Children's Move "Like Military Operation" - Kaleida Chairman Frank Curci


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And Lumber Liquidators dot com. WB in his time 745. Children we're here with the chairman of the board frank curtsy joining us to talk all about moving day you know we're just talking a second ago he says it's a big day. For the community it spent a long time coming this move. As a project that's been in the works for a long time. I actually come to fruition really in the last four or five years says the new management team took over. You know the running in this hospital and the planning in the effort that's gone into this project has just been amazing. But really it's it's only big day for client it's really big day for the community consists hospitals really special. You know I a Rick I was allow younger I mean. Too young to really know what was going god know the last time not that big push was made to. Keep Children's Hospital here right you saw the signs just about everywhere everyone has some sort of connection to this hospital. Why is now the right time to make this. Well and of course this hospital has a great history has been here for 125 years so people really do have a emotional connection to it. But the M did the fact that the new house those going to be very efficient in its it's modern. It's going to be able to take care of her children much better. On that the real thing though is that over these past four years decline it has really done a great job of getting our house in order. On Andy and Brady both financially. Management wise to pull off for project of this magnitude and the management team has done a great job. It's been described almost as a missing piece to that medical campus downtown to have the Children's Hospital here. I mean that makes that entire campus surrounding it so it really the place it has been the place for a few years now but it is it the missing piece. Sure sure their children customers is the missing piece to have that here now with Maria the hospital surrounding it. Conventions here with you being medical school. Anything that you need medical rise can be done here in them in the medical campus. And really this whole thing is and it's it's it's a metaphor for what's happening in buffalo in general there really is a resurgence going on. The fact that we have all this well its construction going on and on the medical campus all these new hospital buildings. Armed them best medical care you can get anywhere in the country right here it's really an amazing thing this thing. It has to open new doors for you guys having that in being able to it. Collaborate with everyone else on the medical care. Sure everything together makes things much more efficient so any concern that you need all of these hospitals are interconnected and you don't even have to go outside. It's just a wonderful thing this thing. Do you mentioned before the movie itself kind of a well oiled machine of military operation today she called it's one thing to hear about it. When you see it in action when I saw hope these ambulances lined up from picking our it's gonna take on don't know. They're all gone already already making this move that's under way is that impressive it for you. It is yours impressive then you know we really is described as a military operation and really that's always going. Person holds the number one priority is to get patients over to the new house safely. It's not quickly it's safely. And the planning process that's gone on here over this past year has just been amazing. They're in practice runs. There's disaster recovery teams has a whole command sent here to take care of any potential problem that that comes out. But so far so good patience there in the new hospital already and things are going according to plan. With this hospital it changes hands next week. What are you hoping to see as far as at the development of this field. Tressel this building has been here for a long time is a big part of the the only go to community here. We really look this via a great project fits in with the we've with the community that's tyranny. Whether it's presidential. Some some commercial. We we think pin and hoped that it will be and an important part of the community here for a long time. I have to think it's a little bit easier to fit into the community because it's so used to having this big building here it's not as if your read making a new development that's big game you know a smaller community this has been here for under point five years. Yeah the so this will be a great project because it will it is right here and done an Elmore and this is going to be a great project. This many people wanna live here than many people in the shop here all those facilities are or. Able to be in this building here in fairly short order. And you know we've done a great job of selecting. You know developers do to get this project done and them we're looking forward to it's fruition. You're among the brave people the wind chill outside his gates. I don't see a big winner jacket on you ever won just wearing their moving day gear is it too cold for you out there and no we weren't. Is just another day in buffalo feels. I guess we we we we we are tough and it it might be called but it's not tackle. Right and it's not stopping everything from moving along I decision mention military like operation to well oiled machine here. The move is underway francs thanks so much for it take the time thank you for being here that aren't so I Susan we'll send it back to you would be movie is under way he had spent about 45 minutes now. And everything moving smoothly.