Close Encounters With Wildlife - SPCA's Barbara Haney


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Talking about close encounters with wildlife this morning seems to happen every spring we see wild animals where we're not used to seeing them in the city and suburbs. Joining us is our Haney. Wildlife director for the SP CA serving Erie county are good morning. And more I've got to tell you there's a Red Sox in my neighborhood in Orchard Park. And I we've heard our tax on about a Red Sox in wheat field this morning and we know about black bear in Hamburg. Coyotes under the sky way we can go wanna write. It's huge yeah our cities and suburbs are really. Have grown and taken over a lot of our older rural areas such and unwittingly we also create the perfect habitat are a lot of these animals. Are you seeing this becoming a kind of an increasing problem might feel like we're hearing more and more these stories especially talking about like. Foxes and coyotes that we have ever before. Well yes more wire people there are coming in. Into contact with these animals I don't necessarily think that there's major changes. In the population. Per say but but what we're doing what we're doing is we're living closer to that. You know there's more development in some areas that works are completely Guerrero and so people are are coming into contact with what to it that. It's really stimulating I think differently about these animals. These. Apex predators the creditors at the top of the chain our own methods vary. They're really keystone species and the aid and they helped but in many rich. Keep down the rodent population. And we we really have you know have a lot of respect for them because. Our homes. It without them we don't have a healthy eco and you really need to traffickers. Could be you know it it's a careful balance. OK well let's look at the case of that the red fox and Ann and neighborhood in Orchard Park I mean what are you supposed to do. Debris at their they would be threatening this animal to Pat's right. Well. It yet you know everybody should be responsible pet owner and in urged people he and I am the it. You know you really shouldn't your. Pat Ryan loop sell arms to keep and I am them for the safety pat but I also you know it's important to note that these. These creatures are very aware that. Yeah. Easily. He's not a word you want it or you don't create. Hospitable environments for them. They won't come around York area I can't you know accurate accurate unhappy at our area you know their certain. We Wheatley to keep wildly out of our home. Town. So you know not leave food out and not make it a place where they're going to be frequently it is the Arctic. And and they you know if you make bottom line if you are you frequently in your backyard and they'll actually. You don't have motion detecting light and these are things that really will see them that day you know keep them from. Trauma coming in here is your your clothes are close proximity here. Are we're glad you could join us this morning were continuing to take tax this morning and where people are seeing. Well wildlife that and they're not used to seeing that's our Haney she's director of wildlife for the SP CA serving Erie county.