Canalside Concert Series 930in716 May 11, 2018

Friday, May 11th

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It's 930. In 716. It's almost summer in buffalo and Western New York Dicky Barrett and the mighty mighty Boston owns on Friday night. August 17. And canal side announces their line up. Vanilla Ice won't be the one that I think ever credit. Kirk series. I'm Tim Wenger on the podcast powered by the Brothers of mercy of five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living in a country setting. The canal side summer concert series is unveiled to ride of summer here in Western New York. And the five dollar shows are peaking the interest of area concert goers who were waiting anxiously to hear the lineup announcement Thursday afternoon. Starting on Thursday night June 7 to announce that presenting billboard top 200 winner method man with Redman. Microphone jungle we have warm and jump around the I think we don't group today I can't wait not one of the big yet 2000 top rappers are being one of the first to blend. Reggae and folk influences June 7 is one of the kicks off the Thursday night. Met that man with Redman and then on Thursday June 14 buffalo will experience these people aren't the revival sound. Of Fitz and the tantrums you topped charts. Where there's singles the walker and out of my league they're opening act. About fourteen that you will be. Mickey echo. Next up with a over 2200. Gigs in five million tracks sold under their belts. From self bend Indiana blending metal and full can reggae and bluegrass and a whole lot more. Get outside brings unfreeze McGhee. I breeze making it counts of my stage Thursday night June 28. So there is a little bit of a gap between. The fourteenth and twentieth they take a week off with canals that lives next step number one billboard chart single yes. Ice ice and maybe. Reality TV VCR and friends are I'd he's he's back Manila. Well nobody had to Wayne Gretzky that will be Saturday. July this seven we go back to that Thursday's schedule for our next entertainer who backed up this is 1015 years ago probably. When it was over at the square this band performed famous for Tennessee. Davis for mr. Wendell Arrested Development will play. Thursday July 12 two time Grammy Award winners were released on magazines bands of the year. Tick in the canal satellite stage again on Thursday. July 12. Then next week format is there's and I July 19 gravity emanated blues rock star that hearts. And at great Buffalo Sabres please nobody times here. Louisiana born blues boy Kenny Wayne shepherd will rock the house. Where is Casey lake city's guitar wizardry should be a great show. Watch a lot of ninety with that part and Kenny Wayne shepherd the following week there is tonight July 26. Generally knew recently was on Jimmy Fallon he's not a musical guest recently as Saturday Night Live. Thursday July 26 that talented in what he songwriter singer guitarist and drummer. Father John misty. You can see the camera but I. Dancing. I would father John misty should be a bunch yell at opening act Lucy dockets blessing buffalo when his performance it can alsop about it what about those favorites. On Thursday night August 2 deadheads will come out in droves. With the dark star orchestra. What was favorite. Grateful Dead cover band bring their best chance to denounce not live on Thursday night August the second. With opening act the glorious suns game candidates favorite punk rock band in Juno award. Nominees in the early single winners the headstone. They'll be still limited stage here canals that live on Thursday. Albeit August 9 and wrapping up the canals that lives numbers schedule. Here on the Friday night here at canal side. Really good spread of buffalo from Boston Massachusetts Dicky Barrett and the mighty mighty boss Jones on Friday night. August 17. And certainly. A great opening act as well with most of a little from Canada they're back in rated Iraq and outside live Friday night August 17. The Boston owns in their American stop on the domestic spanning across or nine iconic albums to any eighties and nineteen singles on Friday August 17 so to recap. There is I June 7 method madam Redman Thursday June 14 it's Fitz and the tantrums with Mickey Acco. I'd shoot 48 going to be Humphries McGhee July 7 Vanilla Ice into Wayne Gretzky. On Thursday July 12 this Arrested Development. On the nineteenth. Of July it's now a partner Kenny Wayne shepherd July 26. By the John misty was he dockets August 2. Dark star orchestra on August 9 the glorious aren't without water the head stones. And August 17 except Friday night that anybody Boston's it lowest of the low so what's the buzz now how our folks reacting. Susan rose and Brian ms. arouse keep turning to canal side general manager Matt the soda. The feedback here and he's going to really excited that it was somewhat but also. Manila ice won't be the one that that motor credit perk your interest at least that's what that's top order that. Even our opener we've done our social comment just Aaliyah ticket sales went. So that meant a substantial team to beat. But to that so the most particularly in the first period. Well it's really incredible because there's so many. Cool names on here so many of people who. Put on a great show us it Humphries McGee were thinking of a father John misty did I hear a lot of people. Time and time again say you have to go there concert it's absolutely incredible but like you said when it's somebody like Vanilla Ice well I think most people have no idea what to expect. That definitely peaks the interest. Yeah that's exactly what we're here. It's funny reading out some of the FaceBook comment though. It's almost well about I'd say they can get that is about it solved. The bird lately too injured Gerald movies but they like go ninja. It's a part of I think it's that certain people that you can look at governor without such talent at the Saturday night. It's Saturday night a lot of people looking forward to it and you just gave us a new song to look up and play all morning long I can't wait it out they only are we going to have. Well an engine was ice ice baby it Matt what the thinking about adding a Friday and Saturday show this year. Last year we get one currently surely did which was the beat you know it did tragically happened quick chat with you could Strickland when we did really well. We didn't know kudos because it's. Yeah those who tragically happened and that we you know guard opposite bad about a candidate weekend that we can't know what we want picture guy out here who's. It's Friday or Saturday night or work that there will pick it right and you know he know easily think good or bad are concerned they bracket critical about together. Really that we talked to different talented artists. It you know whereas a public is livid and out sir that you can only get that got us. Because that just the route into the work so that you get that option now that you may yet we don't doubt their vote. I'll continue to increase the Gallup double play also in court dates. Now I. Hear a lot of people who looked at last year is kind of media re organizational year you tried out the five dollars for the first time. And at the line up. Maybe not as many big names like we had been accustomed to seeing over the past few years now this year you may be see a return of a lot of those. Big names were there certain things you learned from last year whether the about the five dollar sort. Different things she wanted to try outs it I don't know maybe ushering a new era of these concerts. Yeah definitely be notified dollar went to school. Go back to last year or our management team took over when we took over April 1. We're running around giving the standard gathered here we have a whole whole winter the very top. Artisans and put it together and the loudest I've done that quite honestly. Didn't. We put that back into the concert and one of the king do you we may share some of that goes back to lose getting you know paying more for. In other people wanna see so. Felt really we look at the five dollar bet to that it Republicans think his backing of a concert at the utterly you know the articles security and I'll let itself. Yeah and you know parking two met a lot of people have questions about debit and you guys put. Real time parking information on your social media don't you. We do you are gonna be doing it this year as well for all of our events and wouldn't it goes back to. You know I always tell people that it took a while but as human. There are you know the public to district until last assault car counts that include a little receiver in coastal people would go there you can. It's only two blocks you can while. Or even at are all part of the fight and they have a pocket. That's perfect too at it seemed that department only two blocks away and didn't saudis that we know. Now we heard about what. Everybody else's interest in what the ticket sales have shown so far Allen know for you what concert are you most excited for. I am I mean bashing the war Baptist father on. It is one got a cannot. Solid cure wacky eat just about we think he's the guy that is just about pick her. Really get an accurate picture as well at currently it's eerie at the new album coming out June 1 he dug into some. Much larger city he's really turned a bit hitting. You know all that he's ready. Organized so we're really. They're our hope is that what it is album cover June 1 use. Can't go by people won't believe that he that he covered him for five dollars. See you back canal side. Back Monday. That's 938 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.