Business First's Jim Fink


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And joining us on the line is Jim think of business first were talking about some of the projects the bigger projects going on our round buffalo right now whether it's gates circle the old Children's Hospital one Seneca tower Jim. Why don't we start first step one Seneca it's Howard driving by UC big new sign on there it's is now leasing. Com I guess what's the prospect for people moving into that building anytime soon. Will personally get to finish remediation. In east that this there and stuff like that so there's. Still. A couple months away probably early eighteen made eighteen before we could realistically will lead to the power. Just so they finish on the remediation and prep work. Is there demand for the tower now that some of the changes are going to be going on along the plaza they are in the main level. I think. What Doug you know brings his stability. Which is what you didn't see with the tower for many years. Their own question Merck's. But I noticed I've bought it last October. He is prove it and he's given it's our particularity which is the future. And also I would assume that mister Jamal has helping positioning lap by acquiring up the neighboring properties as well. Well I mean you yeah I mean granted he can't do one without the other hero from a development perspective intertwined. I think you need to play a very neat party. Garages behind Coca-Cola field he need all the pieces to make all the work. I'm moving on to a different project Children's Hospital changes developers so last week John the remaining kind of tight lipped but do we have an idea of what's planned for that site once. The hospital moves to the medical campus. Located virtual view this pro notice. Actually. Nick Sinatra Billy LD or assertive working their way through the players will probably be very residential the especially along west Utica where there are you talking ethics owns about. Do we have residential. Both sides townhouses condos and maybe the single family here there. But the bulk of the buildings including right terrible probably about being so we'll see residential base. There might be a smaller boats secret national radio Taro. So retail. Restaurants. There was talk maybe even a charter school or they're so it's kind of fluid at this point. But one of the basic points about it is there won't be any demolition at least as far as you know. The main library tower was saying is is there might be some brighter demolition of some of the smaller outgoing but it. That again it depends on what the final development plan is. Do we know when we'll see plans suffer that may be renderings drops things like that. Well you know they just got the there just because they developers open over two weeks. Probably write me at all. Mid to late fall probably just as children as we know there will have a better handle on what the game plan is for the Children's Hospital site. And the other big project were looking at this morning M much further along the old gates hospital sites Canterbury woods is. On schedule them move in in October. Tom what about the other half the TM on Thompson a part of that project. Well their first building is working its way through this city rule process that started at about two months ago. Introduce. You know net they're still negotiating. With taps for possible supermarket. YMCA will not be going there but there will be a help center owner of some sort whether LA fitness. Or rave locally branded but there will be. I hope hope components. And of course. They'll be residential there. Are keeping us updated as always Jim think of business first on some of the big projects around the city of buffalo.