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Thursday, August 9th

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News radio 930 WBA. And it's come to our lady in David Bellamy got its hourly and they'll be on news radio 930 W. It is solidly and relevant. I'm news radio 930 WB EM I just want it and now I've never committed a murder not once have I committed a murder never. And by the way nobody has ever charged me with committing sodomy I just what you don't know what hasn't been charged of eight. David it's a good to see you in studio. Good to see you Tom life. Well let's just say it's the best of our lives and the best there aren't listeners lives because it's a bit today and it's a new way and we're starting out three. And we get to go all the way until 7 o'clock news radio 930 WB yet so you were on the radio lastly to about I don't know I think I thought that the George Noory get a chance to get on the earth that you were on. You either better was EVP you're supposed to be I I only wanted to. I wanna just give the speech and then you know we give a hot taken and mud beamer take the rest of the evening I had no idea we're going to be waiting there. Ninety minutes absurd ninety minutes fit to hear a press conference and I mean look I don't know. I'm sure there are attorneys that are involved no attorneys gonna want to client it's talk about any pending legal action totally understand. But if there if I would assume that this was so important for his you know for the future of the party here in New York 27. The chairman we heard from Lang worthy I Nikola and worthy of the chairman of the Erie county GOP today it appears that nick language he was. Not contacted at all. Which you would think he would want to get the input from your. More alarmingly good that he told the solar or Asia today. Eddie has not talked to Chris Collins and quite some time now that that's the Erie county Republican chairman. As I talk to one of the premier congressman from New York State in quite some time what. I mean look if you wanna get eyes and ears on the ground of what's happening in the party in the committee he's chairman are crucial to that entire process. But look I understand this is. This is a crazy time and and I'm sure it's got to be you know there is an emotional side to this story. But I just don't understand why Chris Collins Q and why that can't be shared I mean you know for a fact. That when your child. Is in trouble. And the allegation is made it something that you have done has gotten worse not in trouble. There's a tremendous amount I'm sure if you boiled down what to what is actually happening. That Chris Collins is probably doing. An incredible amount to protect his son. And an incredible amount to protect his son's future father well I think we should activists say it I'm just in there is a narrative there. That should feel sympathy for Chris Collins. But for whatever reason he is completely. Handicapped and getting to that. That that actual narrative that makes him look good he took him to sell any. There are so many people in this tipster that. I want to vote for Chris Collins that want Chris counts to be their congressman for twenty years. Okay. And all he has to do is give them a reason to trust it. And I thought that that press conference almost did the exact up. OK bet press conference last night as such there's an attacks. That press conference last night was so contemptuous toward people and it was so evasive and it was so just it was. It to me it was just a spit in the face of people who have supported Chris Collins it was the press conference equivalent from the soprano. Of the ghost at a Ford junior in the showers at high school after his father got clipped okay. Vetoes metaphor junior shall we say soiled the showers and full view of his classmates to me that is exactly what Chris Collins did last night a he kept people waiting ninety minutes beat he comes out all we hear about is multiple sclerosis he wrapped himself in the role of multiple sclerosis I wanted somebody to decide how much money Chris have you given over the years to multiple sclerosis are you say that had the vaccine worked you would have provided there is absolutely free broadest of people suffering from multiple sclerosis. It also. Open is that though the questioning to. You're not bragging about coming up with a cure to and mass on the floor overheard by Washington dostum don't go. You're bragging about how much money was made now if if if the allegation was. Yeah they there they did some insider trading but they took the profits and they invested it into a place that actually made. You know a drug did did help and mess or. It just to me it's all clumsy it's only lazy it doesn't make any sense this is really not as. When you wanna talk about the you cannot deny that there is deep political component to win how wide this was released at the time it was no elected official has ever been this late in the campaign or in a cycle. When they have been indicted or arrested okay. I I 100 -- percent believe that this was done at the timing that it was done because they knew we couldn't get off the ballot but you know let Tatum right now. But you know maybe one of the reasons for that David is maybe there's a contempt of Chris Collins because his