Canisius College Assistant VP & Director of GRIFF Center for Academic Engagement Annie Dobies


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That this isn't a one of the stats for students where the GPS system for the campus behind scenes to come in esteem a support system for students to get. From the moment they deposited through their graduates a year helping them would be tired out process it's it can't. This is the very beginning. Process Hampshire these students a lot of them you know they might have gone on the kinesis website looking maps and worm going but once again here it's all different. We heard you guys come. We didn't actually talking to our students and Simone they deposit helping him build their schedules. Up and see what majors that they are gonna explore. Maybe change are ready but more importantly now it's an important part where we help guide them through each step. So meet taxing them and will meet with them this tomorrow and check guiding him through what's at grappling. What is the seal by publicly what mentoring services we haven't campuses outscored them so we're part of their story. And help to add to this story. You guys do anything with kind of like the dorm room like relations. Something of that nature she's student might campus has a great time. Add connection with the IRA's IRA's and four or resident students outside their orientation leaders so they're really embedded right into their game one. Commuters students have also that connection with student leaders who are commuters as well we share that story so we really take a moment from. Residents played through our student life through. The classroom experience making sure that they attach points on the way what do you tell students dispersed yet. They come here. Kind of lost on things what's the biggest a bit of advice that you. Three. Take is that it enjoy the moment. And know that they support here. That's a whole plane the jesuit education for men and women fit within four others the idea of caring for you as a whole person.