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Friday, March 24th
Hear Congressman Chris Collins and Duncan Hunter with Fox guest host Eric Bolling

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The battle between house Republicans over health care. Will they be able to reach a deal and bring a final plan to vote joining us now with reaction from Washington congressman Chris Collins of New York. And congressman Duncan Hunter of California thank you for joining us congressman good doctors how to start with you you like this planned and done. Tell me watt. Because it's gonna save America and that's due to to put very simply it's so obamacare which is totally failing war we're doing this this is a U. Good militant safe not a taxpayers' money congressman's are there isn't not a alternatives that there's a plan that's more acceptable so it. Let's say no but let's put that song or else more conservatives can have who would say that this looks a lot like obamacare fact. There's a big group did Donald Trump won its fronted the fifteen to 64 year olds and the over 65 year old blowing come and they get destroyed with this bill. No they ordered or here's what has happened. There is no insurance marker without competition it's it's gone no Obama cure killed it's gonna take a few years of that market to come back to an insurance companies to store competing for your business so that prices go. The downs quality goes up that's gonna take a few years so to me that's that's the offer appeared the were doing and we're we are subsidizing this there's. They're still point 9% tax on high errors like. Like congressman Collins here and that's that still going to be an error while we got rid of those the ten. Essential health benefits that were mandatory but those. We're all gone now guys are getting our act a reference to pass up despite here's the thing in terms from college you can weigh in on this. It doesn't do anything to be total cost his team lower income middle and lower class Americans it because here's what happens in if you get the premiums down. They're deductibles co op and and this is the exact same problem I had with obamacare a lot of Americans have the bomb there. Let's let's start with the us when we remove 800 billion dollars of job killing taxes. Texas fees and penalties all the sudden the economy starts growing for that reason. And that reason alone and all of a sudden in comes a lot more money's coming in people are Follett coming off for the entitlement programs. The second piece of what we're doing is fundamental. Undoing of all those 800 billion dollars of Texas fees and penalties we don't talk enough about our. Stepping in not addressing the real issue the cost of health care and the cost of health insurance this bill does neither one of those he introduced competition across state lines but you can't. Doing that right now. Well we can't do it now but we will win we eliminate the essential benefit package which by the way will be left up to states just to be cleared New York has 42. Essential benefits this isn't gonna impact New York because New York made that choice but other states if it that it would. You're still not be here here's a here's my problem so everyone says okay wait for phase three that's what we're gonna remove that state line restrictions itself. It to sell health care preparatory platform the problem is what he needs in phase three you need sixty senate votes in phase three you're never gonna get sixty votes. Well I don't know that I would agree with that once were done with a obamacare is that but the Democrats are fighting for right now once it's done and it will be done. Six months from now they're gonna work without us I believe they're gonna work with us as we move into our phase three the week. Don't have any choice we can't do it under reconciliation we know we get no votes now so for those people who are inpatient here's the thing. This is it worth voting tomorrow it's a binary choice and as the president said if it goes down tomorrow we have obamacare. With all of its problems that he's. Gonna do about that that triple cup cars and that's not actually bad strategy. Then let it go down let Omnicare collapse that is not right and if I had heard Erica we will bring a bill of health care law a bill. That actually knocked it helps us America this is this hustled and out that there needs sixty votes and this only hit 51 votes and isn't this what he has great places that I probably have agree there's another option agreement does not have a president that let the Democrats eat it certain a Thompson hunting and for now the governing party we can try to blame Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama. All day long and some people will listen and America's gonna say. We trusted you you've got the White House the house and sent congress and the guys are two congressmen who are gonna go up and trying get reelected and what if like I said this massive group of truck voters it's gonna seem. Extreme title and won it in in both of these cases they go from 17100 dollars a year under obamacare to fourteen. Thousand dollars a year this opportunity to disruptive Erica it's not gonna be disruptive and and in which you just that is not gonna happen I don't think that yeah you know up arms and if it back and I made it I was told by Sergio. Don't yet have a Republican president find anything he's he's he's promised. To fix health care for the American people and tomorrow he's going to buy deliver on that promise it is that simple problem tough because Brian Collins a rising it's well what's the delivery exit dealmaker he probably would get this deal done. But he's been given a bill from. From this house speaker Paul Ryan that frankly is what a lot harder to sell Ito's going to be I. Right and there's 85 billion dollars it's going to the senate to reduce the premiums on the pre Medicare. Fifty to 64 year old that's not scored by the CBO. Because we've given on the top of the money and the Senate's gonna do it we're not leaving the pre Medicare. Individuals we're not hanging them out to dry. Won't happen. But what I can tell you if we're stuck with obamacare that's a tragedy for America what and it's going to be there again that's a false choice he would be there is that not a pleasant voice well -- Paul would suggest that you repeal obamacare and then you move on to Texas incumbent -- -- -- -- all okay if we can get sixty votes while if you save as a pure repeal of obamacare you'll get about sixty votes out of 216 in the house. Figures were doing we we are doing what we can do with this one incarnate and this is this is a pass for the got another pass. I don't know how but let's let's Obama and I think they wanted things and I'm not making this stuff up I'm I'm I'm a conservative I want to. I want try to do well I want him to put I held off Atlanta networks but my promise when you do this this plane. 52 million people will not have insurance. When I just experience and they don't practice happens to senile at camp can't choose that can't can't forecast how many people gonna go by only time will tell gotten operatives in congress are happy to see don't know his state of the nonpartisan CBO CBO has welcomed Obama was wrong to them it's not gonna happen. And I'm supposed to trust and I'd love yeah that's absolutely I love you but you know Geithner the American people. We we get we have to see it from Missouri revisit this in four years Brian there general thank you very much.