City of Tonawanda Schools Supt. Tim Oldenberg on Opioid Forum

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Tuesday, May 22nd
Oldenberg on his expectations for Wednesday's opioid forum, to be aired live on WBEN.

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Doctor Oldenburg. Please tell us why you're holding this form on the OP or an epidemic. Well. In our region and their communities the albeit light. Epidemic is certainly something that continues to be an area of concern. In hand as a us. School districts and community partner in the city tunnel on that we believe it's important to continue to bring awareness to these issues. Earlier this year. We have had awareness seminars for. Social media and Internet use. Yeah and also mental health. Again. We are closing up the year we have a section. Of these. We'll be right abuse in our region and in our community. What are your expectations for this event on Wednesday. We hope through partnering. Where. The mayor's office here in the Soviet a lot of doubt we're. Other agencies and Gary colony. The end in our communities that were able to. Bring. More discussions. For being more awareness. Two signs. Symptoms. The end are that are concerning. Other concerns behaviors that can lead to some of the tragedy. That we see here and oh and has experience rate in our own community regarding a couple pure aid I use. What do you hope comes out of this meeting on Wednesday. We hope our body. Bringing in many partners. Support agencies. The end. People local. Residents community members and family members that have struggled. I was abuse or have suffered the loss or tragedy that comes with a this. Okay epidemic that were able to better inform our neighbors. Better able to recognize the warning signs and more importantly. Better understand where to go to get help and support of the board tragedy would strike again. The oh period epidemic regards the tunnel on a city school district in the surrounding community. How big of an issue is it to how concerned are you about it creeping into the schools. Typically. Our experience is bad you know the age group of 22 disparities that typically we shouldn't. You know a significant level of concern. And in danger. Console for us as a unique students school students. I think probably is more likely to obstruct people B live with the whole board members of their family parents for the community numbers. Unfortunately we've shared some reason I tragic doubts. I definitely going to be stop and our local community and this is not what people all again do. Partner would be. Apparently can't. Carter called. Raise awareness of our community. We actually heard this meeting where our other local school districts in the area. We are optimistic. That they each will join us. In that he gave me will have a child care for residents and families that want to comment. And take part in mistake. Incidents it is we will be serving. It's certainly can't cherry at 530. And the program's start to 6 PM which will include a bunch of giveaways from some of our so our supporters and partners. The program will include. Family members that have banned. Impacted by mobile use and abuse we'll hear from some recovering addicts and we also ahead of numerous supporting agencies here to share what they do and how they can better inform all of us on the dangers and concerns surrounding opiate abuse.