Confirmation Hearing For Neil Gorsuch - Carl Calabrese


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Confirmation hearings begin today for Neil gore such for US Supreme Court strategist current account breezes with us from Massey -- 22 caliber it's an associates. Carl good morning. What should we expect today because this guy really has a tough night's rest and I. Well we're sure I think McCall central if they sent us somebody at the place Supreme Court justice I mean this is what you get him he looks the part is part. He's got. A law degree from Harvard with honors. He's got a Ph.D. in law from mom Oxford. He clerked for two Supreme Court justices and years of private practice work for the Department of Justice on the court so. Many years on the tenth Circuit Court appeal so he's got everything in terms of presently in terms of character in terms of temperament but. Unfortunately in the last few decades these Supreme Court nominations some very political very partisan and I think what you ought to look for they would choose and so forth. Believe that. Tech stories no one is. I think there's lingering anger in my tail probably the word is angry rage like that. This C. Was not built during the Obama on the field with the seat stolen from them should be just Arlen. The reviewed and questions and so. There's something a bit here and I think that's gonna play out in ways that we haven't seen before. The question of if they do. Try to filibuster the Democrats to support a filibuster on this judge will the Republicans go so called options it is. Take away the filibuster justice. Senator Reid when he was majority leader took political poster for all. Nominees on the appeals court. Republicans and just as easily say fine filibuster doesn't apply. To the Supreme Court that we can do with fifty senators to do so what debt I think those are some of the things to watch for. As these years old. Now most expects four of course itch to be approved eventually you'll want to Democrats get out of drawing this out. Well that that's a direct question boring. This is an incident battle because we're replacing a conservative. With a conservative the death of Justice Scalia being conservative. And now justice courses you're conservative doesn't change also the court. Many people said the real battles going to be the next one. The next vacancy especially if it's from one of the liberal rights because. That could change sales for the quarter from five to four conservative as six different conservative as people so maybe the Democrats should not you know. All the sources. I think they're going to idea I think they're going to brought out that it can be very partisan. Well I don't think those gonna force the Republicans go to the eruption. Put in these strange times and it could go that way. We'll have to wait and see how far they're willing to go at what point do does it begin to play against them especially especially. The senators from those. Five ten states. Went for trump in big ways. In big numbers. And those senators were up for reelection. In 2018. Those that already. Conservative groups have begun running years. In favor of course which in those states saying to voters call your democratic senator and tell them that Corsica ought to be on the supreme court's already. Those elections of 2018 are beginning to play out as ex story that this confirmation process. Carl and don't Democrats face some risks to if they filibuster. And Republicans do use the nuclear option. Oh they they should do it this especially in in those states where democratic from the senators. So other voters will big time for Donald Trump sometimes by double digits in the last presidential election. There's going to be lots of pressure on them you know there's always the possibility that trump. It goes so goes state to start holding Israelis have put pressure on them two. To vote for. George courses so there's there's lots plain out here in terms of the current confirmation issue plus the 2018. Senate. Race and so if they do filibustered to see Republicans won those states in this flight. He should not reelect your Democrat senator we we we have to break this obstructionism that you saw with this. Eminently qualified jurist. To get on the Supreme Court so again is Christine. How I want if they want faces rocket. How do you oppose it this does that mean you could take a look at his rulings and he's been a judge for something years I can ever remember. Any controversial leader is part that would say he's not doing very sound justice. The Democrats you're gonna do this. But the claim that he is all outside the judicial mainstream my guess is you're gonna use that phrase over and over again outside the judicial mainstream. My translation of that is that means that his opinions on the bench. Conform to what the law actually says. Reza what progressives want the lord be that the translation for your listeners they they're working outside the judicial mainstream. Okay cap that we will be watching Carol thanks for the input. That's Karl calabrese political strategist here and WBN.