Chris Collins Reaction - Pollster John Zogby


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We are joined on the line by John Zogby of John Zogby strategies looking at the Chris Collins indictment. And John works extensively and pulling. Things of that nature and do we want to heavy on John to talk about what might be in store. For Chris Collins when you look at this race in New York 27. He had tremendously it would seem then factor weren't too many poll numbers out there because. There wasn't a reason to take the polls but how much do you expect that has slipped in the Nextel weaker to. You know history will will not provide much of a guide for it. I'm this will to have to see how that plays out locally. But you know on one hand I ate I can conjure up a couple of governors. I George Ryan and Illinois and bobcat in the Ohio where indictment. Cause they're numbers to just plummet. And they were at forced from office while one in Lionsgate went to prison. Bob Taft headed approval rating down to 7% and couldn't run for reelection. Historically I'm remembering a few of the folks that work caught up in the Abscam. FBI sting. Back in the early 1980s. Where. People who can the name in Philadelphia. Kind of rough and tumble sort of character his polling numbers actually went up. Folks thought that he was the victim of of an unfair staying until. But in buffalo this is all gonna be determined. And how old. Congressman Collin. Frame this house lawyers frame that thus far we begin deceit. That they are looking at it is hey look business. As usual. And I would not a setup but that's not necessarily. Anything that that he believes he had done wrong. On the other hand. You know there's a lot of talk about a blue waves M. Some. Democratic candidate who may have not had a chance. I'm looking at the twelfth district in Ohio. And I heavily Republican area where it the race just last Tuesday was the second act. So that's really the gamut I think it's. Too early to tell what specifically happens. John it's a very Republican district here MI 27 plus 22 they say. Will voters have to decide whether to hold their nose instead of going to the other side. Zeller attack comes down to. It could. I would assume that having been around for a while congressman Collins has this loyal supporters. And you. Do you see that really picked early beginnings. What is our defense strategy is going to be. That this an era where politicians can play the part of victims. We see that as high up in the White House very difficult to attack. Donald Trump he turns around and says though they are there at the establishment they're after me and you know if congressman Collins is it. It's Smart and he's got to be got elected several times. He's going to say there goes that awful establishment known names. Just the establishment. And they're after me the little guy who has been fighting for you. So I honestly way too early to tell your. You know at this kind of goes back to it in the same district though it was a little bit different said back then but a few years ago at the Chris leak scandal. On here they are irks you feed them we were talking about. Short list photos that he took game you know sent out on Craigslist in no one not here we're talking about. Actual indictments. Is it more likely that somebody drops out of the race because of embarrassments. Due to scandal or because of falling poll numbers. While that is such a good question are falling poll numbers probably. Would be the major reason. You know it's hard to embarrass anybody UT two days. We've pretty much seen at all you know what congressman Lee could have kept it sure got a few more years. You know he might have thought he might have hung around long it was a completely. Different era back then. While it's. Just just so poignant John that sent really really good point where we're so glad to hear from you this morning. Our John Zogby joining us live John Zogby strategies. He's an expert when it comes to this political poll numbers as we still wait to find out how this impacts Chris Collins among likely voters.