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Thursday, August 9th

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News radio 930 WBA. And it's Tom Bauer lay in David Bellamy got its hourly and they'll be on news radio 930 W. And welcome to the sure good to be with you were gonna get right to Howard Owens from Batavia and on a ride you that tomorrow at the Erie county fair Tom Bauerle myself bar relief in Bolivia from three to seven. Will be at the Erie county fair will be at the bath fitter space inside the event center. It's right next to the casino and will be broadcasting live we get to go to the poultry eggs at or earlier in my barred from doing that were on the year how well. As if we get to go to the poultry exhibit look out world. Yeah well the events senators next to the casino will be broadcast live. At the Beth Fenner space so thank you bath fitter and will be either three to seven you can stop over and say hello. Say hello flip us off. I don't flip us off don't bring us food because neither does need or on. Joining us right now. Purity WBE and we have from the table and the guy who said hey I'd throw in the audio feel this is the guy at the end of the field I'll fill column on the crest and some other muscle but in the here last night this is what happened last night at the end of Chris Collins is the soliloquy about how great it is an investor he is that would agree public servant he has and how much he really cares about people with them points. Thank you very much and had a great night. U haul right. Congressman's view that's what people have. Pop out joining us right now that we're not touching him. Is Howard Owens from the Batavia Howard met at the BB Tate again thank you very much for joining us Howard. I got back Ramadan always want to. How frustrating was it pretty cute to sit spirit to listen to that and to have them walk away from an a so called news conference without answering a single question. What well for all my adept at W copper and it is your income broker your business supposed be the chance. To get. The chance to ask you questions you're under no obligation to answer them you're perfectly read that I. Bernie I am apt to back question. But keep them there and and and take it like elected official. And then there that they are and what the president a question. And so bat well frustrating at all kinda what I expected I prepare dinner in Japan what are we going to. Make the point you you look out. You know. Came here would expect a repeat that question perfectly and I think it's really disrespectful and root for him to. The ball over. All over the region that I now have. For him finally show up in the not a question. How Rollins joins us from the Batavia and dot com one of the reasons why I newspapers are dive team is because of journalists like Howard Owens. Who lives saves a lot of money in ink and still provides 24/7 coverage of the reason of the region. And that's why of the B Fabian is one of the most popular web sites in western new York and Howard Owens let me ask you this question what is the gotten. Well when you're waiting ninety minutes what was the excuse of why you were waiting ninety minutes. You were told 630 is when they press conference would start like we all were told. If I let my understanding you know he vice premier city. And and he looked like. But but I'm seeing. If we know that we are flying in from New York City and we were gonna be late we would have known that at 5 o'clock when I assume we boarded a plane to arrive at six there. You're saying I. I just what and when a game that is that they can't believe it back by twenty minutes today that happened five times until we got to be ninety minutes ago and I didn't understand what the excused. The I I know who knows what's going on there. We we all travel and I'm and I understand. You know think that app. And are you approached him about. But I. I do think that regardless of whether there aren't aware that we have to wait. Especially after they've both got mutual respect. Standard bearer and taking questions he is after all a lot officials. Can you talk about what it was an accident there because I know at home I. I mean I was in the comfort of home I had my shorts and a debate AC cranked up my stimulant and on and get things done around the house but very few are in a room filled with all of these stubbornly journalist with bad hygiene. You know it's 630 it's 6:40 odd it's 7 o'clock it's 715. Can you put this in the picture would what was being said and murmured in that room at that time. Well I think we're all pretty dot well you'd end up like that. Wherever they're somewhat of a fraternal organization we can come to know each other I don't know Bob McCarthy for the first time that was kinda night good guys. Yeah and I'm there will you know a couple of colleagues from my competitor Padilla tell what you we get along well. Level Rochester TVQ pork barrel. Are we a bunch of photographers. Well double photographer went out waited in the lobby for a lot because I'm hoping he would come up the stairs and we learned you're gonna come to a back entrance. Chris Collins sneaking around you know so. So I mean it was not going to be I think the big thing is. Some of it might have gotten in to a little wall out. Well they're war. You know I got on Twitter while Armstrong who Twitter not think about. About the press conference that are like well you know I better get back. In the game there are no quick read my previous coverage just too. Remind myself and they've got its yeah that's questions. What issues where can I just ask you Howard Owens from KP dot com. Is it. You said because we can hear that you said oh. I came all the way from but it is a little garbled in the middle there are what was it exactly that you said that the cars. I did that day in you know Chris Chris noting that he cities usually little or what he called up for questions. And you know I'd never leave the outing. Wanted to make regret but point eight my congressman. He called a press conference with your press conference. Expect