Caputo says 'Damn you to Hell' 930in716 May 2, 2018

Wednesday, May 2nd

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Her it's 930. In 716. Michael to Prudhoe testifies on Capitol Hill again. Andy came out of the session with the Senate Intelligence Committee. Swinging. If you pay me they have each state. But it felt like I've heard him while they do have I what you're not need and you don't know what to talk about. I'm Tim Wenger on the podcast powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living in a country setting. Michael Caputo called his testimony in front of the senate intelligence committee on Tuesday. Groundhog Day. I feel like I went to sleep after my House Intelligence Committee hearing in July of 47 C. I woke up you know what nine months later in front of it Bennett and asked that same question all over again. Could Pluto appearing with hourly and download via after his testimony was complete he worked on Donald Trump's successful 2016 presidential campaign which has been accused of colluding with a Russia. In election meddling could prove who also spent two decades living in Russia. The WPN analyst said his visit to Washington to testify in front of congress. Has doubled his death which is now at about 125000. Dollars. I gave them exactly the same answer all over again without. Even our bureau without. Outward diverting all from what I. In the outlined months ago because they have called a notebook and and I opened up shortly after the court and I read that by and after back to. But basically. I think they asked me exactly what are backed by an outline mark ago I gave them exactly. The same answer. But I dip why there are paying quite as much in legal B. That's unconscionable Michael Caputo is with us and is ready at 930 WBE. And Michael for those who do not understand the swamp and oh a citizen who was involved at one point in the trump campaign to get. Caught up in the swamp and I would argue victimized mightily by the swap can you explain to folks who kind of pay attention peripheral lead to these things exactly why what is happening to you is opening the. Spoke today. Aren't welcome my long swim in the long. The group mostly. The equipment Senate Intelligence Committee that hurt they are Waugh. Our talent yet we know all impeachment date we have found out from the apple are there are great news where played the federal dot com. Better Senate Intelligence Committee that could mean the end zone. Lack of benefit how it all over a year ago. Raise money to be about. The democratic voters pick to continue on being. But not the case with you and yet if you pop the top eight with you. Our fraudulently begat the by Warren. You are are at a burger and rock and dock. It in economy called radler about. I'm without telling it was paid for by Hillary Clinton if you thought that thought it would that they have spent fifty million dollars. Trying to prove that not be true. Bent. We've got about Hillary Clinton or. The American bought and that is a senate committee senator on BP that were doing a Democrat. So. If in the orient vibrant and we've all been in the matter what we know that and sound. Formerly a bit evident how committee's democratic staff has been reaping all democratic investigator. On all the investigations and reaping the opposite as helpful as well about all rip off you're getting 150 American dollar investment. And went in there and you can you can get now mind you that you met the million dollar. Is paying for our record intelligent agent. To pay. Russian spies right occasion our lightly about Pratt and they have proven topic. That beer in front of people who were at least on the that Kate yet I benefit out of that Cooper both now on millionaire. The carpet there and I told him exactly that. And Michael looking statement I told them that they are. And the people that in that room needed to be investigated. Are right there at that every single thing happening at every spare ball. And you know at the fact that of the Democratic Party is bill. Raising money now well over fifty million bought. It still spending aren't using GPS. A bill giving that money the Russians in order a little bit somehow I colluded with the Russian. This is a silent coup. And I pulled them. Yeah well where is what was their reaction Michael and I you sound extremely emotional I can't blame you given everything hey you've got to go through the the way your family's been maligned the way you've been maligned and of course the very practical aspect of considerable. Legal fees. May you do not go there without obviously without some legal protection. What what did they how they respond to you basically pointing the finger at them saying look I'm accusing you. Well I I mean art I would like throughout the whole thing there might question the client who in fact they're gonna Marco market Ernie. Told me I was giving much information you know being able to chat. You know we probably could've been done to our beat the court he might also spoke you know. You know I would polite enough and I was correct and I would we're all while we saw my closing statement and then you know our they aren't given that. Closing statement to the newsroom repair car would be your favorite over there and I did you know. I gave him I think now that you've got my ticket might hit it on the part of what I think I pulled exactly right or more like that. You know our 125000. Mark Plotkin legal fees I had I believe you and you know and you know. Across the table with them prevail I pull the about the problem might damage and the fact that aren't quite what we've been threatened. On a weekly basis with debt and and aunt and violent. Anonymous whacked it from across the country and in buckle. Last month my wife got a piece of a sniper rifle anonymously in the mail. I told them I blame them for all of bit too. Because it but it investigation. Has it proven nothing about right conclusion it's been about destroying battle front is going down appropriately be going down a bit with the destroying now from our brand. And that's why my mail me at where we are right now. Michael two questions number one is there and it was any crime committed in that mailing the peace in the sniper rifle to your wife presumably with the intent of intimidating her through the United States mails. Was a crime committed is it being investigated. Our report reported. The delivery of eco police we also by the way it would delivered by Amazon. Reported Amazon and that want somebody who uses a web site it sent out a road a article. I write all the make that will be right on that that was