California Wildfires Still Raging - Alex Stone


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Now to the wildfires in Southern California at least four major fires are burning. And conditions appear to be worsening must check in with correspondent Alex Stone Imus one. Hi guys good morning I'm in the town of Ohio right now Macy's day a mountain town of about 7000 people who live near tourist destination a lot of people come here for I yelled guy and spiritual retreats and then this bonds that are in this area is evacuated overnight. They get a massive evacuation of this city there is fire on the hills around us orange glow coming up in that the nighttime sky and looking on the top of its a mountain and there are. Large flames coming out right now. The concern today. For all of Southern California. Is one big wind event firefighters say they have never seen a forecast like what they see today for Southern California as extreme as it is for eighty it 85 mile per hour winds extremely dry lasting all day today we're not seeing it right now right now there there really is no wind but the forecast says those who create the fire behavior the models they say in the history of modeling they have never seen such a volatile forecast is what precinct and. And I think a lot of people have never quite seen some of the coverage that there was yesterday. Of a Los Angeles freeway surrounded pretty much by fire. Amazing pictures there. Get a 405 freeway were shut down for a big chunk of the day and in the grand scheme of things that was a relatively small fire under 500 acres this funny 65000. Acres now when burned six homes this one is burned hundreds of homes but. That one weighs in a and a very high profile area a lot of celebrities multimillion dollar homes. That one as long as the winds stay down. Is pretty much done now they they got that one knock down the other fires that are burning this one the one in another section of L lake and the section called cellmark. That these are going to be burning even when the winds go away for probably many weeks to come but did they have a battle today to try to save this town of Ohio if the winds do kick up. Aren't incredible pictures have come out of there and it sent Alex on reporting from all high. California this morning.