personality is not one that absolutely in tears him to people I think Chris Collins frankly is so abrasive. I don't understand how a guy while I do understand at all but the money and how much but he can spending your own campaign. But there are there even amongst people who would vote for him I think there's very little like personal affinity for Chris Collins. Compare. Chris Collins with Donald Trump the people I know who support Donald truck they love Donald Trump I mean okay truth be told I love Donald Trump. OK I IE I feel Donald Trump has an inner warmth about him despite the fact he's a mega bill cleaner I get it okay. Chris Collins does not do. Any thing. In my opinion to make himself a likable guy or an accessible guy to people out there and I will tell you right up front of so people don't click on the great like I said yesterday his office his staff members are very helpful to me in a certain situation which is being resolved. So I'm grateful for that but that was his staff members who by the way Chris Collins is on the job they'll be listed under resonates a liberal Washington to. Here's the thing that they'd release you're right I mean that is always been the Achilles heel of a Chris counts as he the other of playing nice with others. All all of of the baggage that everyone has days I'd I'm a hundred priests and we. It really is baffling to me is that you're putting all the pressure on these party. Chairman these county chairman who have to tell their committees. Vote for a guy. And then he goes to jail will control the seat to vote again in the special election maybe within six months. How would. Ever going to be a winning strategy where the GOP is now forced to say if we wanna keep this seat in Republican hands. We have to vote for someone. Who may or may not go to prison. Just so that we can hold it so that someone else within a year is gonna have to run again and by the way these elections are free. Yet a special election does cost money it does require the committees to do work that they really. I mean let's be honest these people join a political party and and work for county committee. I have to be running around in special elections every six months it's that it's not fun for anyone to carry petitions and have meetings and you know you have your election cycles that you had your off time in your your fund raising time. But you are you're basically asking people if you wanna keep this in your loyal conservative Euro loyal Republican. Vote for the guy that may or may not go to prison. So that we can hold onto the seat that's ridiculous request the smartest move you can see all of you can make the guys come and opted of the no keys that comment off the line he's not going anywhere if you are Republican in New York 27 you'll have to vote for Chris Collins. And then there is a pretty good chance that something is gonna happen down the road. And by the way when a US attorney holds its own press conference. It put his name on a case that US attorney is pretty competent you've got to tomahawk slam that thing down. And he's not kidding here from. Under under under a guy you heard from the very top this is something that he's put his name on Andy's gonna build a reputation for himself he thinks he has a pretty good case. It it you know and again I'm sure you read indictments all the time and it looked really good. But I just don't know why you would. It that bad press coverage again you bring your wife out there you talk about. You know that's every time zones and scandal they bring their spouse absolutely it's a human shield OK I get it. Getting getting passed a human shield Specter isn't lesson one of you you've played this game if you run for office you run for congress you've run for what is Chris Collins seek. Isn't ruled out one. Don't (%expletive) off the media don't say you're going to be there at 630 and keep people waiting. An hour and a half and then not even answer questions that one guy from Batavia was yelling out I drove from the tape. I thought it was a press conference. It was Howard Owens from the Batavia and that we're actually trying to reach out and give him on the program he didn't yell that out and said. This could very will not have been increased county's fault at all it could have been a commission communications person that. You know whatever the case maybe I do know he was in a plane and you knew that there was no chance that he was gonna be there at 630. That you make an announcement at 2 o'clock 3 o'clock that it's going to be a mean. Seen in having a press conference at 8 o'clock in what Chris Collins doesn't have to wait for US Airways Chris Collins can he can chartered jet from Peterborough or a million different places around New York ally but my point debt was he were dead as a horrible way but at least. You waited ninety minutes in the senate career. At least. When the I didn't drop. You're going to be able to ask if you quest there are ways you could open up questioning to the reporters. So they're they're allowed to use the audio. Show that their asking questions they've waited for ninety minutes. And you can still say I can't get into that because unfortunately I have a trial coming up but I'll answer any other question nothing to walk shop would this look like. Yeah. I'm in this