Cleaning Up - Erie County DPW Commissioner Bill Geary


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Let's check in with Erie county public works commissioner bill Kyrie this morning hey bill how eyes everything going in. Aren't going great thank you are wit and tell us bring us up to date where our most year cruise right now what he sets it would say about road conditions. So hard so are crews have been out on all the county roads that we maintain as well as some of our partner agencies. We've been not roll in and just they've run in. Our ships that we've been going through the night which was helpful. I'm in the southern half of the county right now we have some issues don't matter when it. Trees down power lines. You know I know the airports important about what has opened down years definitely closer to two feet of snow off cardinals. Osprey Valeri Collins. In it problematic as we can't get some look while truck down summer county roads with those trees and power lines. It seems like those trees and power lines are the big issue is it that or the rate of snow fall that your biggest challenge this morning. Other Stoll of the spill all really minimal at this point it's actually up pretty picturesque obviously but this snow is very heavy water Lleyton. You could see it up primary lines are stagnant and then there have been sick of the house's bewildered powerfully Seidenberg. Pretty close to their limits this is a really heavy wet snow. How you monitoring. All of the roads out their bill. So we had some great tools that are at our fingertips nowadays with technology but we have. GPS as the dollar while trucks we have G is global information system maps that have updates weather comes from. A resident police agency or even our own workers updating constantly wearing communications and high tech. And all the other agencies that we we put those on mapping. We can keep following up in one hour and the three year our alliance six we can get the trucks through and then several turns greens pearls. How are her I should say who are you notifying when you see some of these downed trees and power lines and what is the typical response time. For them to clean that up CU guys can get through. Well right now word censored daylight will start haven't sold our crews go out what are these trees don't have any entanglements with any active power lines. So we can handle those but when there is life lines that we treat them as their lives. We have to wait for and I say National Grid become louder than Verizon. We we've been notified and all the utilities. I know area counties probably let you know. Bird at 3000 people that don't have power it's it's not good news but it. It sounds like it out around this county is as a lot worse off with. Bulk of those power outages. It did it's did may be certain communities that were harder hit than others when it comes to those downed trees that you're talking about. It will it's early it's spread throughout the community that was enough that it Orchard Park or some little tree limbs that are. But as he had down you know towards or belly where we have some forest land. That's bring the boss wrote 91. Quaker road in the comic talent. It's it's pretty it's a spread out pretty you know pretty wide across the entire county in the entire region for that matter. Where do you rate this storm are we just kind of stunned by it a little bit because we were wearing shorts the other day. I think our mind set definitely in the spring mindset and looking forward to those 6073 days at least I know pilots. But I wouldn't say we were. I'm prepared for this by any means are crucially so we've been continuing to 24 hour posture. Will continue to do we always. It is paid a heavy snowfall in the month of march. In history showed us that but. You know it's just this is a real heavy wet snow similar to maybe. You remember back to those six the October snowstorm. But that was very limited in word at this as widespread across the entire region the entire county so what we're dealing with a bigger impact. And bill how soon you think before your back on top hold duty again. I would you know probably Monday afternoon I think you know this you know by 1 o'clock to eight the most emotional deal over. Ventures are on the rise. They'll start melt not in this this. Turned back in the puddles next week and hopefully ellipsis this may be less snow that was a little good in Evernote. Hey you're not alone in hoping that bill thanks so much for the time all hoped to check in with the again soon Mets bill Geary. Of the Erie county public works commissioner.