asked questions I came all the way to betray us yep we have right now question question to our question. Howard Owens of the Batavia WP yet still won't have a little exchange about with Dell talked about touching you've got a ticket because they're from but they're I remember being in bed with my kids in the backseat what happened. I don't know the body guard Aaron of course like continue to try to all of Bret I don't know p.'s secret circle or everybody Gardner who rely. We. Mutually that in each other state site that board 41. At the point you know don't. And what's interesting look back out is that I didn't think he would have a yeah and touching me that he that the IQ right gap read bump into. There's little left out in the audio photos of the day it is you know when we knew why. If you would have gotten a crack at asking the questions what what what line of questioning where you go towards. Well I think the other people and the wanted to bring up one I really that would that would that old they knew knowing. And it and tried to delegitimize the media. And Clinton got mad about what Newt he put up red letters calling but wonders. And they're covered over and a big news clipper type that you caught up what news. Coverage they knew that you you the return saying. Who did it and he and insider trading you still think would give them. So the question that they're close to. One at half that number two it is gonna I had. I would really like chip and one I don't put out on what about you guys your readers agree that supports Howland explained to me. The fact pattern. How we look at the fact pattern. The ball a much raiding the timing of the trading the timing of the call also. There were days. And not de Beers and insider trading. I would like to understand about trying to figure myself out this doesn't add up to insider trading Chris Paul thought the day he. But you know completely about that what what your explanation about the question that what I wanted to put them or anybody in the bank. So so the subtext of question number two is. Give us another reason why you contacted your sons so frantically just after getting the email also frantically and so often after getting the email how. How borrowings. Really what you really I didn't say hey I'm Donald Trump's wife. Maybe that's what the problems. And you never know and and Howard owns a joins us from the Davey what things that Howard has brought up though is. Is a tool that is you is by prosecutors all the time and insider trading on learn about this. You know because the story's blown up but it turns out that there are these trading patterns that they use. So if it out if we're buying Apple Stock and we usually buys it at 500 shares you know we're forbid. And then we sell all of them at 200 and all of a sudden you start selling 60000. That's an abnormal pattern that's something that. You look at you say wait a minute that's when you've never done this before and it just happens to happen after. Frantic phone calls later gonna get busted there that's one of the things our brings up what was the third one. The third question. I would they get more along those lines what what will blow logic behind that did. Did your son. Straight five point one million shares. And a dock in a three day period after you aren't that bad news. Would bet just coincidence or how how do you explain him making that trade or did he know they are the pot aren't brought tutors correct. Didn't make it straight with you Munich went straight because the he made those trade within that window. Company that you guys really believe them are so passionate about why do you make a trade that he did happen Clinton collection. I don't know we get to this Howard but one of my questions would have been sent to have such a passion for multiple sclerosis how much money you donated to various charities associated with multiple sclerosis and I don't know the answer you let it be might donate millions out of well. But the great question and I want I want to go the point I want to make do it. I don't know we've been really go to doubt is passionate about this issue and maybe that's the only thing he's done along those lines. I you know I I think. But beat interject one thing here about talk people who wanted to basically all politicians are crooks. I know that there are mark governor Ehrlich sacred column that the crux. He all the talk like kinda can be very passionate about it because you're really into it and that passion may have misled them. To be getting people involved should have been involved in and then when you've got bad news that totally didn't expect. He really were lacking a better turn you can't. Of course the law is not quick review his passion as exculpatory. Exactly but I just don't want to I don't think that we have a information or to say the alt all politicians are but I think there are good honest politician out there would not. You've covered these kinds of speeches before. Joy rate this one in terms of its effectiveness of it and then. I would just tell you from were I'm coming I don't know how familiar you are with The Sopranos but I just were met. All I can think of was Chris Collins being veto spat a Ford junior in the shower its scope rules soiling the shower in front of a shock classmates that's exactly the feeling I got a Chris Collins was treating me. I don't know I I'm not I'm not equipment and ballots and so on and this cattle logical. Yes yes I I think that these. I don't be so arrogant. If it harder to read on what's really don't charisma. I'd give up if it becomes a chance reclining recruit candidate's quick release and. Really. To expand upon that to Howard Owens it like to know the thought process that goes to that Howard Owens has witnessed from the Batavia and he's the guy shouted out a congressman I drove all the way from the take your kid to answer three questions. And a right before we had a break for traffic Howard you said that you would give. Chris Collins a 5050. Percent chance of resigning over the next week or so what goes into that thought