thing you. And message that he sent was basically. Go and. I was a guest I literally that I was aghast because I got up at the original one was that you are listening to be listened to Chris Collins. I was absolutely aghast at how long can of people waiting. Beat by the content of what he had to say now if you don't know what we're talking about a news radio 930 WBBM that's good as we don't have the slightest idea now we're talking about their Chris Collins and his speech last night. Calling it a news conference at a press conference or anything close to it would be an absolute murder of an English word so. We've got time for this before we break actually this is Chris Collins from last night the ninety minute late statement he gave to assembled reporters and count. Well you can listen to yourself when that comment coming up. Thank you offer coming today be targets started most of you here know my wife Mary of over thirty years thanks for being here. National press may not know Mary sue as well as our local press. So over the years I've often talked about in American dream. I'm extremely fortunate. In that I have lived it. It started for me when I borrowed and started scraping together every dollar write could. By the west wing house gear division here in buffalo. And move it to Niagara Falls under the name. Not all year. I'm proud that we put hundreds of people who work who are still working there today. After so now here in 1997. I ran for congress in 1998. Up in the Niagara Falls area. Knowing that my business experience would benefit the citizens of New York in offer a new perspective. In congress. After being humbled in that race I spent the next ten years as a not to put nor. Investing in and helping to stabilize. Dozens of bankrupt and financially distressed companies. Saving and creating. Hundreds of jobs here in Western New York. In 2007. I was recruited to run for Erie county executive. To turn around the effective bank account. I was elected. I apply the principles of lean six sigma. Turned around the county finances and eighteen short months all the while honoring my campaign pledge to work. For one dollar a month. The many companies I invested in and it was a small drug development company and they immunotherapy. I was working on a unique cure for HIV patients suffering with aids. Ultimately that focus shifted to a treatment for secondary progressive. Multiple sclerosis. Which is one of the deadliest autoimmune diseases known to mankind. My affiliation with this company is why we are here today. I've been an avid and unwavering supporter of innate in you know therapeutics for more than fifteen years. Long before I came to congress or was elected county executive here in Erie county. Over this time my affiliation with the innate immunity therapeutics is prompted attacks on me. My integrity and my investment by my political opponents. I believed in the company and still do. And in the potential of a drug that have been real possibility. Of improving the treatment option. For secondary progressive multiple sclerosis. Patience. Which is about the most debilitating disease known to mankind. And something that I saw firsthand. Affect a close family member. Over the years I invested heavily in innate. Became the company's largest shareholder. And in uncompensated. Member of its board of directors. Without my investments and steadfast financial support the company would have gone under. Bringing with it a premature. End to a drug. I truly thought would revolutionize treatment options for secondary progressive MS. Of all the things I wanted to accomplish in my life. Finding a cure for secondary progressive MS was at the top of the list was in after years of blood sweat and tears. We firmly believed we were on the verge of a medical breakthrough. Sadly despite showing great initial promise the drug was ultimately shown to be on. Successful artists which is part of all of those some thought I'd update that that this is such bolts that this is such baloney because David first of all we were. The news conference yesterday because Chris Collins was affiliated with a company that was working on a vaccine for secondary progressive MS. We were there air because he's accused of insider trading and fraud. And at no point in the 31 pages of the indictment does anyone make allegation. That Chris count about he mentions. As of I didn't move any of my shares. When he mentioned the board members that have been another string of felony counts and he wasn't charged with selling any of his own and I actually the indictment explicitly states needed. Not sell any of us here so you're try. Did you razzle dazzle you're getting cute you're talking about not all your talk about Westinghouse I borrowed by some lean six sigma. You know that the garbage was deliberate I got one dollar a month whatever. All of that is nonsense that has just eating time you're hearing the report is let's get to why we're here. And you finally get to why we're here and you start taking you know what I really thought that this. The drug was gonna change peoples' lives I've really put all my faith in it. Again York congressman. I mean all this is involved in the people's work you're there are sent to Washington you can have whatever hobbies you want. You know whatever