Canisius College President John Hurley on his statements regarding the Diocese of Buffalo

Canisius College President John Hurley released a statement encouraging women to take more leadership positions in the Catholic Church. Hear him talk about it.

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The president of contentious college a jesuit institution in buffalo. Has written a letter to faculty students and alumni expressing outrage over what has happened in the Catholic Church in the diocese of buffalo. President John Hurley is joining us live. John good morning I'm guessing this had to be a very difficult letter for you to write. He was a challenging letters there's no question about it. Or what cause you did take this step and come out today and express that these feelings sued the community. Well I may ES practicing Catholic with the deep love of the church. Been educated Catholic schools and I'm leading a Catholic. College and trying to articulate our mission. To work prospective students and to our alumni. And I he didn't feel so I could turn a blind eye to what is a Greek crisis. Within the worldwide church and certainly the church here. In the United States. You know and you take a stand to about women and John you're calling for women to take a stronger role in the church. You feel like if they were involved much earlier. Things would be different. Well IE he is to tell you the truth I been thinking a lot about money mother the last couple of weeks and I think about the way my mother protected for children. And it caused me to think that if women had been involved in this situation. Is there any doubt that the women would have done everything possible to protect the children. Are you alone do you feel in that thinking lord to a lot of people share that that opinion that women need a greater role within the church. I and then email box this morning that is jammed full of people. Saying that they found by remarks to be a source of great consolation. And in particular my statements about the role of women in the church. Speaking event Jun. What should the response be of faithful Catholics right now at this time of crisis. Well they say in my letter to the community. We we need to stay in the battlefield and and remain engaged in shaping the future of the church. In the United States and down because to walk out the tour is so. His is not productive so. I'm committed do. That's staying Ian Ian I think institutions like it college where we're we're promoting among our students. The the idea that they need to be calm thoughtful critical. And constructive people adults and when they get out of here. We need to lead by example and and show them how they can be done. Looking at you mentioned the future of the church there's been a lot of talk about the bishop's role like here in buffalo should he resign or step aside. How do you think the leadership. Can change and you will change moving into the next months and years says said the church deals with this crisis. Have to church's eighty is an evolving. Institution. It it has been around for centuries. We have them if you study church history you'll see that we Ben through periods of crisis before. And my predecessor Terry tenacious other goods and cook was. Was very philosophical about this then he would get often fatal alumni. We have to remember that this is god church and what happens and got churches up to god. And our job as humans has to discern that will got so. Our job and eight months ahead to discern the will of god and see where god is calling his church. We're speaking live with John Hurley the president of can nation's college in buffalo. John do you think that in the months and maybe years to come that the church eat locally and across the country we'll have to open its files to prosecutors. I suspect that's the case then I uniting bishop Malone has recognized that in his statement last Sunday that he's willing do work. Two to work cooperating anyway. But I I think this is that that question really of the buffalo it's it's when you look at that Pennsylvania report. I think. Attorney general and the district attorneys around the country. Are looking at what came out of that grand jury investigation and IE I suspect that we're gonna see a year. You know a domino effect where 11 state after another impanel a similar kind of grand jury. Do you think is going to get worse before it gets better. Very possibly because. When you look at. When you look at the pervasiveness. Of the problem in Pennsylvania. I don't think I don't think the years the people of the church in Pennsylvania felt that. It was anything remotely close to bit and so did this come as a great track him and then integrate their disappointment to people. Yet you have via a unique perspective in both being around church setting him being around plenty of college aged. Students every single day Ian many of them not necessarily devout Catholics whether there other faiths or. Catholics who would don't follow their religion extremely closely. That's what have you noticed about the attitude of people may be in that college age range. Toward the church and toward how the church's handling this. Well they yelled up apart from the year the sex abuse scandal week we error what we're committing a think among all religions. But but the mainline Christian religions are seeing. You know growing secular nation of people drifting away from the institutional churches and what we're trying to do with our students is you know I can't I can't turn the bad guys can't put among our students can do. A devout practicing Catholics what we. What we encourage among our students and what I encouraged her freshman when I met with the last week blessed is the time in college to explore relationship with god. Because saint Ignatius boil all of the founder of the Jesuits found that that was what gave flight meaning. Are you taking a position John. On whether or not bishop Malone should resign. He you know in this discussion about bishop Malone I think them solve our elected officials seem to think that the bishop as an elected position. And that he can be. Hounded out of office you know like the State's attorney general why us and that's just not how it works so I not taken any position. Bishop Malone and I get a very good working relationship and I. Intended that's productive working relationship helping to build the city of get here in the diocese of buffalo. Is it concerning to you to see what's happening in church leadership. Kind of a high ranking communications official lasts. This weekend the bishop deciding to go on vacation reportedly over this weekend while this is being dealt with it. Is it concerning made it to see how things are being handled how this crisis is being dealt with at the very top. I think I think all Catholics in the diocese are concerned. And down and I ate and we include among hair in our prayers perch for bishop. That we get through this. John we're really appreciative of your time John Hurley the president. Of conditions college joining us live on the clergy abuse scandal and you can read Johnson's higher letter up at WB yen dot com.