process give give us the arguments for and the arguments against that coming to fruition. Why pick on the on the port side is. That if if we're what we discussed earlier is correct that the fact pattern is really. Is real equality and he's not going to be blue they'd be charged. And he really going to be quite them. It or he's going to admit that one where the other. But politically it's just gonna happen and we've met them up he might I think he would come back inclusion would be pressured by the GOP. Because I'm sure they don't want that hanging lingering around it like to move on it got mid terms coming up. I would see. Him potentially resigning I don't think that I would question on the other hand. If you really it and if so passionate and then believing that you let them. And then and if we keep their the arrogant enough to stick by about Vinny back upon payment but you know at the top that Webber well. You know you've you've used this word described Chris Collins Chris Ludacris columns I've used the word others who described the word. When you say Chris Collins is arrogant can you give us examples or is it just a general demeanor. Our I I would say general demeanor that arm in talking to him. It's very artist and the other side is always wrong he's always right. The if he C. Never in in you know we've got some. You know at at the Milan wrote a question earlier which will admit. No he's always got. And a self referential and Serbia Tibet that is gonna I'm going to beat you you do it from that perspective what pepper that there were considering the other side. Howard Owens up from Batavia quick askew if you know the thing. It baffles me about this whole thing is that this isn't and there was ongoing investigation by the ethics committee and allegations were already made aid. You know why. How this happened the six months after the ethics committee opens up an investigation into EU for this company insider trading all this other stuff. If it. It just really to me it's so it just looks like you're begging for the answer to be there's a miscommunication. This is not what did appear to be. And I can explain all of it I just can't do it right now would you settle for that in the press conference. Are able to settle for any bank that you want to explain himself. Beyond the courage overall I didn't do it. Any any kind of explanation could epidural yep look like every line is whether you lying or not if he gave that explanation. That would have been probably stored in ordering. Well Howard thank you very much for joining us of course we are talk show host you are a journalist in a week of the interject opinion an instant all kinds of stark stuff. And you chorus are by journalist and were not but we do wanna thank you premature for joining us from the Batavia and if you do issue the attacks at a degree. Thank you. Our quality that was Howard Owens from the Batavia and. I'm sure you Wear this what we're watching Fox News he's. I hope it's been a roundtable on prison reform and everyone is in horrible light that right above Donald Trump's head. Is a parking and that is put in light brilliantly on his face it's like the finger touching down for his job as Michelangelo lead really in staging of that shot nobody else can be seen there on the issue of governor Rick Perry over the getting repelled that's really. That there is battled throughout the giant laid on his head. Looking now like well you know it's evident Donald Trump could be a portrait for all we know that perfectly lit. It could be a wax dummy you know well. So I. I think we should find out from our audience what you guys thought of Chris Collins is performance yesterday I think have made it pretty clear that I was very less than impressed. But at the same time. You know as far as resignation is concerned David I'm going to be a hypocrite because here let's just look at this pragmatically. And you know Henry Kissinger used to talk about real politics real politics. And the reality of the situation is people if Chris Collins teacher candidate in New York 27 and you believe as we believe you on most issues unique to vote for Chris Collins. You have to vote for Chris Collins because otherwise that's it is gonna go liberal Democrat and it will be liberal Democrat for probably as long as you and your children are alive want something goes liberal Democrat it never goes back to conservative. Think. Let let's say that this mid term election goes the way the president's saying and the Republicans keep the House of Representatives. You've got speaker Ryan whoever replaces speaker ride you've got a speaker Republican Party controls. If if Nate McMurray beat Chris Collins in this mid term election may make Marie would be on more committees. Yeah minority at a Democrat then Chris Collins would be in the majority think about until such time as his case is adjudicated to be done that don't he could be found not guilty but honestly. I'm not. They're waiting for that in ethics committee Paul ride to go from the complete without even giving midday heat the ethics committee and come back and said. What their decision as Paul Ryan said you got arrested you're losing your committee's emit McMurray goes to Washington and Iraq. And they're still running the house as a Democrat. He actually going to. Maurer. Political capital. Then Collins would have because of the situation account finds himself. And so what Republican committees have to do is essentially say if you wanna keep this out of the hands of the Democrats. You have to vote for someone who is 5050. And they go to prison. We'll pay you 60 sport and I am sorry to those of you who live and why 27 at least you have that choice now this is not personal I'd like Brian Higgins personally but I don't really have a choice almond -- Brian Higgins is district I think I'll always be in Brian Higgins district there's a Republican running in that there is a Republican running out and have a choice but unfortunately Higgins has kind of a lock on the yeah on the district. Well listen. What we're finding out his bark about our