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We're joined on the line now by political analyst Steve Roberts and Steve we've been talking about some of the president's. Polling numbers so over the last few hours and though what has happened over the weekend with some of these polls. They come out one of them at ABC news poll the president responding to on Twitter. Now my question though is. Are people paying attention to these polls as much as they were say. A few years ago with how wrong polling was during the 2016 campaign. I think it's fair to say that those of us in the political business pale a lot more attention to the polls. Then the general public does. But I can. Promise you that the White House is painful hunt for attention to these polls. Because they there's just some real problems for this president. Favorable rating has dropped from 42% last April with 36%. Now remember he got 46% of the vote. In the election that means 10% falloff. In the first six months but some of the numbers three and worse. On a personal level people worse said only that 70%. Set 70. Said the president was not acting presidential. Only 24%. Said his behavior was fitting and proper a lot of the other questions. Mirror those findings are you got to remember back in the election a lot of people who voted for Donald Trump as a candidate films celebrity as a star. But as the president. They think he's falling short and that is. Something that's got to be. Very concerning to the White House whether people pay attention to the polls are not because the politicians will pay attention. That means he has less leverage he has less clout when he goes to members of congress Republican senator NC passed my bill. And they look at him as your polling ratings with 36% why should I listen to you wash my fear you. And that that war why this is such a problem for this White House. Another thing about the polls is there any comparable to other previous administrations presidents Obama and bush to. Yeah. At this stage now that tradition generally has been in the first 67 months or presidency. There really is a honeymoon people are very favorable. Both. Bush 43 and Obama were at 59%. After six months. That's compared as I say to the 36% of this is an enormous difference. Donald Trump has never had a honeymoon from day one. And as a result these first six or seven months which are generally the most productive months of a new presidency. About the only achievement he can really point to any significance as the ratification of the Supreme Court nominee Neil corset beyond that. You know the legislative. Program has really. Stoll and you know I covered the hill a Capitol Hill for the New York Times in the effort first months of the Ronald Reagan administration in 81. And are remembered democratic leaders like Tip O'Neill saying to me. You know we can't stand up to Ronald Reagan he's too popular we have to go along with this program and that's it it is in this very period. A lot of the Reagan tax cuts were passed a lot of the signal achievements of the Reagan presidency. No one on Capitol Hill today has that same respect or fear of Donald Trump politically and that's a very active. For Democrats go away it's not just the president things don't look all that grates looking at a poll that says 37%. Of people. Say the Democratic Party stands for something that's not a big number. Absolutely and it's it's very it's very important to point out. That. The Democrats have not. A succeeded in enhancing their own image at even has trump has struggled with this problems. And the other good news for Donald Trump in this poll is the economy. And in the end that's always the most important factor. And in administration president always give more credit for good economy than they deserve her and more blame for bad economy they deserve but. I am right now. About 43% approve of food trumps handling of the economy much higher numbers than his his overall rating. And the economy's not growing as fast as he wants or he predicts these east projected growth rate to 3% their run and about 2%. But the stock market's doing well inflation is under control and if there's gonna be one factor. That turns around Donald Trump's numbers I think it's going to be. Economic progress it's not going to be Donald Trump personally because he 71 years old. To expect and suddenly to have adopted new personalities that would be more appealing a more winning is ridiculous. But a good economy can definitely boasting his reputation. And Steve keeping enough in mind the idea of numbers of the numbers. Aren't quite there or are there but they're very slim for health care to be passed and it's been delayed once again because of a injury I guess and media. Surgery for a John McCain. Right now that the fact that they postponed the vote shows and they have no room to spare two senators Republicans. Senator Paul of Kentucky senator Collins of Maine. One liberal one conservative have both said they won't even vote to. On a measure to take up the bill that means. Was only 52 senators that means it is they only have fifty. Without McCain it's 49 and that and that it would loosen the postponing the vote shows how much trouble. This bill is in and senator Collins as their eight to ten other Republicans. Who have doubts about this but the Republicans face a terrible problem because they've promised for seven years. Very bush and and is have been very popular slogan of the years. To repeal and replace obamacare very popular with their base if they don't pass a bill that can be blamed for not keeping their promise however. The bill itself that they would pass it as a substitute is very unpopular our poll is very clear. By two to one people prefer obamacare. To the Republican alternatives so politically might be even worse. If they actually passed the bill because it's going to be so unpopular particularly in the 31 states. It took federal money to expand Medicaid that includes a lot of states with Republican governors like Ohio and Republican senators so. They don't really have a very good alternative at this point current that is political analyst Steve Roberts joining us talk about some of the latest poll numbers are not looking good for. The president or the Democratic Party really anybody.