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Well it was a very interesting meeting I think premiere got educated a lot about some of the concerns. That taxi operators had here not just our company but the other companies have been fighting for the last several years. The mrs. Gandhi's you know message is going to be straight you know I was fighting for the taxi industry for everybody in the city of buffalo not just my company. You know we've done a lot of stuff to make changes stay competitive some good some bad. You know when this all started. I can't have a very difficult choices. And where to lay people off and I heard that across the table today a lot of people who Texans really laid off a lot of people. During this transition so those you know granted to people out of the workforce here to create jobs and jobs away. That was one thing and you know there does seem to be opened sport welcomes. We've talked about some minor changes. Those changes should happen anyways. But I do think that he's got a better picture of we're of these stress that takes the industry's. They'll pack and change your business model the last six months since the group. Well the first thing I did was elsewhere as my Colson. It was the most difficult decision I had to make if people today. And it worked with over the last 20/20 five years. To conserve money and stay in business we outsource our call center two of the Philippines. And cost savings. We didn't make it public and very sad day for me. These people were friends of mine. And now there and work and so if it cost people jobs but I heard him across the table today and I was really aware that. We're gonna make some moves as we always you know we we have the aft if you guys all know that's not a cure all. They have to go back in your video library you'll probably hear me say well if they can do it. Maybe a bill me on TNC and so. Are turning it is here. And I asked him to start looking for application for liberty to file their own AT&T here for him off. Still criticized the taxi cab company there. Opera they stop in the year that's why they're going to war. While I'm convinced you know dead in an anti and I hate to be the one point fingers at the competition. But they have an army of people. And they know how to use social media. And so they get the people at the army's going out there I got in a bad camp tonight do you relate. You know eyes are politically this not happening to them either. They have an army of people that's all they do is social media. And we're in that world today. So you know I can tell you that I eleven more complete compliments. You know and I was trying to demonstrate that a New Year's what yet. But can't company. Doesn't work here in the city buffalo. You know I think you heard from other the operators you know at 6 o'clock at night you know it's targeting drivers out there what they thought their work. An article for those 45 dollar fares for the way this worked days so it's gonna hurt the community as well. I'm gonna try to find a solution. And I think the main error. His given. Direction to some of his staff to keep some research when my biggest complaints. Was that right cheering sign near Washington. And and Scott. He was on the impression that that sign said. Open for everyone to sit there. It doesn't say that. So I heard him give direction and then meeting today. To make sure that sign says taxis. And right you consider that as a way. The battle and try to convince the State's new market here and talk to area politicians not. Like they centers assemblyman. Thompson picks a fight that fight was over three years ago and I've been an Albany I've been in Washington. And the law is a loss so you know in all fairness to them there. His hands are tied. He's only abiding by the laws that are I his table right now the city of buffalo in cannot change a state law. So let's be honest about that. So he's gonna look into it and what he can do to help the industry he wants it to be fair he wants it to be level. I don't think you realize how on on level was. Here's youth and then. Million dollar question. And if music question I get an answer for effect. And and you. Actually I wanna I wanna thank senator Jacobs. You know I understand he's in a letter to the media first. I was advised not to respond to it because it wasn't served to be directly. I heard from the media it wasn't for you folks in the media contacting me it would not have known about them letter asking. What the senator addressed very key point. Andy's dressed safety. And that was what that's one thing that by fighting for for years was safety and even when we disagree with him on some matters. I could not disagree with them and the safety issue and I'm glad that senator Jacobs came out and reached out to solve it so we were out there. Actually I felt you know I mean more money than they did before. I think the customers. They are using liberty realize we're gonna take care of them and it was just so much as yours. If if the vehicle was purple. Your coal credentials and a purple cut. So it was a good night but it's effective and I'm very thankful that senator Jacobs. Did reach out and he saw I didn't get to from the city. I think that for senator Jacobs.