Chris Collins Political Firestorm 930in716 August 9, 2018

Thursday, August 9th

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It's 930. In 716. Congress and Collins. Who legally tips his son Cameron. About the quote trial results. So that his son Cameron could trade on those results. Political and legal firestorm. For Chris Collins throughout my tenure in congress. I have followed all rules and all ethical guidelines. As long as she intends or maybe candidate he controls that. I think be very difficult to even replace Collins on the ballot at this point I'm Tim Wenger on 930 and 7161. At a whirlwind 24 hours or so. Insider trading charges leveled against western new York Republican congressman Chris Collins he's arraigned pled not guilty then came home over the years I invested heavily in an eight. Became the company's largest shareholder and held an evening news conference which was more of a statement than anything else more on that in a moment. But first. On the evening of June 22. 2007 team. The charges leveled against Collins as detailed by US attorney Jeffrey Berman. Congressman Collins was at a congressional picnic. And at 655. You receive an email from the CEO of an eight. Informing him of the horrendous move was that the drug had failed its trial. 7:10 PM. Congressman Powell responded. To that email so as the indictment alleges. At leaks at 7:10 PM. Congressman Collins was aware. Of the in thought that information. A minute later. Congress Collins attempt called this on. It period of five minutes there are six unsuccessful calls. On the seventh call. For the 15 PM as alleged in the indictment. Congress and Collins. Who legally tips his son Cameron. About the quote trial results. So that his son Cameron could afraid on those results. Later that evening on June 22. After Cameron copilot at the illegal insider trading information. Pat bring politics dry eyes with his fiancee. Is beyond space parents' house. They arrived at the house. At 9:17. PM. Less than twenty minutes later at 9:34 PM. That he got today's bother. Is on the phone with her broker. Beginning the process. Of selling her shares of an eight. The next morning on June 23. At 7:42. AM. Cameron Collins begins the process. Of selling hit shares of the day. Then hours after entering denied guilty plea Collins came home over the years I invested heavily in an eight. Became the company's largest shareholder and faced a hungry and inquisitive press corps without my investment instead fast financial support the company would have gone under. Bringing with it a premature end to a drug. I truly thought would revolutionize treatment options for secondary progressive Emmons. Of all the things I wanted to accomplish in my life. Finding a cure for secondary progressive MS was at the top of the list. After years of blood sweat and tears we firmly believed we were on the verge of a medical breakthrough. Sadly despite showing great initial promise the drug was ultimately found to be unsuccessful. Which isn't that bad for all of those suffering from this deadly disease. Many have speculated about my relationship with the me here at the simple facts. My connections with a company are well known. I believe I acted properly and within the law at all times with regard to my affiliation with a Nate. Throughout my tenure in congress I have followed all rules and all ethical guidelines. When it comes to my personal investments including those. With an eight. When it became clear that the drug guy and others believed him. Fell short of our hopes and expectations. I held on to my shares rather than sell them. As a result of the significant investment I made in the company worth millions of dollars. Were wiped out. That's okay that's the risk I talk. My real concern lies with the millions of people suffering from secondary progressive M mass who to this day struggle. Without lifesaving treatments for their deadly disease. I've said it before and I'll say it again I am proud of my affiliation with a Nate. I may have lost most of the money that I invested in the company but I took the chance to bring relief. To those who deal with the dreadful disease. A secondary progressive MS everyday. Collins abruptly ended the session by walking away not entertaining any questions. I have not talk to congressman columns foursome I'm really excited you know I was kind of taken action registry just like everybody else. It all leaves the chairman of the Republican party of Erie county nickel mine worthy scratching his head and wondering. What's next. I don't believe either side you know the country each other you know he was obviously very occupied history given. Are you travel in it and then I'm in New York City. You know the very difficult thing. Who want. Is your role going forward now because obviously this a race that we've heard from all of our analysts was a pretty solidly. In a Republican districts they were expecting Chris counts the kind of slow walk his way. To a victory mean people now saying it's absolutely in contention what changes in your role going into November. Well I mean my little. Salute to run the Republican Party in in overseas you know all of the Kim this year and I'll probably incorrectly trouble. You know in terms of weak federal Reese the county Republican Party have in March beat date involvement because funding. If we see corporate donations and federal campaign kept to be completely independent corporate donations. Therefore. That the party cannot expend on behalf of the candidate that's quite an actual committee. And these sorts of relations. You know. Are you palms and a marked closely and he's going to remain a candidate let me take it is. Where to eat at this point. I do the period of nominations Colmes. You know with primary date being June 26. I believe. Possible in the rearview mirror self employment she has her main candidate he controls that. Nick. What did you make of his news conference last night we talked to Michael conclude this morning who said he didn't think that the congressman did himself any favors. Sure arm. Why his attorney had him called a news conference ball off between he wanted to see is peaceably talk a lot of auto biographical nation's business career. I ministries in this. In this indictment doesn't involve public service it's it's really about it is either concrete. Our own soul and eat its. That contract situation here where you talk about his career and in the private sector and in his investments which. Obviously we've all mulled a long time which column do a lot of business. Arrangements in in its had a lot of successful companies. But this is obviously you know been a point of course you percent and the end you know he stood doll. It's in court and in India would he can't he's only going to try to clear his name might take his word that he would try to do that. What would it be possible at this point for another name to be put on the ballot if Collins did pull out of the race. All I you know I turns are researching all options given that we we didn't know what. You know corruption I don't position was going to be in and had not had those conversations. You know it in the city of course situation. I do know there are avenues to question on the ballot but I am not a positive. How serious of a case do you think this is. And what would your