Cheektowaga Asst. Chief Jim Speyer on the Dollar General Shooting

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Tuesday, November 14th

Speyer explains what happened at the Dollar General in Cheektowaga Tuesday afternoon.


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To keep Jim's foyer with the Cheektowaga police just SPE. YE ER. And duchess to update everybody this is in the very preliminary stages of our investigation were still. Attempting to sort out exactly what happened here. Well what we know right now is that there was a shooting at the Dollar General and union wrote French right here Cheektowaga. Shortly before 3 o'clock. We're not exactly sure what led to that however we believe that there was some kind of altercation. A one individual was shot outside of the store that is a male. Right now an adult male who suffered what appears to be not life threatening injuries. We have a suspect in custody. That we located here at the scene. He is now also being treated for an injury. An act at local a local hospital not sure which when he went through. What we are investigating this as much as we can put and it's video together there is some video of that we have there is other evidence were looking at. Not sure of the quality of it but we do know that off. We had a canine. The explosives canine it. Are alerted to a vehicle that's in the parking lot if it Dollar General. Therefore we are shutting down traffic to this whole area. Just out of extreme caution. We are going to have the very Connie shares. Bomb squad to assist us in determining. If there's any for further action needed it it get location for their particular currency. We will have more information available at 6 o'clock. Yet our police station at headquarters so. Send your people are you can you're welcome to join us there at 6 o'clock where the chief will have hopefully some more information for you it is in the initial stages. I'm giving you what I can't at this point. What we know. And obviously there's a lot that we don't know so we are working on that for you. If it's all like they have right now. Residents in the cities. Partners home users we are in an area that's safe it's been determined to be safe. Any if any of the area within the perimeter. That we believe should be. Exclusive to the public has been excluded so. Anybody in this area that we're currently in right here is fine human ideals and our office we don't know that at all. You mentioned that you is that surveillance video from the Dollar General sultan video we believe that there's possibly video from the out I'm not sure where to from us. I saw video I don't know were thrown out it would it. Somebody called us we get several calls commit to police station that when one that's rivers we were getting calls where newscaster but he was the guy asked for time while we treated it as an active shooter. We believed the time that it was very likely to be. A bomb in doll fortunately. Now there was more damage it was a war injuries to anybody here at the scene in hopefully. You know figure out what happened here in well with do we need to do. I I don't I know that. You know I union in French role will be closed down any trip to comic self done union will be diverted the French. And then what cynical will be shutting down traffic at their border. I don't have specific beat us. At this time we believe everybody's in Kosygin needs to be costs. We're looking at all possibilities. But that's what we believe right now. We don't believe there's any other cause for concern. The public to see. If the public needs to stay away from the area. We have everything that we need right now under control. In we just need people stay away out of precaution. Wanna custody. I I couldn't get into you know what. That's what we have right now and I hope to have more the answers for you at 6 o'clock OK a lot of police headquarters at 6 o'clock AQ. There. We'll have more information for you at 6 o'clock.