Clearing Clarence Roads - Jamie Dussing


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Jamie dusting is the highway superintendent over in the town of Clarence he joins us now on the live line Jamie busy morning for you was the snow fall. Was forecast. Who do you feel like you were prepared to deal with though what fell overnight and this morning. Yet your absolutely right it was a forecasted very well loose. Predictable we came up with a plan yesterday at the end of the day as ours when we start. You know that the two week. Stretch of great weather that we had really allowed us to go to the trucks we Solarz all Byron we're very prepared for this. How would you say roads are right now throughout clearance. You know good retrograde from a shop is is up to speed their assault or there's carved on it but it's it's up to speed. The we have for our roots and Clarence but obviously because of this water league and so we have you know that the trucks and take him a little bit longer we don't wanna do any damage to mailboxes and signs and things of that nature so guys are taking their time to do a really good job. In that I would say just about everything has been plowed once if not the lead while momentarily we've taken about a half dozen phone calls but. On all people are being pretty patient. But what's the trickiest part of dealing with this more thick gas heavy wet snow. Really just got to keep trucks. And Nate. You know slower pace that we're usually used to the snow will cause a lot of damage. In the you know we we don't wanna clear the road it at the cost of couple under mailboxes so. You know we we just wanna take our time. Do it safely. And just Beckett throws open that follower we're looking to do today. And Cheney you know is there one plus from the storm the fact that the temperature was around the freezing mark which means that salt is effective. In a storm like this. Oh absolutely does that temperatures perfect. You know we're bearing up the roads bringing raked over the black top with some animal model assault. Com our guys. You know we didn't do any pre treating yesterday because of the temperature. And that we told the guys just gonna go easy on assault and you know see what the that is the son Lleyton everything will do for us and then equipped to go back through this afternoon and give it another shot at salt will do that. But I'm sure by the time will leave everything will be which backed cleared up and ready to go for the weekend. Now wasn't driving through Clarence put on some of the roads that I was on early this morning you know normally when it's knows it's a lick it a little bit slushy. And this morning it kind of felt though little gravelly almost at the sol have anything to do with that the consistency of the snow on the roads. No I think it you know this is dirty water early and stole like imagined and you know that that this all really just. Look a little bit more weight and in water to get snow it makes it more us a slushy mass. But but no I I don't think it at this temperature really has that big thing. Do we need to worry that many potholes are going to be a little bit worse next week when all of this Meltzer. How can you tell. Well I mean look the plug will have some effect on you know some of the cold pat shed his support in the holes did you know that this little high it'll it'll shape up the ice but but. Really that the pot holder result of that. Freeze thaw cycle that you hear time and time again and you know we're we're used to it. You know when we had the time will will get Apache crews back out and true account to do the same thing the state. Or analogue. Same page that we just do the best we did we get it poll boom again. Home Jamie thanks for the update and good luck the rest of the morning it's Jamie dusting. The highway superintendent in the town of Clarence.