business interest you wanna disclose it. But the idea that this is occupying so much of your time your shouldn't get too a constituent you're thinking about it. You're writing around look at all the people connected with this company. And look at how many people have gone down. HHS secretary Tom price by 400000 shares he a 100000 Oz with the shares he is the one that. Makes a profit to when grant and now he's being questioned by the senate. As they can as you guys resign and we are gonna continue affinity Chris tells news conference which we are gonna interrupt offer commentary and WB Ian made there I was just oh ought to say is I was aghast and David actually right this was designed to each time. Each time with absolutely irrelevant things over which he was even charged. At. Epic and wearing the mantle of being. You know what should we give him the Nobel Prize for medicine today or should we wait a couple of bars just wondering I tell if this was the this was the press conference equivalent of vetoes metaphors kid to. Soiling the shower in the soprano as this is exactly the image that came to my mind last night and it was not pretty. On the radio and I thirty WBE. And so let's rejoin shall we this is from yesterday's heard live on news radio 930 WB yen this is the news conference I mean the publicity statement that their Chris Collins issued now for just joining us. I he introduced us all to his wife Mary again he talked about the American dream. He talked about the fact that he borrowed scraped together every dollar he could so he could do a by not all gear in Niagara Falls. Betsy ran for congress in the late 1990s he said he was humbled Arab and the results of that race although it's tough to mention the words Chris Collins and humbled being used in the same sentence with a straight race. Let's say you spent the next decade or so investing and being an entrepreneur or 2007 was recruited to run for Erie county executive. Where he brought the principles of six sigma to Erie county government and I thought we heard the last of six sigma but in fact we hadn't took a salary of a dollar per month. Got involved in inmate pharmaceuticals. At first they were developing a unique HIV aids drug and switched over to secondary progressive MS. He says that it is because of his affiliation. With innate. Drug company that's why we're here today meeting yesterday which absolutely is not true it's not because Chris Collins was affiliated with inmate in any way shape or form. That's not why the news conference so called was held it was held. Because of alleged insider trading and information which directly benefited. Chris Collins family members and members of his or soon to be wife's family. So that is what we've heard so far in this news conference and it doesn't get much better. Phil if we could just pick it up from where we dropped off. Sadly despite showing great initial promise the drug was ultimately shown to be unsuccessful. Which is a setback for all of those suffering from this deadly disease. Many have speculated about my relationship with the name here the simple facts. My connections with a company are well known. I believe I acted properly and within the law at all times with regard to my affiliation with a Nate. Throughout my tenure in congress I have followed all rules and all ethical guidelines. When it comes to my personal investments including those. With an eight. When it became clear that the drug guy and others believed him. Fell short of our hopes and expectations. I held on to my shares rather than sell them. As a result the significant investment I made in the company worth millions of. Well after a rather pleased David now what laudable thing he held on to the shares he had an inmate what are magnificent thing he did. All the weight. As a board member heat couldn't have moved those shares without being in the exact same position and assignment in right now. Because he would have had information the public did not have information and some. Boards when you join a board. You agreed never sell your shares were to do only at certain times but you certainly could not have moved your shares if you found out the test failed. Also knows about this. And all of a sudden you start moving your shares because you know why should you. Lose money when other people pressure you years that. You're the reason why every one is buying this stock is pleasure talking about what a great winner. They return they're trusting you. You've now involved all these members of the House of Representatives. That are taking your stock advice one of which was top prize. And he urged the biggest to meet what is the most unforgivable Stan is an article on MSNBC the talks about this. Here's what we wait wait a pig just flew by the window right refuge is quoted an article for I guess I read MSNBC. And pick up again I'd I'd I'd like to hear with the other side is saying but this is a very interesting. I think. If it's a level to approach. When you are under investigation. For a company under the house ethics committee. What kind of person. You're are being accused of insider trading back from January 27. You're under investigation if people are alleging that he passed legislation. To help speed up the trial process and the way to remind you. Wrote an op Ed