Cleaning Up - Buffalo Streets Commissioner Steve Stepniak


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Joining us now is buffalo streets commissioner Steve stepped react. From the city and must check in and check out the conditions on roads in the city Steve what can you tell us this morning. Well I'm Brian nice Susan wolf we have going on here as you know started treating roadways last night as the the little bit of rain we had first transitioned over. Just know we were treated enrolled last night we've been working their main and secondary is all night and transition into our site streets now. Are the salt and effective because the temperatures been very cooperative as you can sort of see no open pavement and under Maine's it's going as planned. And was this kind of what you expected this far is is the amount of snow fall on my it was going to come. The other goes forecasters are predicting anywhere from eight inches to a foot by by our best us mission were were somewhere to turn to twelve inches author now. A counselor there was that was pretty accurate but the timing was darned good that's why we are able to get up there early entry treat roads and in particular business. Steve are you having to deal with downed trees and power lines and anyway in the city. No we haven't had much of that you know there's been some minor stuff but but not another major side you know to unite us are our crews and reroute their checking things it was you're you're trying to save that way most that. Real damage in heavy wind is a bit east of us. But looking at so what fell overnight so what yet to deal with this morning are you glad buffalo schools made the decision to say you know kids today. Yeah I actually you know that that helps. So that the less traffic we have on the roadways is great what we would we want you to do is still go to work that you don't have to go to work you don't stay home and try to look to cruise catch up and get too worked up. Are at when do you think you know you guys will pretty much be done with us. Well we're looking at. Grow crop of structures is after about 35 so we're we're gonna keep going through our residential just remember this is the ball will have we have a lot of country Parkinson we're. We're bound by our party movement so we're we're looking to get through all sectors where we can. Through tonight and then that as we have some partnerships tomorrow global transition into builders as well. Do you notice everybody. Kind of staying with that because of the past few weeks when it starts to get warm outside. In May be people stray from the alternate side of the street parking ends forget oh yeah it's going to snow tomorrow did you run into any problems there. You know our our residents are very cooperative on that foreign those parking restrictions they know how important is for us to get done on the streets is one. Car that's parked long on the side street prevent stepped off from getting through. For some are narrow streets but residents are really diligent on that moving they know the importance of that but no we haven't seen that issue and as of yet. Ari that is Steve stepping act joining us live this morning. Buffalo streets commissioner.