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Wednesday, April 4th

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It's 930. In 716. Cell phones in schools. On the podcast. It's been very difficult force schools to continue to kinda pushed that a wave of the baker the way it should not practical it's not working well it's not realistic. Think that we can. Teach our. There are students would ul would then use all the devices that are using the other eighteen hour of the day one of the main catalyst is are trying to prepare the students for the business world and in the business world very quickly could community meeting people are calling up facts figures and information. Contact kind of help also we feel it would be appropriate skill. For students to learn. Lots of voices on this today. I'm Tim Wenger on the podcast powered by the Brothers of mercy. Cell phones are still absent from most US schools but new data showing them steadily gaining acceptance. As administrators about a parent's wishes to keep tabs on kids and teachers find ways to work them into lessons. We have an in depth piece on this at WB EN dot com. Well we think it's well incremental change and it's not surprising when you think about the fact that. The average age outlook on the ship started around 1516. In 2000 import and I down to tenure so. Liz cold as an education technologies professor at the University of Michigan and tells WB and Susan Rosen Brian as arouse keep the trend is shifting toward acceptance of cell phones inside schools. And so and we now have about eighty per cent a student in high school morning at ALCON. It's been very difficult force schools to continue to kind of push the tidal wave of the baker the way. And it tries to manage keeping them out of school. What do you see is so biggest reason for the change is using the phone says you know part of the curriculum is it a safety reason or maybe something else. I would want to get your academic but the truth is 90% apparent apparently the number one reason why they cricket is out on prepared tiled. In her big killing them they want to be able to communicate with the cab at any time. They want it out to be able to communicate with Dan at any time. And now as we had more are on the hat violence in schools in the media it's not that I being back. We are seeing more apparent pushing further count you have a device with them. Just in case something might happen and they need to immediately contact the parent or an authority figure. So we've kind of gone from them being a distraction to now. Phones being a lifeline right. And can eat without apparent think about it and though the action though that it's very compact right now what they're lifting the band but still trying to figure out how to better manage them inside the world. And I'm you have some teachers trying to use them quite academic reason that successful. While others are just struggling with trying to manage. Tonight is popping up and the that you because they're not school only. It's harder to say that you can take away that device or that you can require them to not be with this student I'm a little bit more convoluted. It seems like it's almost inevitable that these are going to be used as part of the curriculum in classrooms just because. But when you get out of school you'll be caring your phone around all the time so why not learn how to use it. To help you with two whether it's math or something else but that transition from. Being not allowed to figuring out how to teach with them that's got to be tough that might take some time. Absolutely now they are definitely computers in your game and they have so much power to them. And now noble businesses back conducted district at cellphone. Diet low teachers did not grow up using cellphones and learning and so it's very difficult for them. Under and I'll become the learning cool. They needed yet how they make sure student I'm getting distracted and going into their social media application and rather than during the mining. Peace has done it. I'm so a lot of it is about teacher training and quote the compact and strong management policy support. Local superintendents are telling us that they're kind of moving toward a a red to green yellow type of phone zone in schools have you heard of that. Absolutely it called the athletic as. And I made it an approach that allows you get some autonomy over the thought I would ever red sticker on their door being. No cellphone they should be in the late this and at that. Green means tab about ready to go and pick yellow means they will use them at some point her abdomen and a ready position. And the ready position that often in the upper right hand corner at turned over ABM vibrates so that they're not tempted to. You know put them over and look at and the easy credit teachers and manage and see where that Al. How long do you think it might take for phones to be kind of in every single classroom in May be instead of tax book you're looking something up. On your phone. Well I actually already happening in important actor and then I'm not really interesting about phone is that it helps with the equity issues that we and in high need schools and you'll actually see. I mean I'm trying quote their locker missed that about sounds because maybe they don't have access to other technologies in school and at home. And so they're finding their creative ways he used them. I mean there are some statistics that predict in the next five years will be to look out. 70% of school district court with district will be allowing felt from Ian on the schools. Back to Western New York where school districts are making adjustments to their policies. And Niagara Falls superintendent mark Lorie says a lot of the pressures are coming from parents. Not just students. Parents have absolute open whether kids are all the time we will try to take them all the time. And you know it's important that the parents know how to use the same technology used to student still. And and not just. That particular report triggered him to repair. It's suing Google by the wayside to assure that we all took on all than they were mailed and now your report card lender or your computer so. It's a changing world not just for student but forward care I'll Molitor watch. You know I think going back this morning and just talking about how when I was in school the teachers always used to say immense class. He's not gonna bring calculator with few and walk around with a one in your pocket 24 hours a day. Well look at how the times have changed I kind of do it's on my phone. Then pass the change in the way here things are taught right knowing that this technology is available to everybody. He's going