Cheektowaga Police Chief David Zack Briefing on Shooting

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Tuesday, November 14th

Chief Zack updates reporters on the shooting in Cheektowaga Tuesday.


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Leaving everyone. My name is David Zach CA CK. I am the police chief for the town of Cheektowaga. For a began. I'd like to remind everyone this incident occurred only three hours ago the investigation. Has only just be gone. The information we are providing at this time could possibly change we are doing their very best to be as informative. As we can get this time. The Cheektowaga police department would like to thank the west cynical police department. The Niagara frontier transit authority police. Erie county sheriff's office the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms were all assisting us. With this investigation. For joining me here at the podium as assistant chief. James Speyer. This is captain Michael is brand who'll be leading the investigation. He's patrol officers in this lieutenant. Joining me here. Now we're the first officers. On scene. Who did just an absolutely. Remarkable job their town's proud of him this police department's problem. And we know their families are problem. Lieutenant Anthony Lipsky. Patrol officer Dominic Schwartz sergeants out Scott grant. Police officer. Anthony. When the incident occurred but they are currently. Eighties EMC. Guarding a prisoner. It approximately 2:47. PM this afternoon. CPD received a man with a gun call that the dollar general store. In Cheektowaga. This created some initial confusion. With our dispatchers. Is there are six. Dollar General locations within our tone. We were able to ascertain that the particular general dollar store in question was the union road location. However this created additional confusion as the union road location. Is actually located at the airport plaza at the intersection of union wrote in Genesee street. The actual address where this incident occurred. Although on union wrote it's official address is 25 garden built parkway west which is near French row. Complete opposite. Directions. In town and there are the most favre's most outposts. Despite the confusion. CPB officers did arrive on scene within four minutes of the call being received. The first officers on scene encountered total chaos as can be expected. Witnesses over the officers to a male wearing camouflage. Fleeing the scene on fort. The subject was repeatedly ordered to stop and he refused. After a brief foot pursuit the subject was tackled to the ground by officers. No shots were exchange between the subject and see PD officers. The subject in question. Was wearing body armor. Where he was not in a put in possession of weapon when subdued. The subject was injured. We are not sure as to whether the injury suffered occurred prior to a rest or during the arrest. His or injuries do not appear life threatening. One innocent civilian was injured during. What appears to be an unprovoked attack. Those injuries also do not appear to be life threatening. And this was an attack we're possibly dozens of rounds were fired. At this time to AR fifteen rifles have been recovered. We believe additional firearms may be within. A vehicle that was used by the suspects. At this time we have a suspect's name however. His identity has not been verified. He is being uncooperative at this time. The injured civilian. Has been identified. However we will not be releasing. That name until we received the appropriate word from family. Of that victim. I am certain there are many questions as to the motive of the shooter. In at this time we have no way of knowing what that was. We are very confident that the shooter was acting alone and no other suspects are being sought at this time. ATF that sheriff's. Office were called in as a precautionary measure to ensure the possible suspect vehicle had no explosives contained therein. All agencies have completed their work. No explosives. Were present in their vehicle. At this time I'll take any questions you may have. And at this time I do not have that information. And that is correct. Once again we can't speculate on man. Were were just into theirs he is not being. Cooperative with us at all so motive. Pre planning all those things. Well we're we're just unsure of at this time. Is that the victim does not appear to be seriously hurt. Again we just we don't wanna talk about the victim right at this time just because we're still. Making sure family and also that the treatment has been completed an epic and we don't know what the status that treatment has right now. I can tell you as as. Pet being on scene there were several rounds that penetrated the front door glass of the story of windows were completely shot. Or. I would say that we're there were the preliminary numbers I have is that there were three customers and several clerks. In close proximity of that in the Dollar General are. That's way too early to it to know. Personally I am and I saw several casings. The network. Witnesses were alerting the officers and pointing it in in the suspect's direction and and that's where they. Focused their attention. You know when you when he these are the times we live and sadly. And when you when you have an incident like this. You have to take every precaution we don't know you know. What the motive of the of the shooter was. But when you have someone running around with body armor with a high powered rifle. Wearing body armor. There's there's no way of knowing what their true intent is and we have to take every precaution. We believe we knew that the vehicle that he arrived in so we're gonna clear that. Is well and again I think it's just the times we live and we did have a I believe it was the kind of TA dog that came out and it did hit. Had a positive hit for. Some sort of substrate on the vehicle. Which of course