Clarence HS Student Andrew Kowalczyk- March for Life

 One of thousands of students headed to Washington DC for school Safety/Gun Control march Saturday


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Andrew cola check is joining us live he's a high school senior. At Clarence tight ends taking part in the march for our lives event in Washington DC tomorrow intra good morning. How this get organized on the local level. Local level basically what happened it would be. Few different groups. For both side stopping gun violence and keep certainly that's New Yorkers against gun violence unless you are Peace Center I'm practically you know that they're. Organized a rally in Nyack this where current students speakers adult figures. Are a couple furthering these speaking I think it's going to be treated terror. Now what are your plans for tomorrow where will you be. I'll be picking possibly. Fire broke my. The buffaloes to Washington DC for the march for our lives tomorrow. Is it one busting our is that more than one it's our Iraq. Now why he had did you feel it was important to travel out of Washington DC and what are you hoping you see there. I think is gonna be important to partake in such a large movement outside. Very early on that they expected at least 500000 people there but I always. But their numbers grow by now I think being a part of such movement that's strong it's open have actually force open I'm not gonna forget the rest. When are you leaving for best. We're here would like so into her traveling all night to get there. Yeah and that we leave smile as well we don't stay over Saturday. How how many people love locally who are high school students you expect to be making that trip to Washington. I would say most of the people on the bus I students. So at least about thirty or forty. Are now Andrew do is don't focus for tomorrow I mean our other things that. That our all the students want to come out of this rally. Yeah I think the first thing with the passing stricter legislation which doesn't exactly have to get on the federal level. Erin that's why it was takes place in Washington DC that you were trying to do it's actually not they're beyond that I think it's a lot of empowering view going on as well. Not when it comes to focus on a much smaller level the school walk outs just a week ago. And it did seem like there are focused events on the students were kind of organized are willing to listen. So what was going on did that give you hope that's there will be that focus tomorrow. Yeah definitely did I think other ones involved in the senate action or it I think the movement like these are helping power of course by the police. I think it's Eric and especially tomorrow of alternate. In a sense that walkout last week and now the rally tomorrow in between all of that we had a tragedy earlier this week in southern Maryland. High school shooting again and just learned that the sixteen year old girl that was shot. Was declared brain dead now taken off life support so. It's to an hour you know fatal school shooting that had to give you some cause this week. Yeah it's certainly a bit I mean. We've been bureau's work and let character what you are at Akron and he's a much and you can you will affect economic and stop you or use. Tickets are you mentioned and continue on that. How do you make sure and obviously I'm asking you knowing that this isn't all on you you're going to be one of hundreds of thousands potentially of people. Over in Washington but so when we saw the women's march. Earlier on now last year right after the election and day inauguration. On some of that and got out of control they were just kind of rioting in the streets. And it was turned from you know march that I'm sure the organizers want to be taken seriously into. You know more vote means on line for a lot of people. How do you think you ensure that this is taken seriously and maybe doesn't jump into that. Category where people start to I don't know look at it. And Macon and see something like Ameen. I would say. For me personally I think there's a certain example to understand him. As Patrick my input and I wanted to achieve that directly with the people around me and hopefully translate there are more macro level. I think. Even now it might be a little different in the world is much like it because student is being bought and Weatherford where there for eight hours in the particular purpose in mind I think it's. Great degree of focus I would imagine. Is that this year compared to Mario. Andrew we appreciate your time this morning hope we can talk with you either. While you're in Washington or after the march tomorrow that's Andrew cool I'll check he's a high school senior in Clarence.