CO Man Kills Family - Ryan Burrow


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Now to a horrifying story out of Colorado let's bring in correspondent Ryan Burleigh husband arrested. In the killing of his pregnant wife and two young daughters Ryan how quickly did they decide that they had to go after the husband on this one. Yes so a lot of unanswered questions and that's one of them we don't exactly what led them to arrest Christopher watch really. Hours after he was on television pleading for the safe return of his wife and two children. We do know that police did find the bodies of with a believed to be issued and and bella and CC 34 year old daughter's hand and Christopher's three and four year old daughter's yesterday. The bodies were recovered. Police not conforming where that is although many sources and and reports out of Denver indicate that he was actually on the property. Christopher watts former employer petroleum company. So we're waiting for confirmation from police on that but as far as the motive at this point we just don't seem to have one neighbors family members all indicating that everything seemed to be fine in this relationship social media posting so. What would cause this to happen and what would cause police to believe that was Christopher watts. There are indications perhaps there was a confession involve at least not conforming that at this point. I can tell you on Tuesday he's gonna make a formal court appearance which these three murder charges are going to be brought up and hopefully at that point we get a little bit more clarity and on what led police to Christopher watts eventually and his appearance on TV I mean just stunning knowing what we do now. Very very bold that's for sure if indeed he is say involved in this you know obviously. Were waiting to get official word on why that is it. Yeah I it's you know if you go back and look at some of those I mean he he appears this is just you know it'd enough observation standpoint he appears sincere that he is looking for his wife and I don't think anyone. And initially when they saw the video kind of pin this on him. But police must have seen something else or hurt something else or perhaps there was some information that. We don't at this point they're they're being very very tightlipped about that in and were hoping maybe Tuesday at little bit more information now. What did make a bond court appearance yesterday obviously no bonds. In relation to this that like it's it'll make that a second court appearance on Tuesday where he will be formally charge aren't that's raw Edinburgh and joining us with the latest on. Gary tuchman troubling and disturbing story from Colorado.