Catholic Charities Over the Top 930in716 June 27, 2018

Wednesday, June 27th

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It's 930. In 716. And so it gives me great pleasure to announce the amount raised as of this morning. Is eleven million. 7179. Dollars and 37 cents. Catholic Charities. Over the top. And Hurley we just hung in there. We were as I said honestly we were very very concerned between me and the decline in membership and then they abuse crisis on top of it all. And what's it all mean in the end thank you sister and can't securities for all people who like me need to go to school. Thank you for the people who need your help in so many ways I never forget. I'm Tim Wenger on 930 in 716 powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living in a country setting. It truly was an exasperating here for the Catholic Charities campaign. Every time they got some wind in their sales it seemed another bump in the road from the ongoing revelations about former diocesan priests accused in a sex abuse scandal. And there was the donor fatigue and a challenging economic environment to. How could they approach or make their eleven million dollar goal. When we launched this year's appeal back in early January. We knew will be a challenge to reach our ambitious eleven million dollar goal. But none of us knew just how big of a struggle it would be when I received a notice additional loan. In the Catholic Charities hierarchy would hold an update Tuesday four days before the appeals and well I figured it would be just that an update but much to the surprise of all of us in attendance. They did it the community did it. Similar to many other organized Christian churches and communities. The Catholic Church. Continues to experience declining numbers. That's factor number one that we share with many other religious communities. There is donor fatigue for sure from our recent very successful diocesan. Capital campaign. And some perished building programs as well as obviously the ongoing attention to. Past clergy sex abuse and these were all factors. That threatens to impact this year's appeal and had us to be. Truthful very anxious. Much of the time. As recently as may fifteenth. We faced a seemingly insurmountable shortfall. Of more than one point five million dollars. It was evident we were at serious risk of failing to achieve our goal for the first time since 2010. And only the fourth time in the appeals 94 year history. This prompted system area Dennison are department heads to begin taking a hard look. At what programs or services. Might need to be scaled back. Or were eliminated if we fell short then of course is a very dire situation we never never wanna find ourselves in. Our spirits would greatly uplifted on June 8 however when our inaugural. Day of giving. Surpassed all expectations many of you know about that were part of funds raised that day. Push the appeal to ten point 6265. Million dollars or 97%. Of our goal. Providing much needed momentum. And a new sense of hope with fewer than two weeks. Remaining. In the book of chronicles in the old testament. We are reminded these strong. Did not give up for our work will be rewarded it. Our appeal leadership team our staff. I'm many wonderful volunteers. Took these words to heart. Assistant Mary of course as always vowed to leave no stone unturned. In the effort to raise the additional monies needed to reach our goal. Our appeal continued to inch its way operate in recent days. And indeed I'll work has been richly blessed. And rewarded. And so it gives me great pleasure to announce the amount raised as of this morning. Is eleven million. 7179. Dollars and 37 cents. We've been following the upbeat announcement I've talked with. This of Malone about the challenge of the appeal and we're the abuse scandal stands now as he continues to lead Western New York Catholics. We just hung in there we were as I said on as The Who have very very concerned between me and the decline in membership. Which of voices is a decline in financial resources. And then they abuse crisis on top of it all. And sadly some people. We are all angry about the sex abuse crisis me too but some people translated their anger into pulling back. Donations which I think yes. Very unfortunate because it hurts more people people were right to abuse. But if we don't help opportunities. You know they need and what people but we came through that's important. I think I think people know in the west in the community the tremendous. Work that cut the charities does. With the guide to you know just without any regard to religion or ethnicity or social sexual orientation nothing else it. They put this thing. I. I I don't know like I I've tried to speak a few times on that team mice and a couple of letters out to be read all the parishes. And said the ideal in the sand while all dismayed upset and angry about the situation. But but please continue to give to charities because it's a way to make people's lives better. That was I think and people heard I think. I think. Scandals and we're. Every every day. A good amount of my schedule is given over to working on different aspects of of this situation absolutely. We haven't got to read yet. It was only a couple of weeks ago that the the deadline for. People with past claims that sent it in. Listen in the claim and I haven't this still processing all that stuff. And the the two former judges who by the independent administrators then. I I understand wanna get a look at the spectrum of things because you know there's there's a variety I haven't seen all these cases but there's a variety of situations and seriousness they have to look at all that useless stat that's flinched in making judgments. Now feel I told me you know I'd love to hit my ambition moments. That's the voice of sister Mary McCarrick a familiar voice is she's been on WB and a few times over the past few months working hard as the head of the appeal for the past. Nine years nine years that's a lot of work in a lot of fundraising. And yes a lot of stress but she does it all to hear back from those the appeal helps. And in this position I get lots of can communications for people to me to read one this theme I promised my very last letter I ever read to you. So I got this letter and a had a few weeks ago and your sister Mary. Without high school situations taking place I feel this is the time to finally sit down and write an out of things. I dropped out of school before I could earn my high school diploma and it always felt like something was missing. It was hard to get a jab at the pay enough money to live and why would anybody want to hire me. How could an employer believe that I could finish jab when I couldn't finish high school. Well I turned 25 and I recently received my high school equivalency. Through that Catholic Charities. That teachers can't securities were terrific. They wouldn't give up behind me even when I was about to give up on myself with geometry. They never quit and so I didn't. I haven't jab and I'm planning I'm going to college in the fall to get a better one. I hope that whoever reads this will hear it will learn that like gives you many ups and downs but education is the one thing you can count man. Thank you sister and can't securities for all people who like me need to go back to school. Thank you for the people who need your help and so many ways I'll never forget what you've got to thank you all of you for contributing to this woman's success and for. Helping 150000. Other people here. Thank you mr. Softly and quietly as systemic Carrick does she tried to slip away from the podium. But bishop Malone wasn't about to let that happen. As I know for many of us for many of us perhaps all of us. This is very much a bittersweet moment. After these many years of remarkable service in the spirit of Saint Francis and saint Clair. As we know sisters finishing her service in countless charities. Not finishing her ministry should be doing plenty of other things are loner already settled for a baptism retreated time. So please join me in thanking this wonderful lady for a tremendous years. So congratulations and thank you sister McCarrick thinking Catholic Charities and thank you and Western New York. We're back tomorrow. It's been an act. That's 938 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.