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No phone policy at concerts were starting to see that here in Western New York Jack White concert coming up this summer are part. Will be phone free meaning that people were buying tickets are being warned right now that phones will be placed in a couch. They can only be opened in cellphone free zones. Or at the end of the show joining us now over from kiss ninety point five Nicholas Nicholas line in studio nick. What do you think about the idea phone free concert experience. I think a couple things here I've been to a comedy show Kevin Hart came to buffalo maybe last year year before and it was a no phones rang him. I've never like. You but I get it. I got it. We put our phones away it was difficult as we got kids and my wife was spent the whole night what if I was the baby sitter needs to get in touch what if so I get that part of it from the artist's perspective. I see that some people can get annoyed by looking out of the crowd and and there are not engaging they're judged on the phones can be annoying. Jack White is the guy to make this happen I think Alicia Keys has done it in concert. And it all goes back to this little device called the Yonder pouch and Yonder is the power to give you when you go to the concert you put your phone and it. Seal it up turns it off can't communicate. Did the beautiful thing about Jack White the way he's gonna do with the islanders at if you need to go and make it called dual whatever. You need to leave your seat go to another area off the main stage floor that concourse a where every wanna be at our park. Don't use your phone and then come back so for emergencies if you got kids that kind of thing. If you need to be in touch with people you're not completely incommunicado. But. I've been to concerts where the artist will specifically say hate for this cycle phones down and everybody plays lawn. But most of the time they want you to engage with your phone they want the most postings sure John Mayer over the summer was recommending what issued hash tag with during a someone. Which you know they have fun with it's I think as. As technology. Moves along and phones become part of a show I can see how what's annoying is a fan I say for the price campaign. I wanna use my phone okay you've seen in the outer pouch that yeah can you tell if you're getting a text or call do you feel it. Like would you know people like to feel connected. And the minute you take your phone from the what do you say that turned the phone not so I don't know known it never did so I did at one point I'm like now don't care about the sign I don't know. Think about Arianna grinding over in London and Manchester Las Vegas. And your parents I mean kind of extreme situation in his life to feel connected via with their front. I think moreover this is Jack wiping Jack White he's very much a purist his eccentric. I totally I guess why he's doing that you can't and I would agree is eccentric. Yeah I don't think about this that the idea of a phone free experience is too off the wall because. And noise and if Imus show in the person in front of me in person next to me is constantly taking out that screen. It's distracting Bruno Mars the girl beside me want to live concert with her best friend by I don't shoot stamp chances but life whatever. But the whole time she's looking at a phone holding it up and I I think that's part of the bit for the price you're paying for ticket. Give us some freedom friend. I want to bring my phone bring my phone. I do like that the artists sometimes will tell you when to put its own way when to bring it out. You know you go to and ensuring shall one point lets all put our lights on our phones are returns there the bright light on and it sparkles at the arena it's beautiful moment. I think there's a time and place I love it Jack what is doing this I wanna see if it works. The who's who's gonna snitch on their seat mate friend who's gonna tell us some cool I. I wouldn't I wouldn't be the person to tell. But I would I would definitely do you would give a look. I would call I would do no good luck we go yeah yeah. I I'm excited to see if this plays out the way it will I think the getting the younger parents having a pleased put the phone and giving people that the freedom to go. Make a call if they need to I think it's a big ask but again it's Jack can you believe we're having this conversation about trying to leave our phones alone for a couple of hours for years they've been trying to get you please post here's my instead here's my whatever they're they're given out on the information. Com. The Backstreet Boys were in town I think last summer. There's not a person that went through the didn't post Richard here's the thing album really quickly before I let ago you mentioned the kids in the babysitters and what happened before cell phones I mean what did people do a thing you to know about their kids. Had a really good babies yes. A really good babysitter that what does this say about the quality of our babies yet there's so there's and so now they're you know whose concerts everybody has their phone it's part of life aren't at all it's very tough to be without your phone it's a big ask. On Jack White standards big bold move from him on nick we appreciate the time in the and so a lot of different ways to look at this issue you can continue to chime in on our text line 39 there.