The Collins Interview 930in716 September 11, 2018

Tuesday, September 11th

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It's 930. In 716. The Collins interview. I will cooperate fully. India and deferring to them as they look for someone to replace me on the ballot. Sounds an awful lot like if you mainstays on the ballot and if he wins. Is gonna be residing. In the new year which would lead then to the governor calling a special election in both parties putting up. People to. To fight that special election. How prepared about I'm Tim linger on 930 and 716. And boy there's a lot of the year. WI DB's scoring that exclusive one on one interview with congressman Chris Collins his first since his indictment in August. Reporter Dave graver trek to Collins DC office and sat down with the congressmen. I'm innocent of the meritless charges that have been placed against me and I'm confident I will be exonerated. This has. Created a tremendous amount of chaos in western New York's 27. Guilt or innocence aside there are questions about what will happen in in November you suspended your campaign a couple of days after the indictment was announced. What do you think should happen. Are you in communication with the folks back in Western New York about what you think should happen right now it's still up in the air routes. Let me just say you know three it was three days after four days after the shock of this with my family we got together and it at that point in time there was no question I needed to remove the spotlight. From my family as best I could. While I'm in a sense that I needed to look out my family so I did suspend my campaign that's the right decision. I've been expressed to the county leaders PH county chairs. I will cooperate fully. India and deferring to them as they look for someone to replace me on the ballot. The man I am not involved. You know they're the powers to be a working through the anti we'll leave that without. And the man I'm going to be very supportive. Does that mean you would be supportive of being replaced on yes the ballot yes. How do you think that could happen to your knowledge because that also being explored. As I understand that they would find another spot. For me to run. At which point I would then decline that my spot on the congressional balance. And that's what they're working through has I understand that it's never been done before. So they're looking at the legal aspects. As I said I'm gonna cooperate fully. I have. Every confidence that folks working on this movie we'll get this done and I'm gonna cooperate with the. The biggest take where I got was that he is cooperating. Fully with Republican leaders to try to replace him. Political contributor Carl calabrese watched and listened to the interview. Closely. Including. Putting his name on the bailout for another office there was a lot of speculation about that that technique of getting him off the Baylor was in play but nobody ever really knew what he would he go along with that there was. Promote conservative Republican circles that. It would Chris Collins the congressman you going to put his name on the bailout for something like town assessor or town clerk. And yesterday quickly or that but that he is willing to do that. But he also acknowledge that that is legal issues and do they expect the challenge for the Democrat and a court fight and that just continues the uncertainty around New York 27 that's going to want for awhile. Judging from what you heard last night do you think there is say good communication between tolerance. And Republicans as it comes to that effort or might some Republicans just feel learning about his apps Lou willingness now. All I I think many Republicans just learned about it last night that's not to say that the because features that have been involved. In this process. I have not been communicated with him but you know blues you have to understand that. There are downside is that accurate how Republican this year Horry county Republican supervisor. Think about this when your account. Republicans share your account Republicans supervisors. You wanna write your elections on local issues you wanna run about. The quality of placing your retirement you wanna run around bloat XE if you wanna run around a I've provision of services group provision of services. If you if you participate in this in you you allow. The congressman's name to come into account office. Next year's election you know that it's going to be nationalized you know the Democrats. Are going to now make edit the issues that you participated. In this effort to get him off the bill. And you brought him into your town. And so now instead of talking about quality like issues context discount services you're going to be talking about. I actually content data trop and so you could certainly understand why. Republican house Republican ensure a Republican supervisor might be very hesitant and very reluctant. To help out in this case knowing that it totally changes next year's elections. Carl he's known about this he said since April 25 the public found out eight August 8. Now than most event of a brutal. Three actually more than three months of knowing that this was coming. Didian any obligation to. Maybe tell the Republican leadership. That this was coming so they could can kind of get their ducks in a room. Will once you get to there there's still the old saying in politics Susan you know well we should tell one person. A secretive along the secret. And so. Certainly understand what he wouldn't wanna do that I'll. It you know it looking back in the perfect world. Probably should have and not just hold them bought. What put together a complete plan for how to deal with this interview with a much earlier than what we're doing now because. Because of deadlines have legal a date that have to be met the party now is any real bind. To replace him on the ballot in does that fit yesterday. More and more Republicans are kind of just. Except in the there. Chris can't name is going to be on the appellate court in this election and he has suspended his campaign so it's. Right now it is the worst possible worlds if your Republican trying to figure out how you retain your point seven. It if that happens his name remains on the ballot to be sound last night like someone who wants to either campaign or. If he