you know. It that that could also be that that the gunshot residue itself so there was a positive. Hit by the dog which but we would have called out those agencies regardless. It. Describe it that way. Single count on that player we're doing on my classes anyway. All those that you know there were witnesses. From the store there were witnesses across the street. We've got a number of them. So. Each and every one of those witnesses are still being interviewed. By. Our investigators at this time so again I really can't answer that. What appears to be unprovoked. That I don't have all the details on that we're hoping by morning we'll know a little bit more about that I mean obviously we can't. That is injured party is is being treated so we have not been able to conduct of the world. In your view of exactly what happened there for how those injuries occurred. Again I'd I don't have all that right now. We do have a suspect name. We are trying to verify that we believe we have an address. And we are following up on that. I don't have that information right now I'm hearing different reports so there's still. There's still a lot going on. Still still trying to confirm all of I don't want speculative. Witnesses. And also the way the original call came in there was only a report of one. Oh my god yeah I mean. Dozens of rounds fired inside that store. That it is a miracle that I'm not at this podium. Reading off the names of the dead. And we're blessed with that we're fortunate that. Those persons inside the store and sure are spending some quality time with loved ones. At this time they clearly. We're extremely lucky. I. Sat well there's there's a number of witnesses I don't wanna say. Ten would be a reasonable hum hum per. But they're they're they're could be more than meticulous. Again we can't confirm any of that right now. My dad you know differently than you guys frame her they're looking. Deconstructing everything New York officers are on the way there. I would at the sale under the circumstances. That these officers faced they've performed heroically. Performed as they've been trained. Our dispatchers. And clearly confusing situation. Did a remarkable job. We will debrief. When it's all said and done we will look to see. You know. Things that that we possibly could've done better but on its face you consider the response time. The suspect has been taken into custody. Others. There were no. Major cat casualties. It was training it was walk it was skill it was all of the above. We will that that will as the identity of the suspect. Becomes known. We will be working very closely with the FBI and also. Clearly the Erie county just attorney's office. We have video we have video. I believe the assistant chief did you get a look at that. We're not gonna really talk about that. What's on that it is time I haven't seen it. And number the investigators have all seen it either so you say whether it was just from doctor. That you thought was the two parties have been in. Our. It was cute video that was yet she never able to grab. Fifteen years. We will go through. And aerial views it. Noise and yes. Turkey. It was meant that on so I act I thought it it's have I've others. Yes. I know that maverick players who were still trying to verify identity on them. You know he's not being very cooperative and the information is being developed world at this point he's done so it's so. It's gonna take a little time to either side. That I can't I can't speculate on all I can tell he was at the time of rust he was not in possession before. Or. I would say just a couple hundred feet. We have our suspect there is no. Threat that we believe that this time we do believe the shooter acted alone. Were. Our town residents sleep safe your guys are on the job. Too hard to ascertain that this time. They can't tell you they're not allowed to speak. They're doing great. They're doing great and we are. Extremely problem and we're happy to hear. Most of law. But. They could've done a better job. They're the best of the blast and we got out 129 officers here extremely dedicated we're extremely. Proud of all of them but today particularly proud of these guys here. Your theory. That that's all we have right now. That's I'm sure we'll be seeking some assistance from other agencies down the road but. Right now that that's who's working closely with us. Yeah. The suspect. The it right. We're not gonna get into that I mean the officers all have to be interviews. We haven't had time to interview all of them formally. Siemens will be taken from them so there. There actions we can't really get into it too much of this time. I believe that's going to be shut down for a while others. It's a big scene. Again. The windows were the door and two wayward shot up. So I don't know when he'll be returning to business. I would imagine that'll be a couple of days at least. On what traffic has been reopened up in this general area so what that scene will be contained for. For quite some time our RC aside people got. To work cut out form over the next. 86 having done this work 48 to 72 hours are going to be pretty busy. There and some other vehicles were hit by gunfire. But as far as we know that it right now. That's primarily you know an industrial area commercial areas so you know we haven't had any reports yet. It's straight rounds flying anywhere but that possibly certainly exist but we've gotten reports that just. I think. We will have. I think we should have some more information you a little bit later. Assistant chief spire will be contacting you while we not do anything else on camera tonight we will probably sense something out tomorrow morning and and give you additional. Updates. So have. You gotta. For. Negation. If there's any witnesses out there that information for our society can reach us at 666. 3505. It's are detective Piero. We're also our tip line they can text a tip to tip 411. Thank you.