friend right reverend Brenda remains is running let's get Renee Zito is a very dear friend the moment so. So what I'm saying is that if Renee is one scandal away from being a front runner and I think about it all Leavitt will. Nick Marie. On Tuesday he would 80000 dollars nobody was given him any credibility and how all the sudden. You've got all these different you know people are pontificating what could possibly happen you never know in today's world who can get themselves caught up. But again you know Collins getting off the ballot resigning he's doing. He simply not wired like daddy's gonna do that and gives. Republicans a choice the hold your nose for the benefit of the party and for your ideology. Or do you do you decide to make your own independent choice. Well let us that takes in telephone calls a news radio 930 WBE and here's Dennis in East Aurora. Oh by the way yet written a clear her name is Renee Z you know that's who's running against Brian Higgins does he eat and poll first name Renee. Here is Dennis in East Aurora on WB EN Venice. Good afternoon gentlemen I think I can help your former. There is an. Impossible situation where the tire call and then it just didn't connect multiple. Arm Blagojevich family. It has built an almost perfect but. That the next generation being groomed to take a business. Wright junior. Which means you'd business partner and it broke standpoint. You have got an enormous determination. Talent and just lost by eight hours exasperation we're dissolve. It and medical. Equipment gonna let that person. Yeah that that would all be well and good if you hold on though. The the the sun is not a board member okay so as the board member who now heads information. That any disclosure to your wife your son to whoever whomever that is not a board member Dennis privileged information. And that alone is the commission of a crime even if you are talking about it and somebody overhears you to cocked. In fact. Fail we have an interview for Buffalo's early news this morning where they Jill on money jewels Schlesinger and I think we should probably repeat that because she does go into some detail on the law regarding securities fraud different wider trading social even so that that alone is right there now. Here's what I'm saint Denis I would. But he gets here here's what I've come and I would even settle. For an explanation that was you know what. This young kid. Made a really you know he's getting married he he you know whatever the case maybe he rushed to judgment he made a horrible mistake I'm trying to protect mice on. From going to prison so you know as any father I'm gonna stand up here to defend my boy this has nothing to do with me this is the kid. I love this kid on defense. Is a better. Argument that what you saw in that press count which would you agree. I don't agree with that in and I don't want doctors thought but I'd expect the case. Are going out there it is the person not got a I might. Threaten. I talked that the thing but. At. This point. But we will look at can't legal sample WB as a business if you're not on the board Dennis and I and I tell you what's going on in the board. It doesn't matter if you act on it or not you have information that's privileged that is actually the conspiracy. But you know Dennis with with all due respect this is not a a business situation this is not a family situation this is not any situation but a legal situation at this point it is a criminal legal situation it is a felony criminal legal situation this is pretty serious stuff. If it's OK so if you're on the border characters you can't talk your attorney about. Ultimate goal. That's attorney client privilege if you're attorney then turned around to take them information sells a stock yet you're both screwed. No input it isn't though because if your listen. If you go but understand something they're not talking about counting their talking about this an eight. A pharmacist logical Australian used to be New Zealand company now Australian company. If you are to make a comment about privileged information on the board. You don't. Even have to be be acted on that needs that information that got out there. That is a conspiracy if you're saying look we're gonna lose a ton of money on this on Monday. That right there is what the conspiracy charges. You called someone and told him you're about allegedly. You're about to lose a bunch of money he then came up with his own plan it might have been. You know a poor plan might have been clumsy it might have been foolish but the kid acted on information he never would have had. Unless his father told them that information. Any board member that would have sold stocks they would also be in the next prisons next. Honest I just have one quick question had you actually read the indictment. And the you have read all the way through it. OK but now that that's fine I'm about hey look we all have busy lives and I'm not I'm not gonna criticize her for not taken time to read a thirty page legal document but. When you look at items 21 and 22 and 23. You'll see what appears to be again at first glimpse glimpse prima facie it seems to be a very compelling argument that information was shared with Cameron Collins. That should not a venture with Cameron Collins now or maybe they're maybe eat a valid legal defense for why Chris Collins tried to call. His son's seven times within the span of 7-Eleven to 716 Pia. Yep because talent they just took a five million dollar cut. But but it's not Collins inked I think that that's where you're gonna get tripped up this is this has nothing to do with Collins ink and because what what the what how do we know that we 31 pages did that what we're talking about here is that. If you have a pattern of buying stock you've buying and trade stock every day. And you're buying 12100 shares every two weeks when you get paid. And you also when that's when the stock closed below certain stop you can prove that with your broker use cell. You know 200 shares every time it dips below two points and you've done that consistently. And