Chris Collins not attending gun forum - 930in716 April 5, 2018

Thursday, April 5th

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Her it's 930. In 716. One it will Saturday student organized gun event be like. It's not to return consistent shouting match we're looking for solutions are not just trying to be overreaching. But if you ask congressman Chris Collins. I can assure you what's what it's going to be as a circus. I'm Tim Wenger on the podcast powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living in a country setting. A student organized forum on gun violence is scheduled for Saturday at saint Paul's cathedral in downtown buffalo. Congressman Brian Higgins will participate along with congressional candidate Nathan McMurray who is running against Collins who was invited but. Will not attend. Well we see see how it turns. Collins spent a good deal of time on the year with Susan rose and Brian has around ski explaining why he thinks the event. Will become a circus and why he won't participate. They're going to be there with Ers signed the anti yeah. The second amendments. It's just it's just not productive the you know we're working on things now we just. The background check. The national instant background check bill a week or so ago Brian Higgins I'd vote voted aura. Are just start cleaning makes things up but you know what is this really is. Going to be is an anti gun. It tight Second Amendment rally we need to focus on the root cause of the shootings. And frankly it's not done gone it's duck shooter just like in a drunk driving. It's not about car it's the driver. But you know Chris. The heavy considered the optics doesn't make you look like you're turning your back on the youth and they're voting parents. I don't believe so because again I'm going to be at two to school on Monday. Two of the kids I do this all the time. I've never done a town hall. But basically I've been attacked for pre guess what Brian Haig never does that neither will we see. Slaughter in Rochester never did them this is. An anti Republican. Situation. It's it's hypocrite of the worst times. Are young they're going to be standing up they're saying let stand the arch its key. You know we can't have sought semi automatic rifles for a 135 years. We've had we have 330 million guns in America most of them are semi automatic rifles. Or hand on these people you know you've got former. Supreme Court Democrat. Judge now calling for the repeal of the Second Amendment. So that's what this is gonna turn into him in an anti gun they're gonna say they and the AR fifteen. Forgetting that through the last shooting we just had Maryland knows that and on banning a gun that doesn't change the shooter. And it's a semi automatic. Don that we had for 130 years. That probably 85% of all the guns out there are and somehow the Democrats and their hypocrisy. Are are attacking a particular. Gun. Which had never been banned the assault weapons ban at 94. Are very. Senator Schumer then congressman Schumer did not am. Semi automatic weapon. This say that the New York that the man semi automatic weapons and what they have certain what we call cosmetic features on the and we've got to go back to the root cause here. Is this shooter what's going on we need to heart in the schools we need resource officers. In the schools the one in Maryland. Chris and you're saying now everything you just said why not say that to the students who wanna talk to you on Saturday or at least listen. Because that's not what this is all about this is going to be a demonstration. I'm going to be happy to go to Rio Clarence I vote up or not again I go to schools all the and we have legitimate discussions who would you put pat hundreds. Of people into you know in this case a church downtown. I can assure you what's what it's going to be as a circuit. And it's it's. I'm not productive use in my time minutes trap back the ball and they're trapped. This is the individual dot org anti Republican. People there in this isn't the discussion. With elected officials they've got candidates running against me. Coming to a farm don't hold elected office. Well Chris you were and invite it. All I was invite invited to do. Town hall thing this is not a player ice. Have Clarence ice we'll invite me to come to their school lobby after the go to. Well from what we understand that Clarence high school didn't offered their building for this forum to be used that save everything you just said just happens if it does turn into a circus it does turn into. An anti second amendments are rally instead of a form right now wouldn't you being Mary you seeing mats couldn't you just say you proved my point. Well again it's a trapped Brian and I trip I'm not at all into. You know we we do things the way we do them my constituents know. That I am. In willing to talk to them inspect. My constituents. Nick thank you bitch who's running against me I had. One hour meeting with him in my office in DC and we talked about these issues. And I always get back to root cause which is that shooter what change social media. In the case of the park and shooting that was failure of law enforcement. Blatant you know are carriers of law enforcement they knew about this city actually brought ago on this colon that it charging them. They suspended a Merck spell them. And. OK but Chris let's get back to that that they the kids in this form. They took issue with you calling them radical partisans did you mean to call the local kids radical partisans. They have been co opted by radical parts. And it they hold this form and it's gonna turn into the circuit. And I expect that well