defending Chris Collins on WB and back I'm still raid. Because I think this is hard to prove that Chris Collins wrote legislation just to help one company that he has he has shares and all these companies. To save it Collins offered legislation to help is on business is of it is almost impossible to prove. And it would it would be Machiavellian to pull off but here's what I'm gonna say. If you were under the microscope for all of these things connected to this any company why would you then do exactly what they are accused of doing it. Well let's listen in to Chris Collins explaining some more on news radio 930 WB and this is from yesterday as you heard live right here on WB -- which frankly has owned this story from the get. As a result this thing. Net ticket investment I made in the company worth millions of dollars. Were wiped out. That's okay that's the risk I talk. My real concern lies with the millions of people suffering from secondary progressive MS who to this day struggle without life saving treatment. This is another point that I think was a huge huge huge a mistake that was made McChrystal for fall why not just address. Right now that there were other people in the district. That you gave advice to that also lost hundreds of thousands we heard from two of them. On our call in show get lost fifty grand one correctly one but I had a brother who was 5050000. Dollars. My real concern are the people that also trusted this company as I did and they lost money and I feel horrible about that. And the other thing is. You know I feel horrible that right now the constituents are going to lose congressmen. Who's got to defend his ability to before. To defend himself from possibly going to prison for a 150 years. I feel bad that the constituents of this district are having to be drawn through the mud because of what you could only argue is amiss understanding. The only defense you can have right now without giving into the minutia of the cases on to tell you what. The government thinks they have something there's a miscommunication. Here. And I won't work my tail off to odd to defend my name clear my name and clear up this miscommunication. Nothing at all I've done nothing wrong I've done nothing wrong and the government saying you have done something wrong. What could possibly be the disconnect. The only possible disconnect could be the contents if you will the transcript of the phone call to Chris Collins made to his son phone call slash phone calls made to a sudden let's pick up the recording from where we just left it off. A news radio 930 WBE. For their deadly disease. I've said it before and I'll say it again I am proud of my affiliation with a knee. I'm may have lost most of the money that I invested in the company but I took the chance to bring relief. To those who deal with the dreadful disease. A secondary progressive MS everyday. The charges that have been levied against me are meritless. And I will mount a vigorous defense in court to clear my name. I look forward to being fully vindicated. And exonerate. Ending ending and all questions relating to my affiliation. With an eight. I've spent the last ten years in public service is the Erie county executive and as a member of congress. I've also spent many years volunteering to give back to my community. Whether it was a member of the Federal Reserve bank's small Business Advisory Council. Member of the board of trustees of Ted Maher mercy hospital. Or is a long time enter the small businesses at the center for entrepreneurial leadership at SUNY UB. The public knows my dedication. To Western New York. Because my focus is to defeat the charges in court after today. I will not address any issues related to eliminate him you know therapeutics. Outside of the courtroom. As I fight to clear my name rest assured. I will continue to work hard for the people and constituents for the 27 congressional district. A new York and I will remain on the ballot running for reelection. This nova. Thank you very much and have a great night with the yelling it. I'm with you all the right. I was the last month. I think. Now the network they were in the back seat then med vacation to somewhere we're gonna have 407 we're gonna have that person who was saying don't touch me. I would like to ask congressman a question that's Howard Owens from the Canadian. And you go to David Beckham Howard owns this web site you've courts in the district there and ask questions. I didn't hear anyone else trying to ask question owns is the only one that and will agree we should point out in the interest of justice all that stuff that Chris Collins is capsule. We innocent as of right now of any wrongdoing whatsoever not even speak eating or run a red light. The government has the responsibility to prove the Chris Collins is guilty beyond a reasonable about the government is not yet done that we've only got one side of the story it's called an indictment it is a prima Foshee case against Chris Collins against which defense has been offered any court of law. So in in the law and in the court of well. In the law Chris Collins is absolutely. As innocent as the baby conceived today wanna make that perfectly clear. But David I wanna tell you that if I was falsely accused of something like Frist. I would not exactly be