Carl Paladino - From Livingston County Meeting

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Thursday, August 16th

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He. Could not immediately went for a minute but don't you know. Record. There. It. It. It. Right if you're OK okay quarrel again first albums after that article in the I think you've been quoted as being a little. Little concerned about his candidacy how would you care I figured recorded as being surprised that this candidacy. Because. Stuff found was. Totally directed. In the direction of running for Connie executive against my Poland. That he made. Made a real. Future and. And then decide to run and that was when it's. What you think about the size of this history and again you know you you know buffalo. Obviously with all the work done there what have. But even here and in this area Livingston county that you think you could be effective lawmaker around your pool you. Portland. Gets in Washington DC yeah. And probably the the most exciting thing I did in my life was. Too. Who run from campaign in New York. In 2000. And run. Run unsuccessfully run from the primary successful. I felt very much a part of the making. Of the man who in my book will Wear down is the first president. History. If you get there. Trump the trump revolution. Began. I'm another pass and I intend to go to Washington DC. And use all my abilities. And you know what they're very. Yes and I got a track record. I think most people know me they understand me understand. Them later and that. When I go down. I'll be using every ability I. Yeah bring the bacon home for the points of the if you would buy can't speak about it. Comedy when you ask president prompted you spoken to him which. Mean I can't think for you absolutely. Yes I will ask and commend. Campaign has spoken to a little known. Can. They take it thank you but it. It.