Colin Kaepernick Takes Legal Action Against NFL - Aaron Katersky


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Let's go live now to New York City it's refined. Airing deter ski talking about how little camper neck to. Filed a grievance against the NFL saying that collusion. Is keeping him out of the league Gil what do we know about the grievance so far. Are very. Well only that it's been filed and that it was filed by this attorney Mark Geragos. And it. Involves all 32 NFL teams and the league which. Rapper nick accused of colluding in order to keep him out of the game what other explanation. Could beard VE filing essentially says. Given how qualified cabernet is to quarterback in and a belt being. The filing also mentions president trump as and organizing force. Into this collusion since cap critic opted to. Not stand for the pledge of allegiance last season. Play that the so least says that he's being punished for protesting. Heady written an email and date when he might have been picked up by the Green Bay Packers because they just lost their quarterback. He may yet you know you don't know what the maybe. This allegation in is that. I don't know what look what religion of course the National Anthem but the beyond. The allegation was since that act in and since cap critic attempted to as the filing says. Raised an issue of social justice and equality in the wake of a number of police and outshooting. That that he is being shown and end up filing says that it. Coaches have wanted to sign him the team owners have exhibited bizarre behavior. And it just seemed like Casey your stream or collusion. Is is is outright obvious and get all this is according to the island there's been no response from. Aron is he out on his own on this or is the NFL players association backing a mop. Would their views of the players union has been supporting him but he. File this on his own without that the unions of course the NFL and the players union have talks scheduled this week. To try and discussed whether players should be standing for the National Anthem and not call a direct result of a cavernous action and and you know president crunch reaction to it. Note the owners are set to meets this week I believe right. But right. At them to meet does this week here in New York and now. You know discuss whether there should be some kind of permanent rule. Did to require players to stand for the national have been commissioner Roger Goodell said he thinks they should. And and that was mentioned in camper next filing saying that you know effectively the president got that that it that. This was never considered anything but you know crap and it actually was never considered anything constitutionally protected back. Of of expression and and now suddenly the NFL considering a rule change. Are this Arendt could tersely in New York sight of the NFL owners' meeting later this week on Colin Capp critic in the latest developments there.