a week ago five week. Though Amazon obviously doing nothing about it but I don't think people are police department gonna be able to figure it out our dignity and Emma are on record. So you know the fact of the matter is you know what you want a plant in that situation you buy it saw. 58. A quiet dark. Michael met that being said has anybody from the mean it is is anybody from the truck organization and I reached out to use to offer you anything in the way of material assistance or even. Moral supporter pat on the back. Now army commitment that it. These kind of situations federal investigate won the pole for. The federal government is based in new. Something that they can ramp right up your back side. If you wanna cranky by Paul you're in a buyer now my wife and myself in my in my in my children were on our own here. Are the proper organization hadn't reached out to me to campaign hadn't read now I mean they have been patriot armed with a supposedly legal bill. Are people caught up amid the only going to friends and. What is the link to your website. Bought you know a little bit and the one thing that I darn good and you know local data you com. In others thank you so much for setting up the legal under the Prudhoe people on dot com. There where you can get through a truck count we defended the actor you can go to bill on me in getting you whatever you know bought at that. My little dog going to be over 125 out of our back more than I've been here more than vote up or take a couple of years. We can couple quarters we just can't I can't build for the committee and probably in the Mahler investigation. Without proper representation. Locking him up on that we Arab warriors like Bennett Morocco and order there protect. And he I know I'm not and a much these before that happened Washington thing but it's not impossible prices for expert advice. But it will add. Add up pretty quickly. And that as you know that I can't possibly. Papers. Beat legal bills and remain in buffalo and ordered from might panic and I will never declared bankrupt the art of the bogus investigation I will never dipped. Are better Rocco and a walk all the hard work they do it if I can't repaid the money to pay it but my white America have to move back walk. I met him walk every single day in order made in a. The patent law. What if a terrible thing I'm like I came back here liberty equity and hold more open where the rate of amply. African predicted joint and after the bell and Eric. And I just wanted to walk off the court like Ethan Coen who after her. I'm pretty creepy people might. We can't they apparently. Were we pay we cannot portrait. And the people we're to blame and if I sat down and have a invite them for three hours. And I'm ready for. Michael it is there any. If it is there any bitterness they do you have or any resentment you have toward the people. More connected to Donald Trump for not. Frankly stepping out of the shadows. And lending view a hand lending you some assistance in whatever way they reasonably could do without putting their legal position in jeopardy. Properly I don't what came the president premier. You know but the president Renault and pulled it is all about in point bottle competent and I happened to be close enough where you get some of the blow back. No I don't blame the proper oval needs prompt or any of the here at any camping I don't play ante up. You know maybe we wouldn't happen but apple right now McDonald putt and parred it properly but we have a look and an apple and that the days. You know we are paying a hundred. But could use that expression before. We're bet that I should be very disconcerting to any I'm Erica and anybody who had to sit through some basic civics class is wait I went but a silent. Here in America now I'll frankly I used to be considered to inform all that talk. But what can you explain in practical term Ernst and supplement that's what you mean by silent coup. Exactly. Is go in tiger believes to be the swap beauty dot cultural. I thought I hit a walk a lap that it would be the term and I would do. Her and I that they after the signal that nobody would want all the real. You know I can tell you with someone who understands there. Been worked in the middle of that brought my career. At the bit it is our eye with whom you ought to. What is that it is the practical political act. And long on bureaucrat at the leader of that you're predicting who understand and that they cannot call with president. And that they might deploy him to get rid of him and make sure no other leader ever want to get out their mission. Right these are people who depend on the but can't act the bill old war machine that we can go to war. And get tunnel with our global war and they realize they can't make a billion people believe that people are that the all the parliament. Who will lead to. Bit paper operated and they haven't been able to deal with north or ask. But look what happened already the first current president of the presidency. We've got North Korea are all on the past. They definitely and a lot of that they are the nuclear deal that Barack Obama. You wanna be people who it won't lead into the ultimate. Want to get the proper all the people around him off but after. Because that provocative. Would light bit the Chinese on their back. Like cockroaches. We know our marketing for copper in the shadow government that are beginning ever and whenever I think. People that he's been. They are what ever they can and that's not what we don't know if that came about because you only wrote the memo. It's not match and that it awkward it back that is op. The speed and admit that you put together an order to get a pencil Koppel watching it back spoke out so well the the computer department got Pittsburgh and in our our Brooke have been kind didn't it won't. Of the direction apple. All I'm. Orbit a palpable giving him no amateur adult Albert is not opposed to what the heck you are. That would put up with it couldn't. It taught the bond equivalent of underpinning there's not a thing. The president in it Italy and the planned but it meant but it. The buy anything they possibly can to destroy it and it it was back then I went by the state. And if you think I don't know. It didn't make it out of work and what that if you think beat Spain at each state. Now what I've heard it while they do have I what you're not need people don't know what to talk now. Here's a lot of passion there were back tomorrow. That's 938 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a another edition from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.