Cashless Tolling 930in716 March 15, 2018

Thursday, March 15th

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It's 930. In 716. No told ahead. Well. Sort of drivers are gonna pass under these entries to pay their tolls. Eliminating the bottleneck here that this play. For autonomy emperor so you know. There's some blocks and opportunities. In terms of economic development and the southeast corner where right now the biggest endurance economic development has been. Lack of access on to you know while performing traffic network. I'm Jim Wenger on the podcast all about specialist tolling powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living in a country setting. So back in August we got word the Grand Island tolls would be coming down. While the tolls won't go away the told barriers the structures will. In favor of a cash list holding that allows motorists to pass freely beneath again trees. And allows easy pass to build them or an image of their license plate is taken. And an invoice is sent it's all set to begin march 29. Matt Driscoll heads up the New York State through. Way authority since the announcement in August crews have installed two overhead can entries and then Niagara thruway. One northbound at the south bridge of course oneself frowned at the north bridge drivers are gonna pass under these countries to pay their tolls. Construction work to date has also include the installation of concrete slabs that serve as the driving surface at the Kessler told locations. As well as two additional secure structures which are going to housing equipment that's gonna operate this state of the art technology. Overnight testing of the system will take place ahead of the march 29 activation date. Once Kessler stalling on Grand Island becomes operational. The thruway authority will begin removing that whole barriers at the north and south Grand Island bridges in a couple faces which rose will result. In altered traffic patterns you can see here. There illustrated on the board. And we're doing that. Because well their altered we will be removing the tollbooth so that'll take just a little bit of time but ultimately they will all be removed. I think the food they typically a great opportunity for a a government function to catch up with the times in terms of process efficiency. Brian Michelle with Western New York for Grand Island told barrier removal. He talks about it was Susan rose and Brian mess around ski. We live and commercial society will folks carry bank cards unpaid bills automatically outline. I think this is just that the instance where we've we have one little one of the last. Things that we on the west. Things that we carried out manually finally catching up whipped. Today folks are gonna be able to drive through. The up and to the drive through the whole bit speed. It might take coalition I mean meet the overhead gantry at all. Not obstruct traffic in the least. They'll get a bit old at the end of the month we'll have thirty days to pay. It and. It's a world where women were eliminating the bottleneck here that this play. Hey in your opinion that says 'cause there's a couple things that work here that relieving of some traffic on the Grand Island bridge. That CU is it's a good payoff for me be DN now added. Stress of having an extra bill at the end of the month. Well Brian what's what's worse what's in his worst thing you paying the bill for thirty times a month or once a month. I I think it I think it's a good trade off and it's it's an opportunity for the state to New York. To catch up with what all the other states in the union are doing. Massachusetts and spend them. This state that we did actually modeled this separate chapter and they seem great success with. What about the chance of mistakes errors and catching license plates and you know there's the different reasons may be whether or you don't. Paint is coming off a lot of these plates that are around here when you think about that. That that's an entirely different issue with the with the the court the awful license plates that we have there's actually a system out there with. From New York where you can get your license plate. We placed at the final appeals awful that is about half of the plate still they seem to be doing. But the system designed to beat to be truthful if you had these deep pass there's still scanners. Then that'll catch. However. If you if you don't have that bill will try to capture rot your license plate. On I don't I don't know what happens this big tall. This girl read your license plate you don't have easy pass me maybe get a free pass set today. They know will be complaining about that said the one big question everyone has up his it's obviously going to save time. Stopping at the tolls but you're still looking at a little bit of a bottleneck going from many lanes to just the two lanes. On the bridge should do you think that will be an issue at all. We're all in this eventually and show people will be here. You have to be used to the change in traffic pattern of the thruway authority release state they're they're doing these extreme case. Program what we're going to go from. Six alone in the just three lanes. And three lanes or open of course critical progress through those while the other sort the other extreme lengths. You'll the driver who had the pleasure of watching the cold very skid get torn down. And phase one we're gonna do the broken into the lane and left of left side of things to move to the ones on the right side and hastily. Those six wedding will ultimately be calm but to truly means I'm the northern side of the island. And just three warnings. These. Southern side of the island so you were also hit them emerge emerging wearing their clothes off. Gary you're aware that told the told used to be. You don't brand what do you get into tolls completely removed wasn't that the ultimate goal at one