so that actors you've you've seen nothing tomorrow morning at eight A camera nine day out. And everything gets right back to normal we negotiate a freight. If we hit Monday morning in federal offices are closed and that's what. Someone like Schumer could dig his heels and and keep it closed for months. I'm certainly hoping that doesn't happen but. Senator Schumer has absolute control. And the only other hope we have achieved its if you dig in his heels and is that ten Democrat senators. Big ignore his mandate and they go. At 1 AM this morning with Mitch McConnell to reopen. Andy have you heard anything about them wanting to jump the fence is that just looking at the electoral system and thinking they might. Are there any indications that they will crossover. There's there's certainly nothing that I would note that would indicate that I'm. In the house that the senate guys know discussions are going. Behind the scenes I'm sure they are not certain right now. I can see yesterday in the eyes of the Democrats on the house floor. They they they just got run over by trained and the conductor of that train was may have to close. And she sold them a bill of goods she told that we couldn't care actually orbit we did she told him. We couldn't pass continuing resolution which we did on December 19 that any Democrat. She was shocked speechless three days ago when we get it again. To keep the government running. Through February. Sixteen. And in its historic in the Republican conference that you night. In a way that we didn't see the last couple years. And hurt her. Her constituency in the house for caucus or conference. It looks like they felt like they got run over by a train. All right congressman Thomas thanks so much for your time today. Anyone any date thanked me. That's congressman Chris Collins caught in of course about the federal shut down.