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I would this driver meeting with the mayor. As the first up. I think the mayor learned today that there is not a level playing field between the TSE's in the tax industry. Texas Industries operating with one hand behind their back. And what's gonna happen in the near future. Is that taxi industry in western new York and Steve awful. But right down the troops and the folks in the inner city. Folks working late at night in the hospital they need to write home. For that have to go to the hospital or something they're not going to have a taxi company to call. And that industry will decide the level the playing field is not level but the team sees. Can't do what they want. And the taxi companies have one hand work two hands tied behind their back. The citizens of the city of buffalo. Is this is coming if they go down the taxi companies go down. The consumers will be hurt those who don't have credit cards. Those who live paycheck to paycheck. That need to go places late at night when T agencies are not going to be around. We hope the mayor has listened to our please. We think. I'm meeting down the line will. Bring the mayor. As an advocate war. Taxi companies and sees the value attacks companies in the city of buffalo African news we think that's the case but we're waiting to hear next three. I. Well look at this is an issue that we want. The city to address. The city regulates. The taxi companies that operate within the city. And we want the city to be responsible to its citizens. Into its business owners and families those business or support in this. Well this was up a first meeting with the mayor. Two. Yeah it does the mayor educated as to what's coming down the line if the playing field is not level. The impact it might have on the citizens. That's just a taxi companies put the citizens. Ability to move in about the city. And he has. Agreed to view this again. That's what we're hopeful that it becomes. An advocate battle for that the taxi companies but for the folks that use the tax office.