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Good morning once again I want to thank everyone for being here today. I special thanks to it canal side management for hosting us in this wonderful facility. On our bustling waterfront. It's great to be here it's great to be here with the backdrop of the exciting new explore and more museum which is going to be right over there. And down. Wanted to first his comment about explore more I'm of course here with the folks in the cares semi PM and enable car but. You know when I first heard about the concept of the X hormone museum down here several years ago. From Nancy my tone and several other people involved would explore more. I was really sold. At that point I truly believe in the air mission what they had been doing for years out East Aurora. And their vision board knew. Expanded. Roll and location here on Buffalo's waterfront and I truly believe. Location here in l.s side was the ideal logical location for them to locate. I want to first thank all those. We're involved with work who worked for. Who volunteer on the cap and explore more for all you've done to bring this project to this level I know we have a long way to go but I know. You've come a long ways to congratulations. It is certainly my hope that this grant to explore in more one of the three I mean nasty day for 500000 dollars. We'll assured this project continues in on ace and cut it short timely completion of this project. As many of you know I've been involved with education for many years. I truly believe also in Douglas loves the head of the worm wars vision for this as a learning. I have not just. Hey static these GM but it's better for learning. And educational apps that. War experiential hands on learning where children threw out Western New York. And I know that is one reason Douglas was hired because of expertise in the ad and that is something I'm so excited about. To our friends at the carousel project thank you very much for being here. I get command all of those war that vision the first time I heard this was from. A person when he talks about something I have profound respect work and it Bob Grassley who said we should have a carousel in downtown buffalo. I I am so excited about this project that take you are rich history of that here so craft. And moving it forward to our future in terms of here at they act canal side. High and low keying in ninety year old hairstyle and restoring it and bring me here. And I truly believe that the location of the carousel. And explore more together is just a great marriage and I think they will help. Generate activity we're bull. And finally I wanted to and I'm excited about the million they have been doing dog only cares now. I know they get you quite close to your capital campaign. I guess my hope that. This grant will enable you to close the capital campaign very soon so hopefully some people are waiting to jump been due jump in C you can. Get the project done and focus on the other things you need to do in terms of programming. And sustain it for a long term. And colonel Roche and the captain roaches are in the naval services are. The pioneer on the waterfront was being here for many many years and I hate ice I remember. I'll always remember coming down here and are in the parking lot to go to the odd. Where they were the only thing here and now they've come to a point they grown in the board members that committed board members. I wish colonel Cunningham you could have been here for them but it sure is looking down on this. Their commitment to this vision and now it is my hope that this happened million dollar grant will take the enables her husband's car to a new level. Generating even they now generate key. Thousand visitors incredible amount at this point in time is my hope that the new enhancements and expansion. Wolf will generate even more people to experience. And rich recognized the rich military history we have here. And the legacy. The unparalleled legacy we have. Service and sacrifice. Out party. What I just wanted to comment. I'm so thrilled with the excitement BC hearing in L side entered in that dramatic change we've seen. Over the last several years I commend all those that have been involved. I think one of the reasons that and he hit this area is riding as it is. Is that it seems like we're tired in the last number years building up on the success of previous years. And then offering each year. New amenities to continue to draw more people of course for years we have enabled car which was starting to get people to come down. And we had the the development the boardwalk and finally. Axis people had to do things on her waterfront for the first time. In three of four decades. Then we had a recent restoration of watering. Of our our canal and got exciting things like we're seeing behind this in the summer but also offering instant winner. Like speedy time on this body of water on the place bites and other activities. And of course harbors that are and the generosity. And commitment of that the rule of family and all that bad is generating. It is my view that these three projects we're talking about here explore and more. The carousel. And it enhanced and expanded naval services are. Well again take it serious to a new level and generate even more visitors to come. The canal side and Western New York. And got let's be clear what we're announcing here today. It's not just for buffalo its not just for Buffalo's waterfront this is a regional. Attraction. And a regional economic catalyst when people are coming down here. We get over now a million people a year that are coming down here. They don't just come here they go other places experience are wonderful area and expect egg spend money in our area. I so we continue our economic development and cultural heritage that we're building a. And I'd leave if this continues to grow I don't think it's unrealistic to think. A million visitors now when these folks are up and running that we double that in the near term and that's what an exciting or excited or for the entire region. So to include in that I'd like to ask that my friends here from the three institutions. You know I recently been elected to the New York State Senate. I've really wanna be thought of as a represented it that helped get things done for our region it is my great hope that these bonds will with the shouldn't these projects. To be able to be completed as soon as possible. And our region. It's able to experience these assets and we can continue the momentum. And build on the momentum we've achieved thus far we want to build on our madam. Expand on it it's solidifying it we want wrote. Vibrancy and prosperity. To be in new normal in Western New York guides my hope that this million and a half dollars. 