Cohen, Korea and Presidential Birthday - Stephanie Ramos


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Let's go to the White House were joined live by Stephanie Ramos there and Stephanie you know we've heard a lot from the president over the last a month or so. About trade to Mexico and Canada as to ban anything within the past day. Not all it's been relatively. Quiet here at the White House the president. A returned from his halfway trip round the world yesterday it. Morning that he laid low guest yesterday did only out of Twitter we definitely heard from the president. On Twitter early yesterday morning but he talked about North Korea saying that there was no longer a nuclear threats. Which we heard from your house speaker call right on Capitol Hill that that's not really. We shouldn't jump to that he is Paul Ryan saying that the relationship between North Korea and the US we'll take some time but as far as the president we haven't heard from in state. Just yet either heat is his birthday he turned 72. And I have got no public events scheduled. Four today that we should expect to hear from the president on Twitter. I later on today after the a department of justice's report is released lead it's a long awaited Justice Department inspector general's report. On the handling of the Hillary Clinton emails investigation Terri and Michael Collins a big news yesterday that he's changing his legal defense strategy that. Has the president inquire about that. Yeah as he as we haven't heard. A much from him on that sources say that. Michael Coleman is likely to cooperate with the investigators in this case and we've also heard that the president really does one have. Push him away too much so the so but. It but we haven't heard much from the president on on Michael Callan we have yet to see we'll see what how that kind of unravels in ease taking. Some criticism on twittering from even members of his own party like Marco Rubio for. How old the president's been talking about Kim Jung un within the past couple days. He has he has an there was a an interview that he did also width Fox News is I'm Bret Baier where he. Where Brett bear it was it was kind of pressing the president all one on non Kym Johnson's. House stood up on his human rights record and the president's saying that. In that a lot of other people have done some really bad things and and that's an important point to do it to remember that. I. Don't really does it is a dictator and has and the housing. Terribly fast we we also heard from lawmakers on Capitol Hill and yesterday who are saying. He's done he's it's a terrible regime they've done some terrible things so we can't forget that but yeah other president had. Real ceding some criticism for our third going to be soft on Kim Jong-un and his human rights record saying again and that. A lot of other people I've done some really bad things he said that I could he said quote I could go through a lot of nations where a lot of bad things were done so in a way kind of excusing. Kim Jung and that's correspondent Stephanie Ramos joining us live from the White House this morning.