these guys have over a million shares of a stock. There's a pretty good track record of how these guys by now they sell. When have they ever dumped the amount of stock that they dubbed and now you want me to believe that you don't that stock after seven phone calls. After you received a minute before. An email that he was. On into. That this result came back negatively that is what the US attorneys may edit edit gets it gets down Dennison David gets down to ten and the government proved beyond a reasonable doubt that this pattern of behavior and communication that beyond any reasonable doubt demonstrates a security fraud yeah I mean I don't his connections bad Cuba I'm just a gap I think there's a disconnect here. There's a pattern of how you buy and how you trait. But let's play an expert here and we were not enough time to give her full justice you want to call them played Jill how long is it. He goes for about four to go over four minutes and I'm. Let's go to karma and a cell phone but then again I've been up since 8 o'clock this morning to I'm starting to live your schedule now thanks a lot mr. seven hours in the year yesterday. Here's a Carmen a cell phone WB Ian welcome car. I don't let them apart and got a better I got to allele arms I. I believe I don't know what they thought about it. The charges. But it will lap right where people eat there on the ballot. Most people stay home if not what democratic. Are in Detroit our congressional district where. He hit it where all the mega ball form anyway. It at all and yet it. At all. But you know what though that's why we're gonna have to be at the top of our game because as distasteful as it might be if you think Chris Collins is guilty as sin. If you want the possibility of that seat staying in Republican hands your only choice is going to be a massive get out of quote he might be a crook but let's keep the seat Republican campaign. I assure you right now that that sound that you're hearing outside of perhaps the org is the sound of holding going on the airport we left and right in center there an actual people when they're gonna poll internally. And they're gonna know exactly what conference talking about here. They're old got a plan of care we witnessed how what are the possibilities. But cal there's a ton of money he's gonna pull the hell out of this district and will make a decision only because the polling numbers show on that he's still viable. Unless he's in handcuffs and less he's in a prison cell he is viable to win in this seat just because of the way through district car. We'd love to talk to further will do that after the break certainly held a long and up when a traditional attractive but as you know we have the brakes on the program. We've noticed that scripted that up the phone ever the stud at 30930 start at 310616. WB intact as threes and it's funny because usually we're like get that. We got the telepathy that 03. Here as I don't. The cell phone car and continue please her. Thank you thank you sum it all all the talent we saw yesterday would not talent and our congressmen. It would an arrogant have our talent in our county executive. He would change. Arm when he went to what you can Matt liked what I saw and I'd like that he came out early. War candidate trumpet the time. And I liked what you are doing but I would very disappointing yesterday. And the people. At the turnpike and the ugly. And I think if people are gonna. The Republican. And a Democrat it's important there's some there are gonna stay home packed and all they don't like. If someone met. You know dirt dirt gonna like having another liberal in congress a lot worse in the gonna like Kevin Chris Collins may be going to prison do they agree disagree. Oh. Art but. As much as they might not like voting for Chris college at this point I think the alternative in the long run is gonna be deleterious to the district because once these things go Democrat they never it's like they always stay Democrat. Well I integrate because. Mom Erica tipping point I want it as one. And it is and where and I know a lot of people were great if they vote for a look at both candidates. And they realized what thing to do what differences. And as a congressional district. I don't think I beat her like. How hectic it hit the ball. You know that's an excellent point I think that's one of the most. Yeah that's one of the most damning charges is that. You've got to focus on doing your job and the first time you don't feel the West Point seed because. You weren't there to approve or something in get done and it turns out you were at a court. Not you know doing the job so it's not about the constituents it's about that the the people so that car that is a huge problem with this. It if we get all the way down to the end here. And we're we're saying okay well you know it turns out that this is a lock air tight tight case. A special election could theoretically be in February. And it could feature David Bell of but did not even when ever talk about that ability it's kind of annoying is that or yeah. Or Tom and out from my point is is that you know. We can be critical of something that we're seeing critical enough to put ourselves. In if there's anything to take away from this Chris Collins saga is that life is not about you. Life is about other people servers you're country certainly shouldn't be about you. And if you're throwing you know if you're making analysis or commentary based on your own political aspirations than your no good. Here is as good as the person criticizing. I don't. I don't like that I wanted to get out of for the record I'm the one who keeps touting you for congress not you and I honestly that truth is that does not going to happen and Chris come on stage he can not vacate the seat. If he doesn't resign he's got vacating the seat he is on the ballot that is the reality. And and it's like this if he goes to jail there's a special election in five months the people can select again our current thank you for the call we're gonna take more calls coming up after the news at five and WB EN.