to any mad quest matter all plate when you'll see you'll see talked earlier projected on the screen. And you'll see geometry your elder Burrell Richard Lester working off the child to later on the screen you wouldn't go into a job interview. Bit more personal kind of technical skill. And got a piece of paper and pencil and then carry the water and had the two boasting just don't happen anymore for the employers. They want people to really utilize technology that at their fingers. And be able to utilize to quickly and effectively so it will really trying to prepare. Students for good next. Well hold the next part of their life we've got a pillar using technology and I know it's a cultural shift to remind shippers and rust. What went so we're used to work paper and pencil first all time in early grades so well in the processors. But there watching it at certain grade it should it's time in the technology. So what is the policy Dan for cellphone used during the school day and Niagara Falls. Yeah LA now right now that there is apologize to both the primitive but we're looking at it and I heard I don't know superintendent. You talked about agreed in and read. No I don't policy that that's something that we're moving towards as well dark green period when it's good use you can use it or read period led. It is certainly not look at it based on the activity and there's no period that. The enemy activity that's going on you Mary may not know we get the direction of the future. Or moving more toward the all that that no include the technology to let it you to Opel. Also called to mind most of the time when we don't want so on well we want to a lot of beat Oprah started on the person well. What kind of feedback do you get from teachers who are kind of looking to balance those two things the technology with the need to. Eight pay attention were stone class here. It's good chilling new outlook or teacher. That's when you're red zone type of environment. I don't know the teachers are learning the teachers are being trained that waited teacher took. I don't stat that really the technology. So they understand media corporation third and each dictate train that you're not gonna be stopped. And world moves to think that if we were banned them and make it put them away for over that border be successful. So we've got to change with the time that that they we've got to meet student were very. Now were they used to be here now where they think they should be here or not we made of growing up were there at literate now in this world that start. Mark from a safety standpoint their lifeline right cell phones and they really are. It is funny you know we have to love me a note to try it sometime before doing practice drill. Locked down route and wicket because. If we don't. Let them go get a call weight and that the child support the locked onto I'm not sure we were not so. We can get to get out portable and more often than not it is just a drill electric. We need to take it seriously don't panic terror are. Well although I'm not prepared routes will not knowing what's going on well these are just no want to that we not and to think about the best the a part of the world Libyans meanwhile that another Western New York district. Currently there as a district we accept cellphones with in this school that the upper level. Doug Schofield heads up the iroquois schools in talks with our Tom pocket. At the primary level we do discourage it sometimes there are reasons worst students would carry it. But typically starting at middle school that they can use cellphones. We do have our red green yellow policy. Which means there are some areas rad. Where they would be cut of the UK it at that time and during an attack or bomb the part about going on. Others greed which they could always use that and then yellow where it will vary depending on what activities going out. How much is cellphone use being used in the classroom as far arrows to. Help with the education prosperous teachers using it for example. Are that really varies by a teacher our student and our class I know there's different programs that they used were students will sit there and do their homework. A practice exams. Shared notes on it. But also we're using office 365. Which you can have all your files and larger work on your phone if you would like but it's also allows you to do it on a computer so then depending on the student they can choose which device they would you do not. I know a couple of weeks ago there was that. He's a couple of students. Leaving that this the to the school and getting lost in the woods how helpful crystal for his B apparently it's only this were to happen again. Are there is actually one of our first thought was to seep into the cellphone column. They did not but they're definitely been able to pink foam on the below Kader would've been a great. Attribute or great benefit at that time. Is that one of the reasons why cellphone use a cell phones our opinion sorry that your record buildings for the high school middle school students. No actually that's not the reason not to nice side effect. But what happened. I'll take a few years ago I disputing cabinet entered disputed cabinet talking to the students and how they do work. Com one of the student kept me explain where they take good notes other records all work. And our permits student debt commuted question we discussed it. And came more up with a practiced look at other districts of how we would be beneficial to students. It has music technology changes. I'm one of the main catalyst is are trying to prepare the students for the business world. And in the business world very quickly computer and meeting people are calling up facts figures and information. Contact honest toppled so we feel it would be appropriate to go for students to learn. And obviously the delicate and other rules on when to use when not to use the commander plays in the in the class as well. Definite definite the etiquette is that it is the major issues on the Q urban at a meeting where summit of all time on their cell phone when they should be making contact with the other individuals that the median. That is what we're looking to disk urgent teach them here's what you do what here's how you do it and openly take those lessons out and not into the workforce it's going to be an evolving process with technology as well hole. Armed as the as the world changes so much art calm beliefs and how we use technology. In schools in the workplace is gonna change we need to stay with those signs and air quite planned time beating that leading that and upper. So pulled the phone. Literally. Back tomorrow. That's 930 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.