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This is an area that's really known for being an open space and it talks about putting mixed use development out here. Where's the balance of wouldn't want this place to be in terms he lands now. I think that. And I'm hoping he can strike a balance because certainly I think that. There. The greens base here which is limited. It's. Is recognized that you know I think you have a plan and that was there a plan that was done but then as people start coming in here is like a house. You move in after wider. Figure out that you you know one rooms laid up better than another. I think the same things here so I think there needs to be recognition. For or green speeds of course we do have an enormous outer harbor where it. Miles and miles and acres and acres of I green space to think there's a lot or we can do there. But I do believe with good planning to strike the balance and think that there's a certain part of canal side whether it's close to the floor block or right here. We're at the arcade area is in the water. Do you think that there's a place absolutely should not be touched by a building. I think that that's that's something certainly to be discussed I think the we also need to be Agassi that we still have an awful lot of surface spots around here that I would hope those would be targeted try to create. Activity there. So that's taken hurts as opposed to taking away greens fees are opens it. Overall where would you like to seek help. Outside to see some new buildings. Now this explore why I think we have some great project here which strike the balance they're not imposing I think. On the mini opens base I think we really want to make sure we're making nasseria a year round attraction I think explore more. In particular the Children's Museum is going to be that a I think it's gonna be a god send more apparent in the middle of February and a snowy day for something productive and healthy to do. That's one thing I think that job. We still have the folks we've got a lot site that is clearly one we want to get out. We don't have Baghdad he needs it find an answer to that but I think you're also gonna hope we see some stuff in the periphery happening. That it doesn't. You know canal side doesn't have to do it even if that is where things in canal side I think it also is such an amenity you're gonna see other people whine to be in proximity to it. And it's he's done now out on site congressman Collins and assemblyman Brian may talks about having advocated a market. Right there just like we'll farmer's market or. Free market there what do you mean like like grocery store a grocery store but it's kind of like I was an architect there. Receptive to that I may be it interviews. Which there's nothing wrong with bad about creating activity and then building on it. I think that that certainly the farmers' markets. You know I know they've been taught about the DOW terminal there's another existing building that is still not utilized an enormous structure right on the waterfront. Those things I think would be the next phase the focus. And I think there was some really neat plans are trying to connect with the on W. Internet into the arena if they hadn't worked together certainly. Where is the I'm nutrient solution and that's something else that's going to be. Hopefully. And proximity to. And as it developed one time developers now politician. We're either party have to split the difference. You couldn't help her but if that's basically. Business the right. Captain. I think that it right now you know my my focus here is as the senator that had the honor representing. The waterfront. And I mean so many people that so many great things here thus far. And I'm just trying to help your partner with these institutions that it takes these projects. The third Fridays are talking are almost there I wanna make sure they get there. And get built I wanna see. You know the activity received today and I wanna see more and more. It hit its goal of being open its when he Tina wanna see that carousel. You know many hits open soon thereafter and the expansion on the evils services are. We want to build on this momentum can't take it for granted that it's just going to be here we have to continue to kind of keep this thing in the continues to solidify this. That it's here in New Year's Day. Is it possible for now cite him weekly. I think there's always a concern I don't haven't yet here I think it's been thirty years lot of these projects that thirty years in the me. That are finally coming up at which and so I'm not worried about that right now. I kind of it will monitor that it would be great day when we're really worried about it. But I think that we we have a lot to do and a lot more opportunities they can be all women's.