were to be elected to serve. No we didn't that was that's one thing I was close before pride he's quite clear that he has suspended his campaign he gave no indication as like that he's going to. To read energized at that effort. And then he left unanswered the question that you and I spoke about the other day and that is what happens is that the same state on the ballot in win. Does he go back to Washington. Implied. He didn't answer but he certainly implied that no he would not stay in congress if you want he talked about pick it up his office. At the end of the year will be out the next phase is like soul even though he didn't address it directly. It sounds an awful lot like if he's mainstays on the ballot and if he wins. Is gonna be resigning. In the new year which would lead them to the governor calling the special election sometime next year in both parties putting up. Of people to. To fight that special election. Yeah did it did sound like that that. He thinks he'll be the charges but he says that doesn't sound like he has any fight left to keep his seat. No only see you know I don't cook calls very well opponent since you first went for our respect in the ninety's when I was a principal resident I wanted help to campaign through through the telephone want to. He's scenes. He seems very focused on and it isn't like he seems comfortable with a in the and that's great for him but in the meantime he's got this. This legal bet he's got to fight and by the way but the other interest to take away. It was although there's been speculation. And it's been reported that there is there was a plea deal offered he confirmed that and selfless right. As seriously that he didn't think that plea deal. I've been around law enforcement people all my life worked very closely with them and in talking with them now about this case that it would not put anybody that position but just talking about. The federal government's. Kind of way of doing business in cases like this generically. You're probably. The deal offered to him involved. Stepping down the charges against his son and his son's future relatives. But the pop probably misdemeanor level which means nor his only record no one goes to jail in exchange for him pleading guilty. Some level and some number of felt it was more likely than not the type of deal that was designed. If you turn that down mentality that. You know it has confidence in his ability to win a case in court with his son and his son's future in laws. Ability to win a case in court because everyone is facing very serious charges here. And the economic deal I thought. It was very very from how he feels his chances weren't in the court of law. And while there is an incredible amount of frustration on the GOP side of this situation. The other side of the political Lyle. Well it's pretty extreme. The first thing that struck me was he. It was only let them. Democratic congressional candidate Nathan McMurray who. May be running against Collins but is running for the seat. And make it back. At all that Petr it is. Folded across. He and his entire team they're acting like they are the ones who have been the ball in low ball we attacked that would disturb me. The second thing is that you can hear his words he said. That he would do what you have to do but he repeatedly said that. This was and never been done before and the reason why it's never been done before. Is because moving people around like he is not transport. It prohibited by law until Google Bluetooth thing that struck me erupt the past. Nate do you feel that Chris Allen's maybe did you a favor with that in her view. Well he certainly do it didn't do himself any favors and I think should be talking more about this current and the fact that he's more full crew lost the machinery had a chance to curb them could've done more. And said he talked about the Milosevic career in the lawsuit and the fact that he was attacked I wouldn't let me use the word witch hunt. I mean if you look at his record very encouraged the people of Western New York a look at the director. It's not just the insider trading. Dealers there is continual. Incidences of ethical violation. He used the house with people for the people who work. But personal work and to enrich itself this and think. EU we've keep on being told that the nineteenth. Basically a little over a week from right now is kind of the end date for trying to get Collins off the ballot for Republicans. What do you foresee happening. In the course of the next seven or eight days. Before then do you believe Republicans are going to get talents off the ballots will this end up in court what do you predict to happen. Well I think if if if laws were violated or things that are done that are ought to happen or be Cochran's legal code. But beyond. Here we are less than two months before the general election. In one of the most important elections like. We have a significant issues before us and our country's challenge. And we're not talking about certain Social Security. We're not talking on the way to help people get a healthcare without a lot infrastructure highways or roads or bridges were talking about. It's political horse race and this is king is. It's like I think it took it in safe further attack. Further indictment. Of the entire political system and how the party system. Really has failed us for the people. They who do you think he'll be facing. Our Kroger. Who do you think you'll be facing on the ballot in November. In his own words he. He said he can't beat this never happened before and has at least work we have laws. And I should remind people that. Those people who are now trying to talk your position on this same people who celebrated and endorsed. And raise money for it took pictures with. And praise mr. columns to up until very recently. And what I would actually called for the record you're telling me who are you here nobody ball. I think the people what can you work or program. I think a lot remembered I'll go to law and our actual actually listen to them. They'll fight for working families here are like Social Security protection. Will likely help here in the that they haven't had anyone. Primary day is Thursday and after that we expect some clarity. As to want NY 27 ballot may look like so state tour. That's 938 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo well.