500000 for each of these fine institutions. Continues to be an effort as a partner. In this effort to achieve that goal. I thank you very much forever or for being here thank you everyone who's been so committed to these projects. Up from board members new executive directors to volunteers to advocates because having been involved in the nonprofit community I know how hard it is. To take something from nothing and made it become reality to congratulates average congratulations to everyone. I'd like in now call upon Douglass of the exact director of the warm or visit. Which look storm real war museum which is going to be located conveniently on the other side and amp. Thank you senator thank you for your belief in him outside. As that Stanley friendly destination. It we are honored to be the recipient of this supports. Along with our new neighbors. And you know over the last several months the three institutions have been meeting about collaborating in the future about. Not only servicing the canal site visitors who are already coming down here but attracting many more in the future. As you mentioned we've broken ground we're building right behind us say 43000. Square foot stand alone building. Out featuring seven distinctive educational plays zones are themed areas in each zone having something. Featuring something that western New Yorkers are most proud. Through hands on interactive exhibits. That will allow children opportunity to learn through play. So we're slated to open at the end of 2018. And the new facility is anticipated. To serve over 250000. Regional national and international visitors annually with nearly. 2088 million dollar economic impact in the first ten years. And 55 million of that over the next year as we are doing our construction. Hydroelectric power light on the Erie Canal local sports and recreation. Buffalo inventions inventors agriculture. Hi pat architects there we have it all in our new 28 million dollar canal side museum. At and we're going to bring it to life to finding interactive experiences in our programs. This donation is going to help them feel our capital campaign of 28 million and will build explored Mars program of space isn't lobby our guest services are. Visitor amenities there exhibits and retail locations and at and of course targeted feature a fantastic at bay. But when Guerrero then all of us could've gone to lunch right after this this press. Conference. Let we want to thank all of our ire. Donor partners my wonderful board of directors make great staff. And of course senator Jay thank you so much for your continued support. Here's a project. Morning everyone thank. Lorie college you've got president of the awful here just cares now. And happy after the bus here to scare sound extremely appreciative. For this generous support thank disappeared. Jacobs for actors now projects. These are his closest in bringing our solar powered. Historic nineteenth when he bars Delmon engineering parents dialog and edgy hair style home. To question your vehicle can help night. Your bag not only eight family and tourist destination. But offer educational programs. To our community as well as being intimate venue. For special events year round. This grants is a much needed boost your capital campaign. And most recently it received major support of one point two million dollars from keybank in the first haggard foundation. As our title sponsors. It like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank mayor mayor Byron brown. Governor Andrew Cuomo. Can now current. UC ACC. And Margaret L went foundation. Assemblyman John Bryant. And then many individuals and businesses in our community for their generous and continued support of our projects. That list continues to grow and is wonderful to see. The local community and the airlines embracing our projects. As somebody may be aware of our parents restoration practice can't think I'm. This is made possible by generous donations from the local community. Seven of our 34 years of yours right out at me just art. And and these are gonna adapt and along with our special design here can help irons chariot for the handicapped accessible youth. He's also bouncing by individuals and our community. This partisanship and action as you like to say where animals. Has allowed us to begin at practice so that our timeline could be. Our web site will do show that that aren't after images of these animals as there is where it is quite an amazing. Information. We strive to complete restoration of the carousel and the design distraction to our building right 2018. This is what we hope that this rare gem we'll be operational. For all of us in doing out here around. Entered future generations to come. Enclosing you sincerely thank you to stick. Your diner asked in support of his projects. Furthermore it like to extend my congratulations to explore my museum and enable part rather quiet and we look forward to collaborating with you. And I think the thing that you the you think you so much. And I I just wanted to I think glory there's still a few animals that you can adopt and so it just you know. And act quickly. I wanted offices to just the you know the cable services part is done such an incredible job the last. Number of decades I think we are so excited. The captain roaches that has come here not to be disorganization. And he's doing a fantastic job. In it's been out of work with him and I look forward to partnering him in the years to come captain. Order and all I'm strictly a representative of our board of directors our volunteers our staff. That both can gradually our partners it'll soon be here that we can share with those that play eighty plus thousand folks that come to an evil car. There we checked. Each year where they come from we have folks from every state in the country and over a hundred countries from across the world com into the canal side. And that is gonna jump to get into your facilities. So thank you the senator thing. Does this release is gonna help us books you've. This grant is gonna help us expand our hall of honor where we can. Probably recognize Western New York hero's what he did some that we can have our freedoms every day. Thanks again. I thank you again at three principals of these organizations and that there's any questions have been answered. Great I have ever wanna be around if there's any individual questions. Thank you can't thank you everybody for coming one thing I wanna mention thank you for all the things views but this is your money is taxpayer money and one of the things I've. Try to do is quite as much as eyes as to make sure that. Our money comes back from Albany here and it's been a good way so please feel that. I.