restrained in defending my reputation or my good name. I would say this absolutely positive you did not happen as it has been presented to you. The government is as much as we respect and admire the law enforcement the government has screwed this one up a way to prove it I've been proven in court and I would like this resolve within the next month so I can run for re elected is that I reelection as a untainted candidate. I thought that if you're gonna bring you know the wife on state if you bring this on out there that would have been the appropriate thing horses also defended. Well I understand that but I'm just saying you do let's have the backdrop of the entire family let's either fan bases and let's realize that. This is. What you can only hope is horrific. That this is a miscommunication. That you were making phone calls before 60000 shares were sold. And those phone calls were to say pain and out your strep throat feeling better. I call my son every morning I have a great relationship with my kid. And you know if you miss over maybe he he we have the same email account he read the email by accident forward at whatever happened is absolutely explainable. And it's a horrible miscommunication. Look forward to my day in court you could understand I don't wanna talk about these things because anything I say will be used against me. But I'm gonna tell you right now it's all gonna be cleared up. I ask for your trust and you know bull bull Bartlett. I'm not a lawyer but it seems to me that one of the things that would help in the court of public opinion which seemed to me is that by saying hey look you know we share an email account get the password to the count I've got the past were out at 101000 other governmental account it was a personal account and we sheriff and you know clearly this was a and Federer and communication but we didn't hear that that. No we didn't hear that we also heard from someone that was I think. Kim on money year or questions and Joseph and Jill Schlessinger that's right Jill on money. Said that you know even if you're a party. It's fascinating. If your party and you're talking about something happening your business. And it's overheard by someone who then makes a giant purchased or start selling off you are still guilty of insider threatening your view become a tipster. And still be indicted we're gonna talk to our listeners. You know David here's here's something that I was sinking in this this is sent. Chris Collins has the resources the higher the absolute best crisis managers in the public relations if Chris college it come to you wrote me and Michael Caputo. Yesterday I opened yesterday's announcement happens. And if it does happen it is absolutely positively fire and brimstone I am absolutely innocent of these charges I'm gonna show you in court a I'm asking for your trust I promise you I will be vindicated this is a budget who. Well I mean he went to the best that money can buy in. You know that's my prime where the wrong line of work waiters we could have done a lot better but Cuba that's implying that you listen to people that give advice I mean there's a lot of people are on the payroll with a lot of wealthy guys that gave brilliant advice and that's what they get there simply aren't listening to. You know I mean I think it was important I think his. Chris Collins is political instincts have got him to House of Representatives that's not. And all I have a time out time out political instincts and the ability to write a three million dollar check every time you race 50000 bucks. It's still when you are defeated as soundly as he was defeated in the county executive race. There are very few individuals that would ever get into politics again and in fact if you pull up which nobody has done this. How much money Christopher Collins got up and multiple sclerosis go back to the night Chris Collins was defeated by mark port cars. That campaign that speech and concession speech. It is one of the most depressing an angry political speeches I've ever heard in my life he blamed the voters he says the boards which are doing and he's like I'm gonna get out of town. I'm never gonna do this again he's an emotional guy who's just been thumped by mark all the cars. This guy in a period of basically two years under two years. Not only gets back into the into the fight. And fight and goes for federal office and just wipes off that county executive race like it never happened. That is a very respectable thing about Chris Collins the only problem wit that is what you think you get there on your own you listen to people. And this is a perfect opportunity. Went with Barack Obama gave speeches to calm in the old days we would listen to count how many times he says I'd leave me may I may be behind yet that's all Obama would say I did this Bible I like a real self. This is exactly what you heard. From Barack Obama when he gave a speech houses talking about himself the entire time no mention of constituents. No apology that they're going through this. And nothing said about people who lost money because they trusted crystals and I've announced factory where we're gonna take all. Coming up on news radio 930 WBE. And let your take on what we experienced yesterday together the octopus Colin situation on news radio 930 WBE and.