point. Well the name of the group I think sudden lawless Western New York for Grand Island told barrier removal. You know the simple fact is we. Of the total group on the political problem. I met him miss that we didn't have legal representation. We didn't do when he fundraising. No what's yes you will remember going to be able to browbeat New York's eight out of twenty million dollars in revenue a year but we actually can get them to. At least we can get on the take your money in the in Hawaii that's that that's. But that shouldn't gonna make it makes sense. So to bring change to business as usual. After 8880 years I IC that is progress and frankly I think we I I do believe we we should go harbor with us. Not today we have. An opportunity to progress but what's what's the health goes that's it that's not as it's now working on bit. Can we go back to the picket lines and continue to prep pressure Albany. So now attention turns to the other tolls along the through way. There's an effort afoot to remove all of the barriers at some point in replace them with cash list tolling. And a barrier at Williams Phil may just be next up. For us you know I've been working on trying to get that whole class out of there predates me. I've been working out different past six years and Williams well. Brian Culp was the supervisor of the town of embers and spend some. Time at the press conference with our Mike Ackerman and this is. You opportunity over for hours Cheektowaga. Clarence Lancaster. To an out of commuter volume hands free be able to travel freely on the abstraction and ninety. It is pointed out immediate impact on main street and an immediate impact that your drive. We look at it is this is the technology. Next in making a career change possible plausible some point all's on him you know there's a lot on the table for us. I drive through mainstream when you saw it like a voice to pledge an extra five minutes of time just trying to get after the lights maybe a little bit more sometimes. I. So we've heard 10% and actually it's a conservative number. 10% though you think about. You know 44000. Vehicles a union road 40000. Vehicles forest. 30000 vehicles. Power 30000. Vehicles further now on the road that's a huge number it's so big. 10%. Hope that we push first ever you know work being done you know and change it cog in the that even deeper. So it's it's a start. The start of the trees but it's not just Maine is also here. For us and that's you know. Drivers insurer very eager for this site to activate on the way anymore for casual clothes but I'm very curious about businesses on main street. Idea 10% last volume means. That 10% last people coming to their story. So what we've really you know we've we've talked term car business communities over the years sleeps opens association. Or hours. Full support of this. The issue becomes whether people will wait mainstream. Horrible point business district on main street because of you know because of that time. You know increase that they have to budget or so. You know and out world world where we can make things more why workable pedestrians centric. That can help this process help especially something that's basically reach four door like Maine mixed use district. You know we can and a positive impact on businesses right making people feel like it's a comfortable place so walking decreasing. Sort of intensity that traffic it. Exactly this planet Chipper Jones wrote. So we've been talking about him any young and interchange youngster rode out the main line night. I'm frankly probably not in the cards at least ten with all the whole class of where it is. With that whole class of Wayne Ellington began trees on I speed past. And now we can talk about actually having second option. At Mina in interchange in young's. That would service here port it would service. Formerly ECC north now Sunni eerie. It would you know that whole area. Ingram Micro Northrop Grumman you know Lawrence on our way it went on radio team with analog businesses. That are quite a transit. And we seat volume going to those businesses taking you know me street where we drive. In the past capacity at times. So the idea that we can put in interchange. You know rolled it means that we have a lot more of that sort of commuter volume morning to countless businesses being able to pick up an immediate thruway exit. You know they would do differently his career in next opportunity directly airport so. I know a lot of that through waive the physical removal of the burial barriers nothing new with the local government but I am curious. Between now and 120 late twenties money. What is the local government gone to just hire. Well for us I mean we've we've been working on. Williams bill did picture industry plan we have a street gave reconfiguration main street and play. It was meant to be east in the long but it force saw over hopefully. Some changes and some implement our history Thor. I'm bulls players have continued their projects and lack two meters to tease so. Pet projects all bow pedestrian access and creating better pedestrian movement on main street. It'll function and feature even matter if we have volume trees and about in. For autonomy Amber's you know. There's some blocks and opportunities. On the terms of economic development in the southeast corner right now the biggest hindrance to economic development cast and lack of access arm to move you know while performing traffic network right. So if we can decrease the sort of pressure on mean street. And decrease the pressure morally by keeping some of that volume moving on through it. Then that corner Amber's you know suddenly start to transform. And that's that's great deal for a. So tolls yes told booths. Now. We're back tomorrow. That's 9:30 PM 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irrigation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.