Carl Calabrese dissects the politics of President Trump.mp3

Carl Calabrese points towards the Art of the Deal and how President Trump is following the mold of his book in the political world.

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Joining us now on the line is Carlo calabrese. One of the experts we turn to whenever we want to talk politics and Carl. I thought we would have you on because I thought it was interesting yesterday were listening to Chuck Schumer. Talk about the president's stance on China saying hey I agree more with Donald Trump than I ever did with Barack Obama horde George W. Bush on China. In them we had on Michael Lomas Jews have been a supporter of the president from day one saying. He is absolutely wrong with his stance on China and trade. What kind of vibe I guess. Shockwaves. Is the president's stance on China sending through Washington in the country. Politics makes for strange bedfellows that at all or is always well yeah I mean this is that this is. There's some very contentious issue their current crosses party weren't depending on. Who you represent what types of industries. And types of businesses some benefit some get hurt. But that was quite a striking statement from senator Schumer. And you know clip but I think everybody needs the current gun a little bit. If you press corps well the art of the steal you know his style we've seen them down or you'll almost a year and a half of what his style is. I think Donald Trump as a disciple of of the Michael Clayson school negotiation. Heroic place used to say. Every waiter has to play and it really gets hit in the face. A copy in negotiations are continuing series and it. Yeah you know the kind of shocked at all and then beginning the negotiations he's only done it he did it with NATO right up a lot of NATO. Unless NATO countries pay more for their defense everybody there cleaning their hand the next Turkey while important don't get an epic. Country general pain more sense for America. Think what he's negotiations. Already that the talks started between China and the United States behind the scenes to renegotiate some of these deals and their bad deals. I mean look at what the Chinese do. They stay in order for purple that they subsidize their products soared to be under sole American markets putting Americans their jobs. And then what they do is if you're an American company want it in the Chinese architect are required came up with a Chinese company internal for all the technology secrets. Continued to expand our economy in the military there have been hit deal and that would trump is ultimately after he and getting those provisions. Out of our agreements with China by the way. Both those experts and the world trade or predictions rules which China agreed to buy two when they were allowed to enter there the World Trade Organization President Bush. What the current understanding manly art of the deal do you think these tariffs. For actually going to happen or this is just talk. I don't I think that the China does not want quick China has a lot more to lose United States. Then we hit with China in Detroit were probably just look at the year the import and export numbers they export a lot more to. There needs to that we get from there so. I mean that that they took the first step in and retaliated in the small way. But already Susan partly under way in in Washington between the US trade representative and the Chinese court represented. Credit if this the result might. But I had to bet I'd say that they get resolved that Coke who want to create war but trump. Trump the stroke that he he pitched in the Bateman and negotiations. There's not too reborn now but there's certainly a lot of talk about trade war how folk you should the president be on how disruptive that spend. To the markets. Well I think the president this. Is aware of it but I think he's prepared to take in short term it with market volatility so long term gain and remember. Many of these industries that are hurt by these unfair Chinese practices. Our industries. In those so called blue wall states that he won and took away from the Democrats. And so you have to also put this in the political contacts. All of these poll. Then it hit industries and jobs and workers in the state like Pennsylvania Ohio Wisconsin and Troy Michigan the midwest states. If he's gonna need. Again if he's. If you reelect president so he's got that he's speaking to his statement saying I promised to help you when I ran for president I'm doing it now produced results. What do you think more and more people get him get the president and he just got a 50% approval rating this week in a Rasmussen poll mean what does that say in in this climate. People he is going Obama polls much at Christmas which yesterday was up you want but the other polls well over the last what he's got a whenever you're five points we knew he'd take. All of the polls together and everything now so yeah others thought that maybe could look into this whose gonna help me live beginning to understand their what you initially and as. He's taken with a grain of salt and part of a long term game that he played in some negotiations and they had. Maybe he could result in a question. President Bill Clinton. Sort age that bush George W. Bush. And Obama. Took a relatively. Hands opera soft approach to North Korea and the nuclear program what it bit. They're pretty get them not to. He got my very aggressive. And ought it. Truth be unstable North Korea. Felt front comes in and start talking about. Is bought and be bigger than the North Korea and called rocket man he talked about our security. Code of negotiation table. Point is an ultimate fate and finally. Maybe this thing's gonna get out of a resolution. Happen because of resolution and toughness and that's what works world stage.