Comey Interview Fallout 930in716 April 16, 2018

Monday, April 16th

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Her kids 930. In 716. Reaction to the comb the interview this is just not right you're not supposed to act this way say the things that he says. He needs to promote that book and that's what's on the night was out he's not an honorable person he actually went. Or have any burden or he said that he took into consideration. The likelihood. Aren't a bit Hillary Clinton would want to be elected president. As he would are deciding whether or not a clear her an investigation. I'm Tim linger on the podcast powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living in a country setting. The comb the interview causing quite a stir most saying they didn't learn anything new in most aligning with whichever side. They were already aligned with the death here's some of what the former FBI director had to say. You write the president tried this unethical. Untethered to the truth. Is Donald Trump unfit to be president. Yes but not in the way I often hear people talk about it I don't buy the stuff about him being. Mentally incompetent early stages of dementia and strikes me as a person of above average intelligence. Who's tracking conversations and knows what's going on I don't think he's medically unfit to be president I think he's morally unfit to be president. The person who sees moral equivalents insurance through. Who talks about and treats women like their pieces of meat who lives. Constantly about matters big and small and since the American people believe it. That person's not fit to be president of the United States on moral grounds our president. Must embody respect and adhere to the values are the core of this country the most important being truth. This president is not able to do that he's morally unfit to be president if you were right what is the remedy should Donald Trump be impeached. Impeachment is is a question of law and tractor politics in this citizen you have a judgment if I can give you strange answer I hope not. Because I think impeaching and removing don't come from office. Would let the American people off the hook and have something happened in directly that I believe their duty bound to do directly. People in this country to stand up and go to the voting Booth and vote their values and so impeachment in a way wood short circuit that. Now all of the reaction from. All corners. Well I'll tell you when. What appear to be a massively bestselling book. It's coming out. Political strategist and WB and contributor Michael Caputo. With the former city FBI talking about the president orange skin tone besides the boot and and other reveal. Our comment that you would not expect from. Would that kind of pedigree when that book is coming out I would imagine. That our president who tweak. It according to tweak. Probably be put in salt were both Britney the former director of the guys certainly. Are are disgusting things that has. No bearing at all on the true. The president was certainly when the president don't even before they interview here. Now what about the things that weren't so trivial in that in your view what did you think of calm these explanation on how he handled. The investigation into Hillary Clinton. Well I'll tell you I've are we would talk about what he have a method. To make what would be sent are for forty quite. Or have any or he said that he took into consideration the likelihood. Aren't a bit Hillary Clinton is going to be elected president. As he would are deciding whether to clear her in and reputation. There were developed who. But Hillary Clinton and also we broke him ample back. Are all along through the investigation. If you took into account and that record numbers though likely. In the United States. You definitely are committed across. It 08 what did you make of him saying that he may have been influenced by presidential polls. When decided to reopen the investigation into the Clinton emails here's a guy who takes copious notes but he doesn't remember exactly why. It's interesting because it could work the real game caught combing the report think projected art here or publicist. And the television networks working in tandem and what they're they're two different people here. And as you know call me is very very concerned about the old legacy. He's and that kind of an ego all of his life. There and I can tell you the people I know who's heard of a departure. Of a Serb air you are. Particular. They can't imagine why he's written up all. In the middle of the biggest most controversial investigation. American modern art. The reason he wrote the book and publish it in the middle of this investigation. Currencies walking with a higher dollar he's looking to make our you're plot. And the fact that he's going out of what to work making statements. About investigation and other regret is that many people think he closed in appropriately. Complicate matters for mower and others who worked hard to probably the investigation to quote. Some local reaction now from our congressional delegation James call me selling a Republican Chris Collins. Our book mostly a fiction but. You know salacious book that the more he says and does more copies and sell. Deleted one of the commentators and explode I'm not surprised by anything these