Children's Moving Out/Moving On - Mike Hughes & Nick Sinatra


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We are here with Mike Hughes also Nixon not trouble is that taking over the building next week it's an exciting time for both you but I gotta get started with this that you're just Wear a hoodie. You're just wearing eight you know long sleeve sit up here it's twenty degrees wind chill below that outside our guys freezing. You were run on adrenaline at this point so the teams they're ready. Whether you're on. My cider knicks say I think people are ready to begin from buffalo. God nick you were just involved here at the prayer that one on getting everybody ready for today. A few teary eyes in the aero what's it like to see some of the people have been involved in this building for so long that now you're taking over. You know we were we've been so involved in the east and the planet taking over the building what's gonna happen next in times. Aren't we forget that you know it's a very special place that. A lot of care goes and this place every single day and it was touching special and and its. Was great sendoff I really was an and I I actually X I I choked up myself Olympic Franklin. I pits got new bring in extra. I don't know if ohm is the right word for you but says seeing that here is supposed to a lot of the other building your involved. Absolutely and on this this displaces saves. Countless lives overtime in and has a very unique place in the heart of the city and we're we're privileged to to take the time and I hope. But our plan is going to be. The right one and with the lord's blessing today I'm on the people that have been here and hopefully people that are going to be taking over. And living here in the future. Art Micah or some little logistics of this move we have that you hospital opening now in less than and I'll worry giving down to crunch time now I know what doctors went through the building this morning kind of decided who is definitely making the move. Can you tell setting numbers summits we have a final figure of whose movement yeah. 125 patients in the house so that's number work much today first patient we'll leave at seven alliance so. Emergency room here or close the emergency room on Alec issue open. And more often run and. Yeah often running at CNET everybody outside kind of making the preparations laying down the salts say you got a great ago. Yeah I was I agree support whether it's buffalo fire buffalo police the city. City traffic city to city engineer and public works to measure has been with us every step of the way so. I'm their here are located with a center command center. Anything we need whether salting the roads patching paving anything giving great set Elwood community knows kind of suit trying to avoid this area today just because it's gonna be so busy but that being said if there is an emergency it's that you hospitals starting at step correct as of 7UP 7 o'clock this morning your shy children's hospitals open. We actually have already scheduler first transport coming in from another hospital. Millard Fillmore suburban sending its first patients OSHA children's. They're leaving analysts are around 63640 this morning if people think about that too because it's it not only are you making this move but it's also an operating hospital C have those things to think about yes so you know we need to get everybody off Bryant street discharge if they're not going to new hospital we need to get them home. They also but the hospitals tool. Cancer patients and as well most governments got one. That's coming down this morning now I nick for you well when you take over this building next week yet they're still gonna be some things that have to be moved around but. How quickly do you anticipates. You know getting things going as far as new construction and know what you want to do. We're still quite a bit of pre planning and asked to go into our development plan we've been meeting with community groups quite regularly. Since being asked to be preferred developer. We're going through the logistics next week of a taken the deed to the property be just taken over the operations of its that's going to be immediate and then at that point. We're MB that are racism minorities but talking with the city. In terms of what the plans in and be with the process and the beat goes through planning board in and now the legal. Were the root them through the the path of real progress. Is this a unique situation for you because a lot of these projects that are smack dab in the middle of neighborhoods suit were talking something big. Being put in a neighborhood it's not used to having something big here here. We're used to having the hospital here so that it would Scott used to you know a lot of activity going around this one big building. That changed things for you and coming up the plants. Yes sure am I think it's a unique. Try to for anybody. That this 700000 square feet in the an urban neighborhood. It's mainly residential is as unique and challenging but also an opportunity we're really excited about it we think. The site is. One of the greatest sites certainly in this community and our plans in mostly residential nature residential for sale for at least where I have some areas for retail restaurants. We're talking a grocery stores right now we're word we're confident that we're gonna work a deal out at a grocery store here and I'm numb. I'm Utica and we we think comprehensively is going to be great plan in a moral redo in 33 to four years and start and. Any idea when some of those announcements we might be hearing a grocery stores thinks like that. I think overcoming monster come out is as. Things are ready right now we're still working with community make sure the plan that we have is the right plan for for us and for the community move forward REM Mike on the move once more it could last up to 24 hours and knowing the number of patients you have right now that it's at the exact date. Idea have a tiger shooting forced to when this move will be complete. But there's no such urgency. And now speaking out snack and do the trick for us we have to take your time regarding that with AMR the amounts company and for them they're making sure that they. Provide the safest transport as possible so. As you said we the goal B 24 hours or less. If we do it in twelve or sixteen year eighteen hours that's great but number one priority no one goal really is patient safety cell. Hopefully some time night after dinner eleven update pouring EV a final count. All right sounds good Mike Hughes and X not sure thanks so much for joining me here and good luck on the move I know everyone's gonna want to head over to the new hospital now because. Less than an hour away from it opening an exciting time thanks for heaven's.