advice beat to congressman talent would you want him to stay in or would you want him to resign. I accurately you I I assume at some point will our congress should call them what will show that conversation that I mean this news. But it's important that everybody saw. Really taken aback by India as you said this is kind of so we can reach. You know country owns a lot about this district. A lot largely outside of these in the Erie county you'll repeat isn't he he's. In in Brett but. EU. I really believe that this will use. Not on the forefront so yeah I ever would take advice I am very surprised US attorney brought charges this bleached in a federal campaign after the period denominations there at that at this. The latest. I'm indictment against a member of congress that ever happened. In terms of closeness of the election. So. And I think that's an important situation. Because it is undoubtedly in chemistry. Here is part of what counts had to say yesterday take a listen because my focus is to defeat the charges in court after today. I will not address any issues related to an eight and you know therapeutics. Outside of the courtroom. This is now the biggest issue by far in this particular campaign in this election. Can he really go between now and November. Without answering any questions about his involvement in this. All eight I don't think it's realistic. At all. Going into this firestorm Collins was a heavy favorite in heavily favored GOP district. He did and democratic opposition however we knew this was common. Democratic challenger Nathan Mick Murray just hours after the news broke. This is not some big surprise I've been talking about this is the first guy on the race I got the race because it is a selective but got representing us who is trying to steal G yes. The front. The problem I have is console people close their eyes to it. I you know I was receiving. Messages are more comments from the leadership. Of the same people would nominate him saying this is all of a lying garbage and how he's gonna be vindicated by the people of Western New York. If the people of Western New York vindicate this man for what he's done considering the history is obviously this issue but the many many many issues that are building up. That's around them but I believe in the people than my 27 I think we're gonna have a victory it's going to be historic figure. Guess what we're gonna she had a victory for the people like 27 for years to come because I'm that good to see and remember Greg come from. But remember almost seven growth hungry and my mom raises by myself I'm going to be that same player I was and Sweeney street arsenal want to for the rest of my life. You know of their American politics is about the fundamentals and I think that's something we ignored in 2016 focusing on the the candidates in the race we welcome dean studio with Susan and Brian and WB yen Thursday Jacob nine Keisel political expert from. You beat. The fundamentals showed strong Republican and that was a close victory for Republican candidates here. The fundamentals of American politics definitely disadvantaged the party that controls the White House in the mid term elections and that's. Held in all but two or three elections of last couple hundred years. And it that's really tough road to to go down to fewer Republican right now in the running for congress. Joined live in studio by UB professor of political science Jacob nine Keisel looking hats. The race now and I think you can probably call it a race now when maybe you couldn't before in New York 27 after the Collins indictment. What chance does name Mick Murray have we talked a little bit about the money that might be flowing in. For anemic Marie but so also we're talking a little bit off the air about the attention that now flows inferred Nate Mick Murray people are. Now going to be paying attention to what he has to say. Absolutely. If you're challenger the biggest struggle you're going to have an eight congressional race is going to be name recognition incumbents have a in spades they have all the tools. Of the institution at their disposal to get their name out there to advertise. Take credit for things take positions on a number of issues. And challengers traditionally don't have those avenues to to get their name out there and well nothing like this sets and make everybody pay attention to. The challenger in this case. It Democrats largely words ignoring McMurray he was really running on his own here this is going to be quite the turnaround for some of I'm right. Right I would I would looked at to see money pouring in. Likely from the teacher seeing which is is going to treat. Very strategic about where they put their money now they just put a new race on their map for for ones that are suitable. That was. You know going to Susan's point we heard those remarks for him. Governor Cuomo Lloyd now I think about a month ago now when he said that says naymick Marines maybe not the strongest challenger he would rather have Kathy local and there. In retrospect now that we have this news. Might that have Ben the case and the Democrats have been better off it's turning to somebody like camp the local who may have been better poised to jump on this. I mean I think being two point one absolutely. Few Newsom in this like this was coming down the pike. Yes put somebody in there. Who is immediate name recognition and who can command an audience. Courtesy of having held the seat before. Just becomes another dynamic to that race it's going to draw attention. I AM not sure how much of a bomb that would attend certainly would have put the Democrats in a better position to win that seat. No grandstand WB and dot com of our listeners if they think the indictment against Collins will lead to his resignation and we are three months away from the November mid term. Yes you know it's almost split down a little 52% are saying yes 48% now. That being said if he did still resign how difficult would that be for the Republicans to get somebody else in there. Oh it's Debbie that terrible difficulty I'm not an expert on. Ballot law in the State of New York I think be very difficult to even replaced Collins on the ballot at this point. Moreover who do you find in who's ready to go and has name recognition and money says to make a real run at it. It may bring this up to it counts was the first member of congress to support president trump. Do you find the timing of this indictment at all suspect because you know being three months before the election. I'm not really how. I've always been one telling my students wherever you she conspiracy theory think and in something along the lines of incompetence. I think it was just probably the time for for this to happen and I I didn't really read much more into that. But the timing of that does play into narratives about it deep state about those who work against trump and his supporters and so. That's a likely retort for Republicans in that district to say well. It's just you know the more evidence that fits of my own diocese regarding what's likely did it to happen here in in the forces there after my people. Now once as we so often say at the end of this podcast. Time will tell. You can read hear and see a lot more at WB EN dot com. That's 930 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.