days. I just focus on everything that's been accomplished to put this country and their. Position it is today under the leadership of trump whether Syria. Well actually form whether it's regulatory relief growing economy. Supreme Court from an angle on an. You know everyone called for call me to be fired. And I think the most interesting thing I've heard that he said was he. Made a comment about Hillary Clinton the new investigation not heard that outraged the Democrat. He did it to protect Hillary Clinton said there was a 100% in his mind it she was going to be the next president he didn't want her coming into office under any cloud. And since they were investigating errors he said well. To himself by saying it now than she won't come in under crowd I'm doing Hillary a big save Kirk. By doing this only. I have Donald Trump actually win so. You know he even admitted he's trump hater he was doing what he did to protect Hillary Clinton not to hurt Hillary Clinton it was a deliberate action he's weaker. Somebody that constantly is that Saturday FBI would use to test drive that message. He's not an honorable person. On the other side of the aisle congressman. Brian Higgins. There is certainly croatians and how people believed to ocean including the United States congress by the way. And an institution like the FB you know the guy is seeing it in law enforcement agency the federal level. This is not typically conservative and use it when you see. The the president questioned the integrity of the literary agent. I think they're is a big dilemma for the American people and we have to have trust. In large institutions and I think that trust is a wrote it significantly. And I think this you know this this war border between. The president of the United States in the former FBI director in in. The other car contract relationships there. Law enforcement perspective now from a former FBI agent who's watching this solved very closely we're very. Prize that is that the interview with George Stephanopoulos. Michael Wiki formally of FBI buffalo. It was astonishing for me personally but in a very sad way as former. Retired supervisory special agent who respects the out yeah outstanding work. That thousands of dedicated men and women all around the country to replicate too quick break here on. Associate director the FBI. Stoop as low as he did last night with comments. They came across. In my opinion better and very personal and frankly and they very gas at the shortly. And filled them with enough I don't know if that's possible look I'm not sure. You know that. Let me wanna cry and frankly I thought how much parity it's here in my life. It has the reputation of the FBI Ben damaged by this interview by this book that's coming out just because. Homey has become a public figure you know regardless. Of the contents of the book in the interviews. Yeah IE I don't think there's any question about that Bryant. You know frankly between the interview. Analog last Friday's release of the inspector general's report by by justice. Basically accusing yet BI director. Deputy director antique I'm K. On our right as quote and lack of candor. And frankly that's something that that would that we get and the agent fired almost immediately. And that has the American public question the integrity of the entire at the and that that infected triggered by the committee. Because you really what we have here in my opinion. Is a breakdown of the senior leadership. Under director called me and his deputy director in the cape. They're very very critical time. With regard to leaking information and making up girl loses Eagles locker. Very critical investigations. Mike do you think this will have a long term impact on the president. I don't I don't believe so I think that. I think that with the information that was put out. IE. I Washington. And died from what I'm hearing held in its gonna at all from a fact I think it. What you thought was that's. Or where the country. I think he did what he called fast in terms of twelve law enforcement here in United States. Looking at its some of the contents net in this interview from last night to specifically the Clinton investigation how that was handled. When you listened to how comb he described it well. Was that satisfying enough for you as a reason why. The director of the FBI would come around him personally. Share that information during the campaign. No. That's a very good point. You know I eat several times court and you. I mentioned that that the that he would not partisan I believe in and in the and in his actions. Very part. And his decision. To speak to the prize so right after the well I. I can't and the rebel ranch. Was politically motivated again hear her several times in the interview that he. Has tried not to be politically. Involved. In fact he was very very politically in all. Especially during that investigation accordent email. This is gonna ask about that you know when he was deciding whether to reopen the Clinton email investigation. Was any question for you that it was a political decision. And the times and didn't appear to be put after. Occur after thinking about it in here in a lot of action that has come out after that. There's no doubt in my mind that it was politically motivated and you hate to hear that because quite frankly. FBI agents are