then they'll have to Wear whatever label comes out of this event. And I think it's just not going to be a productive use in my time it's going to be. I'm confident and anti Second Amendment anti gun focused on the gun not issues surrounding the shooter. Because that's what that's what happened witnesses also sprung out of this. Massive march they had in Washington. In other places and it was if you saw those marches they were anti gun marches in the hypocrisy of our Democrat. Who in 2009. Controlled the house to spent at the White House Obama Reid. Harry Reid Schumer Pelosi. If they thought this was something they should do why didn't they do it in 2009. Why didn't they do immigration. In 2009 why didn't they raise the minimum wage. It is a political. Grandstanding. Hypocrisy. On the Democrat who. Want to own this issue in a in a very superficial way. They were calling it up for what it is. Will would you go if Nate Mick Murray wasn't there. Well that's a hypothetical citizen than and he is calling it it's really. It it's. You know that it's. You know why aren't they holding this is Clarence high school I guess you know it's pretty obvious that the administration credit cycle knows exactly what this is gonna turn into. Last week we spoke with one of the organizers of the event to took issue with. Collins rejection and characterization. Of the event. He called us radical partisans saying that or China and she used Parkland shooting pro benefit. That is trying to politicize law where I disagree with the Olympic return it to get multiples. Views on an issue and I think gives different views possibly. Brian Hagan to that's under 100. Andrew Cole all chick with WB yen. It's a student for a reason because town hall meeting we this simpler because we understand that's going to be a our conversation where we're gonna have a moderator with questions. Limited time for other speakers but it not to return to justice shouting natural look for solutions are not just try to be overreaching. Is there a chance she can go back to Collins and and kind of restate which you just telling us. I certainly will try to do I'm unsure Thelma what's the difference that I think this clearly see you contacting about this what if anything will change. It's been a few weeks now where you've kind of Ben one of the student leader student voices for some of these different events whether it's traveling to Washington DC or. A part of that student walk out from a few weeks ago. Now I'm curious to what you've noticed as far as a response. From some of the older people in your life the older people who you've seen nom how do they look do you like kind of and contrast that with that comment from congressman Collins of being you know partisan. Oh I think a lot of people look around. Here in this did disagree with your political views that could see you're actually doing something good speaking at her word what you believe. Where it's just disappointing to see the person who represent me in congress who who is our politicians and he's trying goal. It will audio part of that and that's just carry the supported him. We're talking with. Clarence high school senior Andrew called check this morning about a gun form injury you're going to go ahead with this form right. Oh yeah absolutely we already have or acceptances from vote. Brian Higgins we have acceptance from Whitman really and it's gonna go forward. And assistant. Involve more than Clarence students. Yeah we have you raced earlier post about it anymore. It's crossed the border purple luster he Yorkshire. Have you noticed from whether it's response that you've gotten bored and just seeing kind of some of the response online to some of these par Clint students. How may be unwilling from older people are to listen to your generation. Yeah I mean insists it's definitely disappointed sometimes what I saw one where. A Fox News so they're collected on workload the survivors are complaining about not getting college. And I think it's we have to remember that. We know seventeen your trust in this situation. And we're trying to do a vast Edwards still human I think we're gonna pretty good job. Do you think part of that too is that you know as soon as you come out and talk about gun reform. A lot of that your immediately painted into a picture being also anti trump or eyes strictly on a democratic side have you noticed that kind of what do I wanna call it here putting you right in that certain box and would you agree with that classification. I'd say for me personally I'm not the biggest share of our. Heard president and I do tend we were left on the issues but I don't think that's true for everyone involved in this I think. Especially for the people most affected they're looking to solve the issue. And by calling them leaning one way or another I think it's kind of an affair and to conclude yourself. But this forum is kind of it's quite good going to bring everything out right you're not just bringing out one cider it's not all anti gun right. Right now we're gonna have questions from our people our communities where that's where we are invited. Politicians and local leaders from across the spectrum we want it see whether or restrict. It NG Filo that the climate is kind of turning in this country right now where we can have this conversation. That's all that and I think it's important that were able to. Get so many people on board to put on all good student forum already. Fair and just let me a lot more people are willing to have a conversation. We'll keep you posted and back tomorrow. That's 930 and 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo well.