Calls to Remove Grand Island Bridge Toll Booths Increase


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Last night's meeting was organized by Brian Michelle who wants the removal of the Grand Island tolls or frankly anything other than the status quo. And a large check highlighting how much western New Yorkers spend per year by using the bridge on a consistent basis every year. We are paying 520. Dollars to use the bridges. We're doing everything we can. To get that taken down. We want the tolls on Nancy Killian was among the concerned residents who wants the tollbooth removed as well. She explained how the holes should have been removed in 1996. But pass legislation halted it. We don't care how many debt right now to justify those holes. Why have K nationals tolls have we can get rid of them entirely. And not just for grant resonance for everybody. The president paid for state senator Chris Jacobs and assemblyman Angelo Moore know each introduced legislation calling for the tolls removal might Bagram. News radio 930 WP yeah.