caught. They're that we are not to be politically motivated justice. Department is. Is that politically motivated. And and to see it equity. What what record comedy they're being politically motivated. I should be upsetting to the rank and fail rank and file the FB. Now we talked throughout the reputation of the FBI in the wake of just this interview but if we take setback and kind of look at the grim picture of at all. You have genes Komi in the middle of things Hillary Clinton very critical of him in her book. You have the president very critical of him on Twitter. You know in the end does it all maybe even now. Well you know I'd I don't know but even about coming out you know I think. Speaker because the house call Bryant. Our panel so that that's when he called this a a food fight I mean to get to. Two of the most highly ranked. Federal. Administrators in the world. Using words like stupid slime ball unethical liar and a jab leaker outlaws. Bringing up hook her hand side is talking about Eaton and each other. This is this it is this is unconscionable. Who's coming you have to ask consultants as an American citizen that's what we have been reduced. There's a number of guys characteristics of the president the so appall. Economy Brad Garrett crime and intelligence expert a regular contributor to WB EN that you wondered just an outlook. This is just not right you're not supposed to act this what you say the things that he says. And demean people the way the president does. Off on and I think that's way what really the point and use the term and morally unfit and guiding us. Mentally competent. But that he was morally unfit to be president. What without the leaking of memos to a friend. To the New York Times which breaks a lifetime oath for him how does law enforcement react to that. Well I suppose it's a mixed bag but keep in mind that has. It's not Rickie Weeks and government document that's basically good notes of his meeting. News and with the president so. I think I'm gonna guess at this he's sort of struggled about how to get this out. On and so he passed it to a lawyer friends that have I think a law professor Columbia and New York. Have been tested to the media so I'm not sure there's an easy way to do that. Term. But I guess he decided that was maybe the best avenues of other options. As an analyst day who's been looking at crime terrorism law enforcement for many years of what do you think just of and the fact that we have a former FBI director. Well an investigation into Trump's involvement with Russia is still going on coming public the wade James combing S. Because I think he wants is to look at the president beyond. Why would probably a majority of people that the president the candidate forum that they liked his immigration policy taxation you know fill in the blank. Not. End that he went you'd think. Okay that's all well and good. You have to look at the moral character the personality. He sort of be under bill fully of the person who's making these decisions. On end bit IE you know when he said this more than once that he believes that the president. You know. Here is basically undermining the rule of law which is very passionate become as a prosecutor is the FBI director and as a former. Deputy director. And the Department of Justice in the all of a saying that he gets gnawed at him. How can you have a leader that so divisive and says such horrible things in a tax people. You know how can he be in charge I think that's what. But do you think having Cole we speak in this way knowing how old I mean he's not very far removed is FBI director. Do you think that undermines the the FBI and law enforcement. No I mean businesses this is obviously companies. Beliefs and thoughts I'm not that the FBI agents and people over there don't agree perhaps what the whole thing about the rule of law. And that you've got to respect the law and you know you make communities safer because we all worked together. Com. You know what people take issues. Perhaps because he's so. Direct. About this maybe and maybe they don't like the way it is as you just asked me earlier how this information initially got out. Term but you know I would say if you lined up long course of people pros who left thinking right thinking. They were born a large teller they think come as early competent. Guy who knows he's telling. You would watch you interviewed differently than many of us what is his demeanor tell you last night. He is scary passionate about. Telling us. That there are huge issues with the president being president. And that he steps over boundaries that are either illegal or unethical. You know I think if you think about three words I think when you think about come pre ethics values. And honestly. And you know I think he sees. The president lacking in all three of and really want to make this point I can I can just tell eighties he's just super passionate. About getting this word out now will that have an effect on the people who are loyal the person I doubt it. It it probably will get some other people that are in the middle didn't further question. The Komi interviews continue all this week and I'm sure so too will the reaction. Complete coverage full interviews with all who you've heard from at WD ENN dot com. Dak tomorrow. That's 930 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.