Childrens Hospital reuse plans 930in716 February 1, 2018

Thursday, February 1st

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It's 930. In 716. Now that we have vote shy Children's Hospital up and running want to do with the old women in Children's Hospital. In buffalo this project when it's complete would be a better product and then it was and it was just handset. So I'd just really ask that you consider thoughtfully. People who used to. Don't are you aware life around here and wanted to continue and they don't want big large development doesn't today and coming here in an and be pushed on them anyway. I'm Jim weigh anchor on the podcast powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living in a country setting. I was there are hundreds of residents were at Lafayette Presbyterian Church two Wednesday night. For a lengthy sometimes emotional meeting on the plans for the old Children's Hospital site in the elm wood village. Developers rolling out their visions and renderings for the area which includes hundreds of apartments condos town homes along with a mix of retail and residential space to two new buildings are included one is six floors. You can see all those renderings at WB EN dot com. The room was packed in the speaker after speaker standing before developers and voicing their concerns offering suggestions. There's a lot at stake here you have residents and neighbors and business folks that are interest in the project. Councilman David Rivera represented good portion of the elm wood village and watched and listened attentively. You can tell by the attendance here today we have approximately 300 people there. With the first ideas and wishes and concerns. Looking at the project overall. Very impressed with project. There. Giving the community some of the things that they want green space are part. Affordable housing their number of things that we're still working and that is a concern regarding the height of the building so certainly we're gonna take a look at that. But I think this project when it's complete would be a better price than it was when it was just handset. That's part of process to make it hard to beat them better and I think that's what's gonna happen once this is complete. When stages of that what Steve is the project will right now it's in the planning and design stage. There's nothing before the suitable for in terms and you approvals yet actors know applications through the planning board. Zoning board or to the city that it Noah. Which means that there engage in the community before they go to the city which is a good thing they're actually here engaging the community holding meetings. It's been I don't know how many meanings they help it's been numerous meetings and they continued to meet with the community to mitigate the concerns of the community. And I think that's what make you better project once. You know they include some of the things some of the change anyone's I think going to be even better project and any concerns. You know. Either personally or from me from Europe council office well Mike my concern is always listen to. You know all of the ideas. And then work to mitigate. And he's not everybody's gonna agree but you try to get as many people to read you possibly can you move forward. There's some concerns obviously in you can see the emotions here today that some people very emotional when it comes to affordable housing. Their emotional when it comes to the height of the buildings and perhaps the materials to be using the building. But that's hard to process this is this this is where we get a chance to advance and listen to those folks and then take it back and discuss it. I if I wanna come about just. And just ask you something a little bit different. Among the many speakers was Nancy Gurney she's not upset at the plans are opposed really did anything in particular. But she offered a suggestion that resonated with a carefully listening developers. Children's Hospital was there my whole life. People came in and now. Great things happen there. Appendix is came out taxes came out babies were born there was really. Basically a very happy place at you if you grew up around there are lots of activity. I've been first enough to be able to volunteered children hospital in and threw. Senses and Aaron now and it's news space. And what have come to realize is that it wasn't a happy place for everybody. There are some people who didn't make it out of town hospital. I'm pranksters. And I think that's really important that that the developers understand that. It's a great new beginning for this place. But there are a lot of feelings and everything that are left. I'm background. And when you talk about. Green space in and you sort of seamless and it maybe. Block ways to stop we'll put some green grass man who let's that flowers and stuff. But if if that was the last place you signed your child. Our that was the last place that something really significant happening in your life. Is why isn't there a way and memory. You could carve something out of that plays. So that people can go buy it and and and we're flat and just. Just let it be that it's not a whole new. Development and and you know that her life is gone and removing him so I just really ask that you consider thoughtfully. That it it wasn't just you know neighborhood that laugh it was it was lives that were fixed and and most of the cases very happy happy situations. But in some not so much. And I I would really appreciated he would. Acknowledged back. So after the lengthy meeting came to a close I talked with the developers to get their take on. What had transpired. Any surprise at the level of passion and engagement. Bill Paladino. Not not at all people know village compassion about this area for a long long time and with all the new development going on here from different developers including myself and I'll wooden. Ullman and on television that we realize that passes gonna continue with people are used to. Don't mark away a life around here and wanted to continue and they don't want. Big large development doesn't today and coming here in an can be pushed on them anyway. With our development we feel it's it's a big campus it's over 7000 square feet to over seven acres. And we feel we've been nice plan that creates intensity hopefully can. Added if ever this community and help help thaw the small business owners here and help bring more small business here. And give people both affordable and market rate rent so lots to live with as much as everyone some people here should say were. Tell me asking us know what type of France if they went in the Florida and things like that. We think there's going to be as the affordability for every class here we really know that wolf ratifies laws 6700 dollars here a month and all the way up to. I don't 2000 probably month by who we are gonna make it affordable technically made today mayor brown in the city of buffalo and other community members of the pack in organ of economic meant. Nixon not true as a key stakeholder in the project which will point northward of 100 million dollars. He's confident their plans are close but he knows there's room for improved. Meant that we love it great project and you know this is this is one of the multiple steps that we hadn't and the community engagement isn't great feedback here. Lawrence take into consideration and where continue to fine tune them the plan and see who we are a few more weeks. And has been on ten kids aren't physically getting prepared them recently yeah. Moving it. Exactly so collide. Vacated the hospital women's and Children's Hospital that the fifteenth of November. And so up until that moment there was a functioning hospitals that we were not allowed in there by state by state health law. And so. We weren't even able really didn't do any investigation are due diligence until that day. And then the last two months they've been actually vacating all the equipment out so. Jet that happened January 12 that lead so just recently we've been implicated in their takeover of the project with our breaking down walls of in doing it do you examination that we have to do justice to see what's behind the walls and figure out how we're gonna. Keep this base and do electrical and space that that is going to be most mostly residential and commercial nature not a function hospital so it's challenge folk will get them. I. Ready. And I think it's great. One of the reasons that makes this community so great is that people are really engaged in everything gazed about. What happens here from all friends not just development and and there's some good dialogue here and wanting arm buys meant. And and terminating a surprise me now I am one of the things I really loved was he was the idea of in some sort of children's memorial. In error around the existing hospital and I think it's really thoughtful idea and we're you know we're we're gonna follow and that's me with its. So where every group residue Allman team in a take under advisement what was said here and we're gonna see how we can improve on the project and at that point don't we start the formal process with the city of buffalo in terms of submitting drawings and submitting. The documentation as required under their process to see planning approval and zoning variances that are that are. Just want to insert line with about the amount or affordable housing and the cops need to know the numbers. And give them increases hours and them. Sure viewers who were still talking to folks about about. The number and amount of form housing here. And I think it's a testament to us that there were forward thinking enough to them to actually look at this before. We're enemies Manning has to do it I'm a believer and I think there's used in and night three for affordable housing in this community we're doing a lot of it all over town fact. We'll probably go firm doing the most affordable housing downturn time right now and it is a great opportunity for some on this night we just got to figure out the right number. And I think will be on the common agreement. Based on demand but also based on what the economics than projects are going to be. Next step another go around with those plans before any final approvals are soft. We're back tomorrow. That's 930 and 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.